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American Eskimos

Aliases: Standard Eskimo, Miniature Eskimo, Toy Eskimo, Spitz, Eskie, German Spitz

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American Eskimo Articles

The Misnomer of the American Eskimo

The American Eskimo is anything but American. The European breed was originally known as the Standard German Spitz and is notably related to the Pomeranian and Keeshond breeds. Also known as the Deutscher Spitz, this lively breed was used as a companion and general guard dog. [...]

American Eskimo- Family Dog or Guard Dog?

Ask any owner of an American Eskimo if they have a guard dog or family dog and there is likely to be a resounding yes. Starting with its popularity in the early 1900's, the Eskie has found its way into the homes and hearts of hundreds of thousand of homes. This is not only because of their good nature and manageable size, but because of its notable versatility. [...]

Training Issues of the American Eskimo

Every dog can have their training issues and the American Eskimo is no different. The Eskie is bright and well aware of its environment, noting any and all changes no matter how subtle. Many owners swear that the Eskie's level of awareness is somewhat eerie, having an almost precognitive energy. However, this is just a sign of their intelligence. [...]

Favorite Sports and Activities of the American Eskimo

Whether its mental stimulation or physical, the American Eskimo is a breed that requires, as well as enjoys, a high level of activity. In nearly every picture of an Eskie, they are seen in an outdoor setting. They thoroughly take pleasure in being out and about, interacting and regularly expect to be included in daily household activites. [...]

Coat Care for the American Eskimo

As a breed that sheds regularly, taking care of the American Eskimo's coat is a subject of great importance. An Eskie that is allowed to go without grooming can not only end up with mats but stomach upset and blockages from swallowing too much of its own hair. [...]

Appropriate Feeding and Treats for the American Eskimo

Compared to a number of breeds, the American Eskimo is highly active, meaning there needs to be a certain number of calories in their diet in order for them to stay healthy. While many dog owners feed their pets a simple dog food formula, it should be noted that feeding requirements also hinge on body size, coat and age. There can be no dog food that is a one size fits all solution for so many breeds. [...]

Names and Toys that Fit the American Eskimo Personality

The fun part of choosing an American Eskimo as a pet is deciding on the perfect name. The right name should inspire good energy and establish rapport between the owner and his or her pet. For many, the task is rather easy; for others it can be downright daunting. [...]

When an American Eskimo is Right for You- and When it Isn't

The American Eskimo is an adorable breed, especially as a pup. All too often, individuals or families get swept up in the fantasy of raising an Eskie only to find their expectations were not based on fact or reality. This can be frustrating for the dog owner but even sadder for the Eskie who senses his or her owner's discontent. [...]

Mating and Pregnancy of the American Eskimo

Mating dogs for the sake of curiosity or experimentation is never done by those with a true respect for the American Eskimo breed. [...]

Weird Facts About Did You Know: The American Eskimo

Despite their fluffy white coat and husky like appearance, the American Eskimo breed really has nothing to do with Eskimos or anything even close to Alaska. However, with its solid white or off cream colored coat, the Eskie as it is sometimes referred to, definitely reminds people of snow. At the same time, their dense double coat makes them excellent for cold weather climates. [...]

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American Eskimo Articles
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