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Secrets of Breeding Irish Water Spaniels

Irish Water Spaniels are often considered a rare breed of dog. The truth is, this breed is actually thriving, but it is not meeting up to breed standards or conformation, and thereby making many dogs from this breed "undesirable". Hence, it is more accurate to say that "desirable" Irish Water Spaniels are rare. Irresponsible breeding is the main culprit for the Irish Water Spaniel's apparent decline in desirability and popularity. [...]

Caring for a Pregnant Miniature Bull Terrier

It is a very exciting time when your miniature bull terrier becomes pregnant and you have the joy of anticipating some adorable, newborn puppies in the near future. Caring for your pregnant miniature bull terrier is extremely important so you have a healthy mother and a litter of healthy puppies. The first thing you need to do as a responsible pet owner, is take your dog to your veterinarian and have her checked over to confirm that she is pregnant and healthy You must be prepared to give your miniature bull terrier the best prenatal care possible. Unlike humans, dogs are pregnant approximately sixty-three days until the actual big event. [...]

Boston Terriers and Whelping Problems

Many dog owners get so involved with a particular type of dog that they then start considering the idea of breeding that dog. Dog breeding carries great responsibility and should not be done unless an owner really thinks that his or her dog can significantly contribute to the gene pool of the breed. The dogs to be used in the breeding should have a variety of medical tests done to confirm their health and they should have the best possible temperament for their breed. All too often, uneducated individuals get into breeding simply thinking that it's a get rich quick scheme, especially when it comes to certain breeds of dogs that fetch a high price. Breeding is not an easy way to make money and with many breeds, money is sometimes lost. Indeed, this is the case with the Boston Terrier. [...]

Finding a Curly Coated Retriever

Like other breeds that are relatively rare in the United States, finding a Curly Coated Retriever to adopt can take a bit of work. It's not always easy to find a reputable breeder that takes such things as health or registration into consideration. Pet store chains are not always a good idea either, as they are often bred for quantity and not quality, so the health of the dog is sometimes not taken into consideration at all. In this article, we'll discuss how to find a Curly Coated Retriever that you can adopt, whether it is a puppy or an adult. [...]

So You Want To Breed The Lakeland Terrier?

The Lakeland terrier is a great dog, whether it's being used for hunting or as a family pet. Many owners enjoy this dog so much that they think about breeding the dog, so they may own more than one. Often when owners are so fond of their dog, they want to have one of its pups to "carry on the genes" of their beloved dog. The Lakeland terrier is part of what is known as a Vulnerable Native, meaning that they are of British origin and in danger of becoming extinct because they are declining in numbers and their world status is diminishing. [...]

Miniature Australian Shepherd Suffers from Popularity Problems

When most people think of popularity problems with a breed of dog, the automatic answer is to think of the Walt Disney animated movie, 101 Dalmatians. The 1961 classic featured a large brood of Dalmatians, which grew to one hundred one by the end of the film when a dog-napping cottage industry was discovered and destroyed. But the bad news didn't end with Cruella de Vil: After the movie came out, thousands of children across the country begged their parents for a Dalmatian puppy. And, inevitably, thousands of Dalmatians were abandoned, abused, or destroyed because families were quick to satisfy their children's wants instead of preparing for a long-term commitment. [...]

The Difficulty Of Procuring A PON

The Polish Owczarek Nizinny (PON) has had several survival crises since World War I. Many of the dogs that were in Poland were killed by invading armies since they were found to be defending farmhouses that were in the path of the invasion. By the time World War I had ended, there were only an estimated 150 PONs in all of Poland. Despite this, the breeders who loved this very useful and affectionate dog began to breed more Nizinny. This brought the breed back somewhat from its demise before World War II struck. The breed almost became extinct at that point. [...]

Breeding Bearded Collies

If you want to breed your Bearded Collie, you may want to seek out a professional breeder rather than try to do it yourself. With a professional breeder, you can seek out the very lineage you want in order to make sure you are doing everything you should be doing in order to get the best match for your dog. Whether you are breeding a male or female, a professional breeder can assist you with the process, and you will stand a better chance of success than looking for a mate for your dog and hoping they will be attracted to one another. Although we don't often think of animals being attracted to one another, sometimes a female in season is not attracted to the male with which she is placed. Professional breeders can help overcome this problem by having a selection of males for breeding purposes. [...]

Choosing Your Briard Puppy Correctly For Standards

When selecting a Briard puppy, it is essential to consider several things. Is the dog a purebred and does he have the papers to show for it? Are the breeders well known and respected for what they do? There are many questions to ask when selecting the right puppy for your home, but you should know what the breed's standards are before making any contact. Doing so will help you to know if the dog is up to standards or not. You can learn a lot about the dog from these standards. What's more, it helps you to know what type of dog you will be getting. [...]

Briquet Griffon Vendeen Breeding Tips

The Briquet Griffon Vendeen is an ideal dog and is relatively well sought after. Though not as popular as others in his lineage, he is a dominate feature and a dog that is well loved. If you are planning to breed these dogs, it is essential to consider the various character faults that could be present. If you are planning to invite one of these dogs into your home, be sure that the breeder has taken steps to ensure that he is a purebred dog of the healthiest kind. The process of breeding these dogs is not difficult but does take a good amount of patience and a true love for the breed. [...]

Birth Difficulties

Very few people can resist a cute and cuddly kitten, only very few people want to keep that kitten after it has grown into a full grown cat. Cats and kittens end up in animal shelters or are discarded on roads, or simply left to become feral cats outdoors. Therefore one could say that the first birth difficulty is actually finding suitable permanent homes for cats before you cat actually gets pregnant.Felines are very fertile creatures, with the average cat having five or six kittens in each litter. Some breeds are inclined to have bigger litters. From the time your cat is five months old, she will be in and out of heat from January to October with a reprieve in November and December for pet owners living in Europe and North America. [...]

Breed Faults of the Dandie

For the most part, the Dandie Dinmont Terrier is a healthy dog, but some of the breed has a tendency to suffer from intervertebral disc protrusion, hip dysplasia, lymphoma, patellar luxation, and ear infections. Because of their short legs and body low to the ground, they tend to be longer than taller. This can create back problems if you allow your dog to become overweight. That doesn't mean that any of these health issues will affect every dog, or even the majority of them, but there are certainly enough cases for potential owners to become aware of the potential risks they may be taking, especially when the potential purchase price of this breed is so high. [...]

Mating and Pregnancy of the Neapolitan Mastiff

Thanks to their sizeable frames, the pregnancy and mating of the Neapolitan Mastiff can mean fewer problems than smaller dog breeds. The female Neo's generous pelvis size can mean a litter with anywhere from six to twelve pups. To ensure the health of the mother and her brood, there are always a number of guidelines that must be followed when it comes to pregnancy and mating. While the vast majority of Neapolitan Mastiff pregnancies are uneventful, it is still important to not only consult a vet but a local breeder to ensure important aspects of the process are being properly addressed. [...]

How to Breed Great Swiss Mountain Dogs

So, you have chosen to breed your Great Swiss Mountain Dogs! Assuming you are familiar with standard canine breeding practices and procedures, once you know the basics, there are still a few things that you should know beforehand to make the experience as healthy as possible for your pet as it can be and as stress free for yourself as possible. [...]


The American Kennel Club set the standards by which other kennel clubs could be founded the CKC, for example. But unlike so many other clubs, the American Kennel Club has a long and complicated history of coming together into the organization it is today. Founded in the 1884 as a sort of conglomeration of smaller United States kennel clubs, the AKC began its mission of creating standardized guidelines for 157 breeds and partially recognizing 4 other breeds. With some of the looser standards among breeding and registry organizations, it clear to see why its popularity and its reach have continued to grow. [...]

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Found [123] Articles :: Page 4 of 9
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