Belgian Shepherd Dog and Chien de Berger Belge Articles
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Belgian Tervurens

Aliases: Belgian Shepherd Dog and Chien de Berger Belge

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Belgian Tervuren Articles

Club du Chein de Berger Belge, the group responsible for classifying the Belgian

Any lover of Belgian Shepherds owes thanks to the Club du Chein de Berger Belge. This group is responsible for the classification of the breed we know and love today, however, the group's reputation is not completely spotless. This should not detract from anyone's love of the Belgian Tervuren or any of the other breeds of Belgian Shepherd, nor should the members of the club themselves be deprived the respect they deserve for initiating the Belgian Shepherd classification. [...]

Common Problems with Belgian Tervurens

If you're thinking about adopting a Belgian Tervuren, the first thing to consider is going to be the environment you're taking the dog into. There are a lot of homes that are, quite frankly, just not well suited to this particular breed. Ideally, the dog needs a decent sized home with a big yard to run in and an energetic, healthy family that can give the dog the attention it needs... [...]

Belgian Tervuren use in current military operations

Dogs were initially used in armed combat to carry ammunition and messages where a human messenger would be difficult or impossible, but as technology made communication and equipment delivery simpler tasks, the dog was no longer needed for these jobs. However, the war dog still has its place in the armed services. The duty of the war dog in contemporary warfare consists mainly of tracking enemies and sniffing out explosives. [...]

Famous Belgian Tervurens

Perhaps the most distinguished of all Belgian Tervuren police dogs would be Albert. Albert, a male from Holland, went to work with the Amsterdam police force sometime around 1920. His duties mostly consisted largely of tracking and he quickly proved himself a strong, capable public servant. During his time on the force, the population of the city was rising from about 523,577 to roughly 750,000 (today the population stands at this number) between 1900 and 1930. That he managed to track down no less than two hundred fugitives during the city's period of growth should serve as a testament to the breed's capability of adapting to new situations. [...]

Belgian Tervuren for hunting

Reaching back to the dawn of man, dogs and humans have always been partners on the field when it comes to hunting. Thousands of years ago, ancient man and wolves worked together and shared the kill. Wolves were eventually mated with other breeds to create more able and loyal kinds of hunting dog. More so than their independent wolf fore bearers, today's hunting dogs tend to be satisfied with being their human partner's right hand man, hunting for the sport of the chase and to earn reverence in the eyes of their master. [...]

Belgian Tervuren behavior with other people

As long as you're adopting your Belgian Tervuren from a reliable source, you can safely expect a socially healthy dog that will give you just as much love back as you put into him or her. The breed, however, does have a few relatively harmless quirks when it comes to other people, and as always, you need to consider if your home and lifestyle are right for the dog. These Tervuren's social quirks are relatively benign, but they still warrant consideration. [...]

Belgian Tervuren use as police and rescue dogs

The Belgian Tervuren, being an energetic, intelligent and protective breed of dog have commonly been recruited for an impressively wide variety of work, starting with their military service in the first World War, bravely and skillfully carrying messages and equipment to the frontlines, up to their more recent service in rescue and police work. While police Tervurens tend to be full time professionals, the vast majority of search and rescue dogs (regardless of breed) are trained volunteers. [...]

Belgian Tervuren service in WWI

Ethnic and political rivalries, tensions between the various powers and the arms race led to the start of The First World War in 1914, when a Bosnian Serb named Gavrilo Princip assassinated the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne. The assassination set into motion a chain of events leading up to the initial battles between Serbia and Austro-Hungaria. Soon enough, this conflict would spread to involve much of the world, costing more than nine million lives and affecting international politics throughout the rest of the century. The use of dogs in the first World War became a necessity when the use of trenches became widespread across the Western Front. [...]

Belgian Tervuren's Relations with other pets

There is quite a lot to consider when choosing a breed of dog to keep as a pet. To anyone who already has pets, one of the first and most important questions one should have answered is, of course, how does this breed of dog usually get along with other animals? Is he territorial? Friendly? Anti-social? Some pets are downright incompatible with one another and may try to keep a safe distance to avoid conflict, while some may even become hostile or violent. Obviously, this is not what any true dog lover wants. [...]

Did You Know...? About the Belgian Tervuren

The Belgian Tervuren goes by different names in various circles. In its homeland of Belgium, the breed is referred to as the Chien de Berger Belge. In most countries, the various subdivisions are not recognized as individual breeds and they are simply referred to by their parent breed's name as Belgian Shepherd Dogs. The Belgian Tervuren was, perhaps not surprisingly, named for the Belgian village of Tervuren (in some dialects it can be spelled Tervueren). [...]

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Belgian Tervuren Articles
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