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Five Reasons a Bloodhound is not for Everyone

There are some reasons why a Bloodhound might not be right for you including their size, tendency to drool, they are not the smartest dog outside of their excellent sense of smell, short life span and they are terribly unmotivated. As one can see, they are basically a hyperactive dog that has to be watched all the time to make sure they do not eat something that can harm them. [...]

Should You Breed Your Bloodhound?

Breeding a Bloodhound does require some serious thought. The reason is that not many people have a desire to own such a large and clumsy looking dog. They are not appealing to many people because of their drooling and hyperactive behavior. They are also prone to eating anything in their sight. [...]

Bloodhounds at Work

Bloodhounds have one amazing sense of smell and that is why they are said to be an excellent search and rescue dog breed. Their keen sense of smell surpasses all other breeds, they have been responsible for tracking, and finding people lost in remote areas, missing children, fugitives, bodies and other animals. They excel in this field of work. The dogs have a handler that is trained with the dog to perform all duties of a search and rescue dog. [...]

Raising the Bloodhound Puppy

If you have a Bloodhound puppy, you need to start basic commands as soon as you bring them home. Housebreaking and training does take some time and even when you think you have a well trained puppy, they will surprise you and act like they have no idea what you are talking about when you call them. They are a stubborn dog that resists change. They are happy just being themselves and will frustrate you from time to time. [...]

Things to do With Your Bloodhound

You can do many things with a Bloodhound. They are great long distance walkers therefore long hikes or walks great. They can be playful and if started early, a puppy or older dog does like to play fetch. Things like catching a flying disc may not be for a Bloodhound, but every dog can be taught to do something if they like it. They like to go out hunting, tracking and just laying around resting. [...]

Who Makes a Good Bloodhound Owner? - Five Reasons to Love a Bloodhound

A good Bloodhound owner is someone who has a leisurely lifestyle and spends time at home or in the yard. You should not have a fast lifestyle or do a lot of traveling. The best owner for a Bloodhound is someone who wants a dog for companionship and love. The owner of a Bloodhound should have plenty of time to train and play with the dog. You need to have patience and understanding. Plenty of understanding is actually required. [...]

How Does a Bloodhound Get Along With Other Animals and Children

Bloodhounds are a large dog that typically shows aggression only when they are not allowed to finish something they are doing such as tracking. For the most part a Bloodhound is a gentle beast that loves and lives comfortably with children and other animals. Since they are so large, you need to keep an eye on them when they are around children and animals since they could get a little over zealous at times. They do a playful side, which makes them fit in well with families who have children and other animals. [...]

Devoted, Howling and Drooling: The Bloodhound Personality

When you are looking for a puppy, you should look for a happy puppy. A puppy that wags its tail, comes running to you, show playfulness and is curious should prove to be a well-adjusted puppy. If you see a puppy that shows sign of being shy or crouches when you approach them, you should avoid such a puppy. Puppies should be happy and adventurous. A Bloodhound's personality is important to consider when looking for a good family pet. There are some puppies or even older dogs that may have a disposition and personality that is unwanted for a family dog. [...]

Should You Own a Female or a Male Bloodhound

When one considers buying a puppy, one has to consider whether to have a male or female. The female is a bit smaller than the male, but this does not make much of a difference when you consider a male or female since both are still fairly large. Things to consider before getting a puppy are: do you plan on breeding? Are you going to use the puppy for tracking? Are you going to have the puppy spayed or neutered? And, what are the temperament of a female and a male and how does that apply to your lifestyle? [...]

Bloodhound Weird Facts/Did You Know

Famous Movie and Television Bloodhounds The Beverly Hillbillies Bloodhound Duke was portrayed as a lazy dog that just lies around all day. This is not like the breed at all, they are full of energy for the most part. The first Bloodhound to play the part was named Stretch who retired at the age of thirteen when a younger version took over the role of Duke. Stretch was also in the movie "No Time for Sergeants". [...]

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