Artificial Insemination
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Artificial Insemination

The Artificial Insemination Process In Dogs

Contrary to what many people believe, artificial insemination or AI is really not complicated, especially direct dog to dog insemination that requires no storage of the semen, the step of the process that typically is the most difficult to complete correctly. Many veterinarians, AI technicians and even private breeders have the knowledge, equipment and ability to complete their own AI, especially if the collection of semen and the insemination is all done in the same location.The first step in the process is to ensure that the female is in the correct stage in her estrus cycle. Typically the female will first show signs of approaching ovulation by a bloody looking discharge from her vulva for approximately 8 days. After this is over she will have a lighter and clearer discharge, during which time she will "stand" which means she will allow the male to breed her. It is during this 7 day time frame that she can be successfully inseminated. [...]

The Benefits Of Artificial Insemination

There are several reasons while artificial insemination may be the best possible option for breeding. This most obvious reason for using artificial insemination is that it allows breeders to facilitate breeding that could not happen through other means. The option of either chilled semen or frozen semen being shipped internationally makes the need for transporting either female or male dogs between countries much less important or common. This, in turn, means that there is less danger for both dog owners and the dogs as travel posses the risk of injury, exposure to different diseases plus also prevents the need of extra vaccinations and possible quarantines. [...]

The Various Forms of Artificial Insemination In Dogs

Artificial insemination, more commonly known as AI, is no longer only used for large animals such as horses, cattle and other forms of livestock. AI is now commonly used in most purebred dog breeds ranging from the tiniest Yorkies up to the huge Mastiffs. The changes in the process, including some newer forms of keeping semen viable has really added to the attraction of artificial insemination in all breeds of dogs.While most people think of artificial insemination as a process of collecting semen, long term storage, shipment and then insemination, it is not always this long of a process. Undoubtedly there are still a great number of purebred dog breeders that do use AI as a means of obtaining semen from dogs located internationally that would be unavailable to them using traditional breeding process. [...]

The Benefits Of Artificial Insemination In Horses

Artificial insemination is not a new way of breeding mares; it has been used for centuries in many different countries although the modern and highly clinical type of artificial insemination (AI) now practiced has a much more recent history. In the United Kingdom and Europe AI has been used since 1890, but has recently become much more popular in the development of the warm blood and sport horse breeds. The countries considered to be on the cutting edge of AI technology development in horses include France, Germany, Denmark and Holland. AI allows the breeder to import semen from any stud standing for AI collection in the world without having to either ship the mares to the stallion or the stallion to the mares. Not only does this cut down on the cost of this highly selective type of breeding program but it also provides more safety for the mares and the stallions as there is less transportation and stress on the horses. [...]

The Artificial Insemination Process In Horses

Artificial insemination (AI) is a process by which semen is collected from a stallion, processed and tested, frozen for preservation, then thawed and deposited within the mare's reproductive tract, the uterine body, when she is in season and is most fertile. Each step in the process has to be done carefully and accurately to ensure that the semen is preserved properly and that the mare is also at the right part of her reproductive cycle to be able to conceive. Although historically AI has been performed in less than clinical settings, most breeders and owners that practice AI complete certification as AI technicians or hire a professional AI service to handle the semen collection and insemination process. [...]

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