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Brussels Griffons

Aliases: Belgian Griffons, Griffon Belge, Griffon Bruxellois,

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Brussels Griffon Articles

Strangers and the Brussels Griffon

While any dog may have a severe reaction to strangers if he is not well-socialized, this is especially true of the Brussels Griffon. The Brussels Griffon has a naturally suspicious temperament, making him overly aware of strangers and dogs he doesn't know. When approached by a stranger or anyone not in his immediate family, the Brussels Griffon will likely react strongly; and if this behavior is not curbed, it could lead to more serious and detrimental behaviors. [...]

Are Brussels Griffons Good Family Dogs?

Before you adopt a Brussels Griffon puppy, you need to look at the dog's personality to see if he will work for your specific living situation. One of the most important parts about your living situation that will greatly affect any dog, especially a Brussels Griffon, is whether or not you have a family with small children. While a Brussels Griffon may seem like the perfect, tiny, family dog, he is not a good match for young families, no matter how early the children are introduced to him or how careful they are around him. [...]

Brussels Griffon: The Coachman's Friend

Many of today's popular purebred dogs got their start in the royal houses of monarchs around the world. This is especially true of many toy breeds which, being too small to provide any kind of practical use for farmers or other working commoners, found their niche in the laps of the nobility and royalty. However, this is not true of the Brussels Griffon. In fact, he is one of the few dogs of his tiny size that owes his popularity, inclusion and reorganization in dog registries like the FCI and the AKC to both the royalty and the commoner. [...]

The Elderly Brussels Griffon

The older your dog gets, the more likely he is to have age-related problems. While this is true of any type or breed of dog, the Brussels Griffon is especially prone to these problems given his tiny size. Since toy dogs are so small, problems with their weight, senses, and joints can have a devastating affect and can greatly reduce the amount and quality of life your Brussels Griffon can experience in his old age. [...]

The Bashful Brussels Griffon

The biggest problem owners of Brussels Griffons will run into with the breed is the occasional bashful puppy. While breeders are very careful to extract this genetic problem with careful breeding techniques, there are always puppies that are born shy or "soft". When this happens, it is often thought that the puppy will not be able to be adopted or shown because of his undesirable characteristics. But that is not necessarily true. [...]

The Three Variants of the Brussels Griffon

While he was a popular rodent catcher in Belgium, the Brussels Griffon was bred with other dogs. This produced three distinct variants of the Brussels Griffon. These variants are recognized as breed standards for the Brussels Griffon purebred dog in the United States, but in Europe, the three variants are seen as separate breeds. This is due to the physical differences seen in the dog due to the inter-breeding with other purebred dog breeds. [...]

The Brussels Griffon in Belgium

Despite his current popularity as a companion dog, the Brussels Griffon started off as a type of working-class dog. This is not to say that he was a guard dog or worked on a farm or ranch. Rather, the Brussels Griffon was a city dog, being bred primarily in Brussels, Belgium so work within the city limits. While he did gain popularity with royalty later on, the Brussels Griffon needed to be imported to England and America in order to become the dog he is today. [...]

The Brussels Griffon at the Dog Show

If you are purchasing a Brussels Griffon to show at dog shows, you will need to be aware of which variant of Brussels Griffon you adopt, especially if you live in Europe. There are three distinct variants of the Brussels Griffon, and while the American Kennel Club (AKC) breed standard for the Brussels Griffon recognizes each variant as an acceptable option for the Brussels Griffon breed, the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) in Europe does not. Instead, they recognize each of the three variants of the Brussels Griffon as a separate breed entirely. [...]

Puppies For Sale: Is the Brussels Griffon Right For You?

The Brussels Griffon is a terrific dog for many people. A person who wants an incredibly loyal companion who will love them and will enjoy being with them will greatly benefit from adopting a Brussels Griffon. Unfortunately, those with families with young children or who are not interested in small, toy breeds and the care that goes with them would not be happy with the Brussels Griffon. [...]

Brussels Griffon: Weird Facts/ Did You Know?

The tiny toy breed Brussels Griffon is known for his human expressions. Often he is seen looking inquisitive, with his head cocked to one side. This is in fact exactly what the look means to communicate: the dog is curious about something. Because of his expressiveness, the Brussels Griffon is a well known and widely used dog in the world of art and cinema. Though not as popular as an actual pet, the Brussels Griffon can easily be recognized by his most famous movie role: the dog in the movie As Good As It Gets. [...]

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