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Australian Cattle Dogs

Aliases: Queensland Heeler, Blue Heeler, Red Heeler, Bluey, ACD, Cattle Dog, Australian Heeler, Hall's Heeler

Australian Cattle Dog For Sale

Australian Cattle Dog Articles

Typical Traits of the Dog from Down Under

The blue and sometimes red coat Australian Cattle Dog is the result of cattle ranchers breeding native dingoes with a mindboggling number of other breeds. [...]

Original Use of the Australian Cattle Dog

There are a number of dog breeds available that herd large groups of animals with great precision and ease. However, in the 1800's Australian cattle ranchers not only wanted but needed a resourceful dog with the moxie to withstand the country's harsh conditions. [...]

When an Australian Cattle Dog is the Right Breed and When It Isn't

When it comes to dog owners, it is said that like attracts like and that people with certain character traits will choose dogs that share their own. Many who choose the Australian Cattle Dog mostly appreciate the breed's supreme loyalty and overall confidence. [...]

Giving Your Australian Cattle Dog Enough Room to Stay Busy

The Australian Cattle Dog was bred to have stamina. On top of this, they are highly intelligent. Any Cattle Dog that doesn't have a chance to exercise its mind as well as its body is likely to convey his frustration in less than favorable ways. [...]

The Great Debate of Tail Docking for the Australian Cattle Dog

Over the last few years, docking the tail of dogs has been a matter of great debate. Once carried out as a safety measure for dogs working on farms or in other environments, many question whether or not this practice is necessary with dogs that are now simply nothing more than pets. The Australian Cattle Dog is a breed that was developed for the specifically for herding large groups of animals. [...]

What Australian Cattle Dog Breeders Know That You Don't

With the interest in Australian Cattle Dogs on the rise, many Cattle Dog breeders find themselves seeing and hearing only the most basic of information on their favorite breed. Just about everyone knows that the Australian Cattle Dog is a uniquely bred canine, fiercely loyal and brave. [...]

The Australian Cattle Dog and Your Other Pets

As with all dogs that are brought up with the animals around them, an Australian Cattle Dog raised with other household pets tends to do very well. They will never give up the tendency to herd or boss around their housemates, but rarely does it cause anything more than occasional aggravations. The breed has a strong tendency for establishing pack order but obedience training in the imprinting stages of puppyhood helps to keep aggression from being part of the equation. [...]

The Things You Want Your Vet to Check During Routine Exams

For the most part, the Australian Cattle Dog is a very healthy breed. They are sturdy and strong, able to not only withstand the harsh Australian climate but able to confidently move around herds of cattle without any fear of injury. Cattle Dog breeders have worked quite hard to ensure their favorite breed maintains a certain standard. This has helped to keep the unfortunate effects of unscrupulous breeding practices at bay. [...]

Weird Facts About The Australian Cattle Dog Did You Know?

The Australian Cattle Dog is just as its name implies; and it is a herding dog that the Australian beef industry could never do without. Bred over a couple of centuries with native dingoes and other cattle dog breeds, all the necessary traits that help manage large herds successfully emerged in the Australian Cattle Dog. Working with others, this breed has the innate ability to expertly command large groups of animals with amazing precision. Without the dingo in their bloodline, the breed would never have the amazing stamina it needs for herding in the harsh terrains and climates of Australia. [...]

The Australian Cattle Dog in the Show Ring

When the Australian Cattle Dog was developed in the mid 1800's, it is doubtful that any thought was given towards the breed someday winning Best of Show. The standard for the Australian Cattle Dog was not truly set forth until 1903. Since then, minor adjustments have been made to the standard over time. It took until 1980 for the breed to be fully recognized and eligible for competitions in the American Kennel Club and other organizations. [...]

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Australian Cattle Dog Articles
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