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Cesky Terriers

Aliases: Bohemian Terrier, Czesky Terrier

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Cesky Terrier Articles

Coat Care for Cesky Terriers

The short-legged Cesky terrier has bushy eyebrows, beard, and mustache and a silky, wavy coat. Although all puppies are born black, their coat lightens as they reach a year or two. Their coats are usually several shades of blue-grey with yellow, white, light coffee, gray, or tan furnishings although light coffee is very rare. The coat care for Cesky terriers requires a far amount of time because, although they are non-shedding, their soft coat mats if not looked after properly. For terrier owners not showing their pet, they often choose to keep their dogs coat shorter than the standards for show dogs. [...]

Is a Cesky the Right Breed For You?

Cesky terriers, pronounced "ches-kee", are a rare breed of dog developed in Czechoslovakia by crossing Sealyham terriers and Scottish terriers to produce a hunting terrier lighter in build but solid, not heavy or coarse. They stand ten to twelve inches at the shoulder and weight from sixteen to twenty pounds. The Cesky dog breed did not arrive in this country until the second half of the 1980's, with approximately three hundred Cesky in the United States today. Almost all the original Cesky came from Holland but since then, there are dogs imported from the UK, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden, Germany, and Norway. Breeders in the United States are continuously working to diversify and increase the Cesky gene pool. [...]

Colors of the Cesky Terrier

Although they are very rare, with only around three hundred of this breed in the United States today, the Cesky terrier is a dog that you will fall in love with at first sight. He is a sturdy, small little fellow with short legs, long coat, drop ears, and a huge heart. Ceskys are non-aggressive, cheerful, pleasant companions, loving and devoted, making them a terrific family pet. This unique breed of dog loves children and gets along well with other dogs and pets. [...]

Cesky Terrier Shows and Competitions

For people that love Cesky terriers, enjoy being around other Cesky terriers and owners of this wonderful breed, Cesky terrier dog shows and competitions are fun events to watch and an enjoyable, rewarding experience if you choose to compete. Cesky terrier dog events, trials, shows, and competitions are a great way to spend time and be active with your pet. They are rewarding, fun and offered both in the United States and internationally. [...]

Clipping And Showing A Cesky Terrier

The Cesky terrier is one of the few breeds of terriers that is shown clipped, not stripped. Clipping means actually cutting the hair, usually with the use of electric clippers, rather than going through the length process of stripping, which involves pulling out the long, dead hairs by hand. Since the Cesky can be clipped there is much less time in preparing for show, making them a terrific breed for those individuals that want a terrier breed but not the upkeep. [...]

Fun Activities With A Cesky Terrier

Since the Cesky Terrier has such an outstanding personality and temperament and gets along well with kids and other dogs they are an ideal breed for a family that loves to take their pet with them. Unlike many of the terrier breeds the Cesky does not have as high of a prey instinct and is not as prone to chasing or running when off-leash once they are fully obedience trained. This means that the Cesky is a very versatile dog that can enjoy a huge range of activities. [...]

Dealing With Stubborn Behavior

All terrier breeds have a stubborn streak; it is part of their personality as a hunting dog that has to defend itself against rats and other vermin. The terrier's tenacity and independence is famous and while the Cesky is not as stubborn and headstrong as other terrier breeds, they will have their moments. [...]

Earthdog Trials and Hunting Events

The Earthdog Trials are noncompetitive venues for Cesky terriers, small terriers, and Dachshunds. The Earthdog tests offer breeders and dog owners a standardized gauge that assesses their Cesky terriers and other dogs trained and natural working and hunting abilities, by exposing the dogs to a specific hunting situation. If you are interested in getting your Cesky terrier started in Earthdog tests, get a book of regulations from the American Kennel Club. [...]

Dental and Foot Care For A Cesky Terrier

Taking good care of your Cesky terrier's feet and teeth will help in the overall health and well being of your dog. While foot and dental care can be completed by a professional groomer they are also simple activities that can easily be done at home. In the case of dental care it is much more effective when done or a regular twice or three times weekly program than only done when the dog visits the groomers once every six to eight weeks. [...]

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