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Belgian Sheepdogs

Aliases: Belgian Shepherd, Belgian Groenendael, Chien de Berger Belge

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Belgian Sheepdog Articles

Belgian Sheepdog as a Therapy Dog

Although when most people think of a working dog, they tend to think of a German shepherd, or maybe a Rottweiler, but the truth is, Belgian Sheepdogs are excellent work dogs both as guide dogs for the blind, helpers for the disabled, and therapy dogs for those who need to have a canine friend to help them get through the day. Even in that respect, we often think of the smaller dogs that someone can pick up, or falls into the "lap dog" category. Though they are far from being a lap dog at their maximum weight of 60-65 pounds, they are often more gentle in temperament than the Rottweiler or German Shepherd. [...]

Belgian Sheepdog Must Keep Working

Before you take the time to consider being an owner of a Belgian Sheepdog, you have to understand the amount of effort you must exert into owning this breed. Unlike some other breeds, this one needs to always have something to do, must feel useful or they will become bored. If your Belgian Sheepdog becomes bored, he will look for ways to entertain himself, which may cause him to become destructive or exert signs of poor behavior. On the other end of the spectrum, however, a Belgian Sheepdog that is well-trained and possesses social skills will be a pride to his or her owner and tends to be like a shadow, following its master everywhere he goes. [...]

Belgian Sheepdogs With Children, Families and Other Pets

If you have a family, a Belgian Sheepdog is a perfect pet. They get along well with children and very loyal. This breed does not often become angry or lunge at people, but they may be very timid and cautious around people they don't know. They are fiercely loyal to their families and will protect them from anything they consider harmful. They love to play with the children and be around other humans in their family. In fact, they tend to be like a shadow, following family members around just to make sure they aren't alone. [...]

Exercising the Belgian Sheepdog

Before you invest in a Belgian Sheepdog, make sure you have both the time and room to exercise him. This highly intelligent breed requires a great deal of human interaction and exercise. They are not well-suited to apartment living unless you have a large area where you can exercise them frequently. This dog breed is not happy to sit around at your feet and be petted. They are herding dogs, and herding dogs always have to have something to do to keep them busy. If you don't use your Belgian Sheepdog for herding, you have to find activities to keep him busy so that he doesn't become bored. [...]

Special Considerations in Preparing Your Home for the BS

Any time you bring home a new puppy, there are certain things you need to do in order to prepare for your new visitor. One of the things you have to consider is where to put your Belgian Sheepdog puppy if everyone is out of the house during the day for work and school. Remember, this breed does not do well on its own, and with everyone gone and nothing to do, he become bored and make a mess of things. In order to prevent that, you may want to have a cage or blocked off area for your puppy so that he cannot cause any damage. This may also be necessary when it grows older as well, depending upon how long it is necessary for everyone to be out of the house. [...]

Belgian Sheepdog Breed Faults

No matter what breed you choose, you will always find there is something that just isn't perfect about it. The Belgian Sheepdog is no different. Though for the most part it is a perfectly wonderful pet, sometimes you will find one that is less than perfect. Although you can often eliminate these faults if you buy your dog from a reputable breeder that tests the parents before conception for any defaults, you can't always prevent everything. [...]

Belgian Sheepdogs and Their Tracking, Herding, and Other Abilities

The Belgian Sheepdog is a highly intelligent breed that must always have plenty to keep him busy. Unlike many other breeds, he is not content to just stand beside you and wait for something to happen. They need to be busy doing something whether it's herding, assisting the blind or disabled, working with agility exercises, or working as a police or guard dog. They must be busy at all times or they will find their own entertainment, which may not suit your idea of a challenging activity. [...]

Breeding The Belgian Sheepdog

There are several varieties of Belgian Sheepdogs, and though they have their own special characteristics, inter-breed mating is both possible and encouraged. Whether you choose to use a professional breeder or do it yourself, it's important to understand the Belgian Sheepdog before you attempt to breed your dog with the same variety or a different one. That means knowing not just the breed but also your dog and the one you choose to mate with your dog. [...]

Socialization Key to Proper Training and Obedience

A Belgian Sheepdog is a very highly intelligent breed that requires interaction with people as well as both mental and physical stimulation. Their superior intelligence and need to please make them very easy to train, but because they sometimes try to act like they know more than their owners, it's important to know the proper training methods or to enroll them in professional training classes. [...]

Weird Facts/Did You Know

If you want to own one of this fine looking dogs, you may want to get some background on their history and some of the things that have become part of the legacy of the Belgian Sheepdog. [...]

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Belgian Sheepdog Articles
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