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Dog Walking

Introduction To Agility Training

Agility training is a wonderful opportunity for dogs and owners to learn how to work together, get lots of exercise, and become more in synch with each other. Dogs that compete in agility events must be intelligent, athletic as well as very attentive to the handler. They must be able to block out distractions such as crowd noise, other dogs and even movement and activity on the sidelines. Agility training involves teaching a dog to go through a set of obstacles in a specific sequence within a set time frame. Agility competitions were first exhibited at the Cruft's International Dog Show in Birmingham, England in 1979 and continues to be one of the most popular events from a spectator and competitor point of view. [...]

Foot Injuries

Foot injuries can be particularly problematic for dogs since it is so very hard to immobilize a dog or limit the movement and pressure on the pads of their feet when they walk. A dog's foot is designed to uniformly and evenly balance the weight when the dog moves, not like a human foot where we can voluntarily shift our weight from the front to the back or from side to side. Dogs can limp or they can just touch down on the tip of the pads for balance, but that is about all the movement options that they have. Responding to foot injuries and providing treatment as soon as possible is key to prevent long-term damage to the foot. [...]

Exercising Your Dog In The City

Dogs that live in the city need just as much exercise as dogs that live in suburban areas or even in the country. Since most downtown dogs live in apartments or homes with smaller yards, owners are going to have to be more responsible for daily walks, exercise times and finding room for the dog to run and play. Before considering a dog if you do live in the city, it is important to make a commitment to providing the exercise the dog needs on a routine, multiple times a day basis. With this commitment you can rest assured that your dog will be content, calm and well-behaved, provided of course you also provide socialization and training on a regular basis. [...]

Camping and Hiking With Your Dog

Regardless of the size of your dog, from a toy breed through to a giant breed, camping and hiking can make a terrific day, weekend or even several day outing. Most dogs love being in the outdoors and even those dogs that are a bit more comfortable in their houses will quickly adjust to living in a tent, camper or even a cabin, provided that owners help them make the adjustment. The biggest consideration that people have to make when planning a camping or hiking holiday with their dog is how reliable their dog is when it comes to responding off leash. If your dog is prone to chasing squirrels and birds or often doesn't return on your call but rather continues hunting or exploring, this can pose a serious issue. [...]

Exercise and Training Considerations For Seniors and Dogs

Regardless of what type or breed of dog you may choose, all dogs need regular, routine exercise. It is also important to note that while some breeds are naturally more active or energetic, no breed of dog has been bred to be a complete couch potato. This means that even the toy dogs that love to just sit on their owners laps still need to get out and go for a walk, a run in the park or play games that encourage physical exercise. [...]

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