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Aliases: Russian Wolfhound

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Borzoi Articles

The Borzoi and Indoor Environments

The Borzoi is a large, furry, human-friendly dog breed that originated in Tsarist Russia. The Borzoi was bred to be a hunting dog for the Tsars and the wealthy and affluent Russian nobility. Thus he has the long legs and sleek body frame that suggests his truest calling: running. But despite the breed's initial intention, when he is well-trained and well-socialized, the Borzoi is a wonderful pet. [...]

The Borzoi and Outdoor Environments

A huge but people-loving breed, the Borzoi got their start as the official hunting dogs of the Tsarist Russian nobility and royalty. These dogs were bred over the course of many years in order to make the fastest, smartest dogs possible. The necessity of the dog's incredible speed, agility, and intelligence was tied to the dog's purpose as a hunter. He was trained to take down many types of game, but specifically wolves. [...]

Is a Borzoi Right For Your Home?

The Borzoi may be a large dog, but he is also, as a well-socialized and trained adult dog, a wonderful companion. For homes with people looking for a calm, good-natured companion who does not demand copious amount of attention and is simply a buddy rather than a worker or a protector, a Borzoi is a good option. But homes with a lot of noise, rambunctiousness, and a need for a dog who fetches and plays, the Borzoi would not be a good fit. [...]

Cats and Borzoi: Problematic?

The Borzoi is a Russian hunting dog that was bred by the Tsars and nobility of Russia to be the ultimate runner and chaser. He is descended from ancient sighthounds like the Russian smooth-faced bearhound, Russian sheepdogs, and Southern coursing hounds. All of these dogs had one thing in common: they were prominent figures in the Russian tsars' hunting parties. The result of all of this breeding was the Russian Wolfhound or Borzoi, who is one of the faster and most intelligent sighthounds today. But what does all of this have to do with cats? [...]

Borzoi and Russian History

The Borzoi became popular in the period of time before the Russian Revolution in 1917. This period of time in Russian history is commonly referred to as "Tsarist Russia" because it was when the Tsars were in power. The Russian Tsars were immensely important to the Borzoi for many reasons: they are, in fact, the very cause of the popularity of the Borzoi as well as being the responsible parties for the breeding of the Borzoi into the dog we know and love today. [...]

Showing Your Borzoi

Once you have decided to show your Borzoi, you will need to know what types of competitions in which you want him to compete. There are two basic types of competitions the Borzoi can participate and excel in: dog sport competitions and dog shows. Dog sport competitions focus on the dog's ability to live up to the purpose of its ancestors. Obedience, tracking, coursing and agility trials are designed around the rules of the American Kennel Club (AKC) to provide a place to show off a dog's abilities. One such event, the American Sighthound Field Association's lure coursing trials is a great place to enter a Borzoi. [...]

Borzoi and Other Dogs: Socializing with Your Borzoi

If you have other dogs in your home when you introduce your Borzoi puppy, you shouldn't have many problems. The Borzoi is tolerant of other dogs and can get along well with them when raised with them. Also, socializing your Borzoi puppy early will prevent him from becoming aggressive or standoffish around other dogs. [...]

Borzoi Training Tricks

Respect is the key to any healthy and successful relationship between a dog and his owner. Unfortunately, this is also the most often overlooked part of the relationship. Often, the owner wants so much for the dog to love him, he lets the dog take over the leadership role in the relationship and soon the owner is unknowingly bowing to the dog's every whim. This is a serious problem and it needs to be addressed sooner in the relationship rather than later. [...]

The Artistic Borzoi

Figurines, metals, brass, paintings, prints, stamps, postcards: all of these media have at sometime or another carried the visage of the Borzoi. The Borzoi has been a popular art subject for quite a long time, especially during the art deco period, and he continues to be featured in movies and television shows today. [...]

Borzoi: Weird Facts Did You Know?

The most famous Borzoi today is probably the one who is the ancestor of almost all of the Borzoi bred in the United Kingdom. The majority of the British Borzoi bloodlines alive today are from the same female Borzoi named Tasha. Tasha was born during World War II in the UK and she belonged to the founder of Denes Natural Pet Foods, Buster Lloyd Jones. Another famous Borzoi is the one who graces the covers of all books from Alfred A. Knopf publishing. The logo for Knopf publishing is a Borzoi in silhouette. [...]

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