Birth Difficulties
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Birth Difficulties

Anesthesia in Pets Greatly Improved

Anesthesia has a well documented place in both human and animal medicine, and it's especially critical as a way to calm and treat animals who are frightened and in pain.The anesthetics that are used in veterinary medicine today are much safer than ones used in the past, and their results are much more predictable. Gas anesthetics can be quickly eliminated by simply removing the mask. Injectable anesthetics, meanwhile, all have a reversal agent that can be quickly administered if there are any adverse effects, such as a drop in the dog's blood pressure. This additional safety is very important, since veterinarians use anesthetics more than regular medical doctors. That's because many animals become extremely terrified or agitated while at the vet's. Therefore anesthesia is often used in procedures like X-rays, joint examinations and laparoscopic procedures. [...]

Boston Terriers and Whelping Problems

Many dog owners get so involved with a particular type of dog that they then start considering the idea of breeding that dog. Dog breeding carries great responsibility and should not be done unless an owner really thinks that his or her dog can significantly contribute to the gene pool of the breed. The dogs to be used in the breeding should have a variety of medical tests done to confirm their health and they should have the best possible temperament for their breed. All too often, uneducated individuals get into breeding simply thinking that it's a get rich quick scheme, especially when it comes to certain breeds of dogs that fetch a high price. Breeding is not an easy way to make money and with many breeds, money is sometimes lost. Indeed, this is the case with the Boston Terrier. [...]

Birth Difficulties

Very few people can resist a cute and cuddly kitten, only very few people want to keep that kitten after it has grown into a full grown cat. Cats and kittens end up in animal shelters or are discarded on roads, or simply left to become feral cats outdoors. Therefore one could say that the first birth difficulty is actually finding suitable permanent homes for cats before you cat actually gets pregnant.Felines are very fertile creatures, with the average cat having five or six kittens in each litter. Some breeds are inclined to have bigger litters. From the time your cat is five months old, she will be in and out of heat from January to October with a reprieve in November and December for pet owners living in Europe and North America. [...]

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