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The Pekingese and Aggression

There are many terms that can be used to describe the temperament of the Pekingese dog, but the one that most often comes to mind is stubborn. The Pekingese is also a very jealous dog and often this jealousy shows in the form of aggression. They may get very aggressive towards other dogs in their house or even in the neighborhood if they're nearby.Whereas most dogs can be socialized into getting along with other dogs, the Pekingese is a hard and stubborn dog to budge. [...]

The Pekingese as a Family Pet

When choosing a family pet, there are many choices from which to pick. While many people like large dogs for protection, many people are still choosing small breeds such as the Pekingese or "The Peke".The Pekingese is a small breed of dog in the toy family. It is important to realize and remember that even though they are small in size, they are every bit as much of a dog as a large dog - in some ways more. They are a loving and affectionate dog that loves to be cuddled and given lots of attention. [...]

Your American Bulldog and Your Home

The American Bulldog is leaner, taller and less wrinkled than the English bulldog. This breed of dog is so powerful that it is often entered in very physically demanding sports like weight-pulling or carting. The wonderful thing about the American Bulldog, though, is that all the brawn hides a soft spot. This dog is happy and outgoing. It likes to be in the company of friends: human companions, other dogs, and even other animals. [...]

The Temperament of the Chesapeake Bay Retriever

The Chesapeake Bay retriever is known for its sunny and cheerful disposition - much like their cousin, the Labrador retriever. When they are swimming with the family or out retrieving game, their face almost has the appearance of a smile. They have what is referred to as a "quiet sense" about them, meaning they may be very quiet as far as making noise and barking, but they are always paying attention to what is going on and watching over the family. They are used by many hunters not only as a hunting dog but also a wonderful life-long companion. They make a wonderful companion for children with their quiet and loyal personality. [...]

Cautionary Tales of the Akbash

There are a few things that an owner should be aware of before he or she purchases a purebred Akbash puppy. For starters, the owner should know the breed's tendencies for aggression and how to curb these problems. The owner should be aware of and look out for any food-related issues the dog may have; food aggression is quite common in Akbash dogs, and the behavior should be dealt with accordingly. Dominance aggression is also a big issue for Akbash dogs, and the owner should watch for signs of this and immediately correct any related behaviors to prevent the furthering of the behavior and eventual canine dominance. [...]

Devoted, Howling, and Drooling: The Bloodhound Personality

When you are looking for a puppy, you should look for a happy puppy. A puppy that wags its tail, comes running to you, shows playfulness, and is curious should prove to be a well-adjusted puppy. If you see a puppy that shows signs of being shy or crouches when you approach them, you should avoid such a puppy. Puppies should be happy and adventurous. A Bloodhound's personality is important to consider when looking for a good family pet. There are some puppies or even older dogs that may have a disposition and personality that is unwanted for a family dog. [...]

Should You Own a Female or a Male Bloodhound

When one considers buying a puppy, one has to consider whether to have a male or female. The female is a bit smaller than the male, but this does not make much of a difference when you consider a male or female since both are still fairly large. Things to consider before getting a puppy are: do you plan on breeding? Are you going to use the puppy for tracking? Are you going to have the puppy spayed or neutered? And, what are the temperament of a female and a male and how does that apply to your lifestyle? [...]

Strangers and the Brussels Griffon

While any dog may have a severe reaction to strangers if he is not well-socialized, this is especially true of the Brussels Griffon. The Brussels Griffon has a naturally suspicious temperament, making him overly aware of strangers and dogs he doesn't know. When approached by a stranger or anyone not in his immediate family, the Brussels Griffon will likely react strongly; and if this behavior is not curbed, it could lead to more serious and detrimental behaviors. [...]

Are Brussels Griffons Good Family Dogs?

Before you adopt a Brussels Griffon puppy, you need to look at the dog's personality to see if he will work for your specific living situation. One of the most important parts about your living situation that will greatly affect any dog, especially a Brussels Griffon, is whether or not you have a family with small children. While a Brussels Griffon may seem like the perfect, tiny, family dog, he is not a good match for young families, no matter how early the children are introduced to him or how careful they are around him. [...]

Puppies For Sale: Is the Brussels Griffon Right For You?

The Brussels Griffon is a terrific dog for many people. A person who wants an incredibly loyal companion who will love them and will enjoy being with them will greatly benefit from adopting a Brussels Griffon. Unfortunately, those with families with young children or who are not interested in small, toy breeds and the care that goes with them would not be happy with the Brussels Griffon. [...]

Cairn Terrier as a Pet

Cairn Terriers used to be hard working dogs that thrived on hunting and expedition. In the Scottish Highlands, these dogs were used as vermin exterminators, small game hunters and loyal home companions. Today, the modern Cairn Terriers enjoy a much more sedentary existence as household pets. Unfortunately, this breed of dog may be too much to handle. They were simply never bred to be docile animals. They make miserable lapdogs and should never be treated as such. [...]

How To Handle Aggression In A Komondor

A Komondor is not by nature aggressive towards people, but it is very strong-willed. It mostly has a calm temperament unless it is provoked. Some of the things that can provoke a Komondor to act aggressively are territorial intrusions and threats to an owner or the owner's livestock. This is mostly due to its protective temperament and less due to inbred hostility. [...]

Aggression In Fila Brasileiro

The Fila Brasileiro has an instinctive aggressiveness towards strangers, and it doesn't mind showing it. For this reason, it is not judged on signs of aggressiveness in a dog show, even though some Filas are disqualified for being overly aggressive. It is not friendly with other animals and distinctly dislikes other Fila Brasileiros of the same sex. It is tremendously aggressive towards other small animals, like cats. It will not hesitate to injure or kill another animal. [...]

Curbing Fear-biting in Your Dachshund

Perhaps more than most breeds, an improperly socialized dachshund is more likely than not to develop a habit of fear biting that can make interacting with new people or dogs something to fear rather than look forward to. Often, owners don't even realize why their dog is so seemingly aggressive just before running away or rolling over in submission. It may very well be that your dog is in a constant state of high anxiety. [...]

Training Issues with the Norfolk Terrier

The Norfolk terrier can be a loyal, hard working breed, but the potential Norfolk owner should be cautioned of a few issues that may rear their ugly heads during the training process, as well as potential problems that may come as a result of improper or neglectful training.First of all, as is advised in any and every instance of bringing a new dog into your home, the individual dog's personal history should be investigated. As with any breed, an abusive or neglectful childhood may tragically damage the Norfolk terrier's potential for being trained as a healthy, happy family, show or work dog later in life, perhaps even irreparably. While a mistreated dog might not necessarily be completely unsalvageable, a dog with a rough history will almost certainly be quite a challenge, and training a troublesome dog is not at all recommended for first time or amateur trainers. [...]

Found [49] Articles :: Page 1 of 4
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