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Keeping a Curly Coated Retriever Entertained

Curly Coated Retrievers are well loved for their high intelligence, devotion to their families and their high energy level. But put these attributes together with a dog that is relatively late to mature and you can have a bad outcome, an intelligent dog that bores easily. Dogs that bore easily are more likely to getting into something they shouldn't, and are prone to making up their own games, like Chew the Pillow or Toss the China. In this article, we'll take a look at ways to keep even the most rambunctious Curly Coated Retriever entertained. [...]

The Difference Between English, Irish and Gordon Setters

Of the eighty recognized dog breeds in the world, the Setter has always been one of the most well liked. However, of all the Setters, it is the English Setter that has proven to be the most popular. Refined but never above being the class clown, a number of hunters and families have come to love the breed's many charms. Unsurprisingly, owners of an English Setter always have an amusing or heartwarming tale of stellar loyalty, strength and sensitivity. While this often inspires others to take an interest in the breed, many still wonder what the differences are between the English Setter and it cousins, the Gordon Setter and the Irish Setter. [...]

Exercising the Intelligent Mind of the English Setter

An intelligent breed like the English Setter will never tolerate isolation, inactivity or give up their need to explore. The owner who takes on the breed with the assumption that mental stimulation for dogs is an exaggeration is the owner who will sorely regret his or her underestimation. As with all highly intelligent breeds, the English Setter typically does not wait to be entertained. They are very much the kind that will take it upon themselves to explore, whether outdoors or indoors. The clever English Setter has been known to not only clear fences but open cupboards and refrigerator doors, dragging out whatever contents it finds. While this may be inconvenient, it is simply an indication that the dog needs more stimulating mental activity. [...]

Bloat In Greyhounds

Like all large dogs, greyhounds are also susceptible to bloat. This condition is fatal if not treated quickly enough. Bloating can occur without notice and might even be mistaken for indigestion. It can sometimes have the appearance of a bloated belly, which is where the name comes from, and you may even see the stomach twisting and turning. However, you can't be sure that it will be that noticeable. Once the stomach starts to twist and turn it can torsion, which can be fatal. It cuts off the circulation in the stomach and blood gets pushed into the main organs while the stomach dies. [...]

Lifespan Issues For The Greyhound

While larger dogs often suffer from shorter lifespan, the greyhound is different. It can live from up to 12 to 14 years. Since race dogs are between two and six years of age, you can adopt an ex-racer and still get many good years from the dog. There are still some lifespan issues that come with owning a greyhound, but for the most part they are a very healthy and long-lived breed. [...]

The Lakeland Terrier Nutritional and Exercise Needs

The Lakeland terrier has a very dense coat that is weather resistant. In order to keep this coat in the same healthy condition, the dog should be fed a high quality dog food. Make sure the dog food you feed this dog is a type that is for his breed size (large breed, small breed, puppy food, etc.). [...]

The Lakeland Terrier Is This The Right Dog For You?

The Lakeland terrier, although originally used for hunting, is now a very versatile dog used in the show ring as well as a family pet and companion. If you are thinking of getting a Lakeland terrier, consider some of the characteristics of the dog before deciding if he is the right one for you. You may find this dog is all wrong or that the Lakeland terrier is the perfect choice of dog for you and your family. [...]

The Manchester Terrier and its Special Needs

Many times when people get dogs, such as the Manchester terriers, they are not quite sure what their needs are unless they previously owned one. However, once you get a Manchester terrier it does not take long to know what its needs are. [...]

Miniature Australian Shepherds Take to Flyball

Over the past 30 years, the have been many agility-based sports invented and organized throughout the United States and the world. One of those sports, Flyball, is an exciting, fast-paced event that draws thousands of competitors and fans every year. All dogs are welcome to participate in sanctioned Flyball events, and the Miniature Australian Shepherd excels in this event. [...]

Diet and Exercise for the Good Health of Your Otterhounds

What you feed your Otterhound, will directly affect his longevity and good health. Today there is much hype about canned dog food especially since the Purina pet care recall. Critics say that commercial pet foods are laced with chemicals and preservatives. A healthy diet will not only promote a longer life but will also curtail digestive problems. With a healthier diet you can expect to see good muscle tone, good eyesight and brighter eyes, high energy, strong bones, strong teeth and gums, good skin and coat, firmer and fewer bowel movements, offensive body odors, and of course less health problems and visits to the veterinarian. [...]

Otterhounds: Problems and Pitfalls

Chewing and HowlingThese loveable fun loving, playful large dogs can be a handful for the average owner. First and foremost you will have to make sure that your Otterhound gets a lot of exercise. A bored Otterhound has the capacity to wreck a house in less than a day. He will chew and destroy your furniture or bay all day long. The howl of a hound may seem romantic and charming on the English Moors but can annoy you while at home when you are trying to relax or work around the house. [...]

Keep Your PON Busy

A content and dutiful PON is a joy, but a PON that is not kept busy and has no sense of purpose can get in a lot of trouble. This dog was bred to be in charge of a flock and so it naturally wants to have a certain level of exercise and be considered an important part of the family unit. If you do not exercise the dog enough or give it something to do, like watching a child, it can easily become stubborn and willful and completely mischeivious. This dog is very intelligent and also seeks to be challenged in the types of tasks you set for it. [...]


Arthritis means joint inflammation, but the term is somewhat misleading because arthritis is much more than joint inflammation and cats do contract many forms of arthritis depending upon the breed and external factors. The particular forms of arthritis that cats suffer from are: Traumatic Arthritis (sprain) and Osteoarethritis, from there, there are several diseases that belong to one group or the other.Traumatic Arthritis as the name implies occurs when there is some sort of a trauma, (sprain) injury. In cats that could be the result of being hit by a moving vehicle, a cat fight, or bad fall. If the trauma is a result of a simple sprain chances are the pain will go away in no time and is really not that serious. However, if the traumatic arthritis is more serious, resulting from being hit by a car or other serious accident, a fracture may occur in the joint and your cat may require surgery to repair the damage. [...]

The American Staffordshire Terrier and French Ring Sport

Dog owners are always on the lookout for new sporting events in which to register their canine friends; many are looking for outlets to help the dogs work off the energy that comes with being bred for a specific purpose. There are a variety of canine competitive events in which dogs can participate; it's just a question of finding which one or ones best suit your breed. Amstaff owners are no different and love to show off the skills of their amazing, yet poorly understood, breed. One of the events in which Amstaffs often participate and at which they often excel is French Ring Sport. This sport originally hails from France and was originally developed about one hundred years ago for the purpose of testing breeding stock for their ability to be good protection dogs. [...]

Complaints about the American Staffordshire Terrier

Many people who choose to add an American Staffordshire Terrier to their household are very pleased with the dog and claim that it is an amazing, unique companion. They claim the Amstaff is a loyal, affectionate, intelligent, protective dog that is wonderful with children. While there are quite a number of pleased Amstaff owners, there are a number of others that are not happy with the breed. Some have owned Amstaffs themselves, while others have merely come into contact with these controversial dogs, but all agree that there are many negative aspects to the breed; extremely careful thought should be put into the decision of adding an Amstaff to the family. [...]

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Found [222] Articles :: Page 8 of 15
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