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Coton De Tulears

Aliases: Cotons

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Coton De Tulear Articles

Casablanca Coton

The Casablanca Coton de Tulear got its name from its "all-white" coat that resembles freshly fallen snow. Perhaps more popular is the infamous Casablanca Cotons, a breeder in Texas specializing in the adorable and cuddly Coton de Tulear. Just about anything you need to know about the Coton de Tulear, you can find out from the folks at Casablanca Cotons. With more than three decades of experience in dogs and nearly 15 years specializing in Cotons, Casablanca Cotons can answer just about any question you may have about your new pet. [...]

Coton de Tulear: Ideal for Apartment Dwellers

Because of its compact size, the Coton de Tulear is an ideal companion dog for apartment dwellers. While they do love to run free in the outdoors, Cotons are traditionally indoor dogs. If you live in an apartment and you're undecided which breed of dog you should adopt, you should seriously consider purchasing a Coton de Tulear. Besides being cute and cuddly, these energetic companion dogs can get plenty of exercise even if you live in an apartment. [...]

Coton de Tulear: Weird Facts Did you Know?

There are many interesting facts about the Coton de Tulear. Such a lively dog deserves to have great stories and tales in its past. One tall tale related to the Coton is that it swam ashore to Tulear along with the remaining crew members after their ship sank. Sure, this story is interesting, but it is more likely that the Coton was brought to Tulear by tradesmen. [...]

Cotons and Separation Anxiety

When you first get your Coton de Tulear, you'll surely shower it with tons of affection. You'll make special arrangements so that you can take your pup out for mid-day bathroom breaks and it'll break your heart to say good bye to your Coton. Then the honeymoon period ends and you forget all about your poor, adorable cotton ball of a companion as you dash out the door late for work. You return home eight hours later to find a pillow cushion chewed up and strewn about the house. This is called separation anxiety, and it happens to Cotons. [...]

Cotons as De-Stressors

Those who own a Coton de Tulear find its bubbly and lovable demeanor as a good stress reliever at the end of a long day. Because the temperament of these dogs is playful and affectionate, they are often considered good ‘de-stressors’. Generally, the Coton de Tulear has a naturally sunny disposition, which makes it a true joy to be around. To have the distinguished honor of owning a Coton de Tulear means that cheering up after a bad day is literally an arm’s reach away. [...]

Grooming your Coton

Perhaps the most distinctive feature on the Coton de Tulear is its beautiful coat of white hair. In fact 'coton' is the French word for 'cotton'. Although most people refer to the hair of the Coton as "cottony", it is actually fluffy, and to the eye, it looks like a big white, fluffy cotton ball. Since this beautiful coat of hair is the most prized possession of the Coton de Tulear, the top priority of any owner should be keeping it healthy and beautiful. [...]

Maintaining your Coton's Diet

Before you purchase your Coton de Tulear, make sure you have done some research on what kind of diet this breed requires. It's important to note that this breed of dog has very unique nutritional requirements, and any healthy diet for your Coton should include foods that are native to its ancestral environment, and important vitamins and nutrients that it relies on for a shiny coat and overall health. [...]

Potty-Training your Coton

One of the most daunting tasks for any new pet owner is to potty-train or house-break the pet. This task can be even more burdensome if your new pet is a Coton de Tulear. As a small animal, a Coton requires more frequent trips to the bathroom than a larger dog. Think of your Coton as a small child; the younger it is, the more often it has to "go". The house breaking process with your new Coton can be a real test of patience, but there are certainly ways to make it easier. [...]

Socializing your Coton

By nature, the Coton de Tulear is lovable and affectionate, but without proper exposure to people and other animals, it can become aggressive and defensive. If you have children, you should involve your children in the socialization process slowly so that your Coton will not be frightened. Socializing your Coton simply means helping it adjust to people, other pets and its surroundings. The key to socializing your Coton de Tulear is to make it feel safe and secure, even around strangers. [...]

Tricks for your Coton

Since the Coton de Tulear is so eager to please its owner, it shows great willingness to learn the occasional trick. If you have the determination to work with your Coton, and it won't take much, you can easily train your companion to perform tricks. What's important to understand when training your Coton to do tricks is that the learning process for dogs is very similar to that of humans. You will have to work with your Coton at least several times a week to ensure that it can successfully perform tricks on command. [...]

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