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Pancreatitis is a disorder of the pancreas wherein it fails to properly perform its roles as the producer of digestive enzymes. More specifically, the enzymes are still produced, but the pancreas loses its unique ability to handle them effectively and so they break down before they're delivered to the parts of the body where they're needed. Instead of digesting food, they break down the tissue in and around the pancreas itself.Pancreatitis can have a number of causes, and is usually the result of several causes coalescing. Diets that are high in fat may lead to obesity, which is a major contributing factor to the development of the disease. In addition, certain medications used to treat other diseases may increase the risk that a dog will contract pancreatitis, including corticosteroids and azathioprine. [...]

Kidney Stones in Dogs

Kidney stones in dogs, just like in humans, can be very painful and can lead to serious health issues if not treated. While some breeds may be predisposed to inherit the ability to create kidney stones, there are a certain number of factors that if combined could cause kidney stones to form in any dog. In this article, we'll look at what kidney stones are and how they form, what their symptoms are and how they can be treated.What are kidney stones?Dogs, just like humans, naturally have minerals in their bodies, such as calcium, magnesium, ammonia or phosphorus. Where there is too much of these mineral salts in the urine, they are filtered out through the kidneys. Because it can be difficult for these minerals to be soluble in the naturally acidic urine of dogs, these minerals can form stones. [...]

Liver Disease in Dogs

There are a number of liver diseases that can affect the health of any number of breeds of dogs. Unfortunately, there are no cures for some of them, but much can be done to help the dog stay active and comfortable during its shortened life. The liver is one of the most important organs in the body, including detoxifying the blood supply, removing waste, producing bile and aiding in digestion. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the diseases the liver can develop and what kinds of treatments are available. [...]

Feeding and Weight Issues With Your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Like any other do the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is always interested in food and will eat until he or she is sick if you will let them. Just like human beings dogs need a regular and healthy diet if they are to remain fit and agile. Overfeeding is a common problem with an increasing number of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and you will not be doing your dog any favors if you allow them to become overweight. [...]

Monitoring your Shar Pei's Diet

Keeping your Chinese Shar Pei happy and healthy will give you much more quality time together and save you a lot of money on vet bills. Most pet owners just run out and get the first dry dog food they can find, but if you truly value your Shar Pei, you should spend more time and effort to prepare the right food for your pup. Maintaining the diet of your Chinese Shar Pei will reduce the likelihood of any food allergies or digestive problems that may occur as a result of an unhealthy diet. [...]

Maintaining your Coton's Diet

Before you purchase your Coton de Tulear, make sure you have done some research on what kind of diet this breed requires. It's important to note that this breed of dog has very unique nutritional requirements, and any healthy diet for your Coton should include foods that are native to its ancestral environment, and important vitamins and nutrients that it relies on for a shiny coat and overall health. [...]

Bon Appetite! The English Toy Spaniel

The English Toy Spaniel, also known as a Charlie, does not require large amounts of food. There are a few things that you should take note of though in order to ensure the health of your dog. [...]

How to Care for Your English Toy Spaniel

Taking care of your Charlie, or English Toy Spaniel, can save a lot of grief and promote happiness in the home. There are certain things that you can do regularly that will keep your Charlie in tip top shape! [...]

Treating Flatulence In Fila Brasileiro

The Fila Brasileiro is prone to gassiness, but it can be treated to lessen the incidence of it. You may love your dog, but you may not love the smell that accompanies it. A gassy dog can also be an embarrassment in social situations. So learn how to recognize some causes of flatulence and help the dog eat well to maintain a diet that doesn't exacerbate gassiness. [...]

Feeding your Gordon Setter: Fresh Food vs. Commercial

Keeping your companion healthy and beautiful is an essential part of daily care. Taking the proper precautions to make sure your Gordon Setter keeps his beautiful shiny coat and healthy disposition for years to come, is the sole responsibility of you, the owner. But the good news is that with just a little bit of planning, you can give your pup gourmet style food everyday. The decision you have to make is whether that healthy gourmet food will be fresh or commercially produced dog food. [...]

Preparing your Gordon Setter for Showing

The Gordon Setter has a beautiful coat and an easy-going nature, two ideal characteristics for any dog preparing for competition. You think your dog is beautiful and destined to be a star, but will the judges agree with you? There are several areas on which you should focus if you are seriously considering entering your Gordon Setter into competition; training, conditioning and grooming & nutrition. [...]

What you should have before your Gordon Setter comes home

Before you introduce your Gordon Setter to his new home, there are a few basic items that you should purchase. Having these items in advance will guarantee a smooth transition and eliminate any unnecessary problems in those first crucial weeks. Knowing what items your Gordon Setter will need to be comfortable, happy and healthy is essential to beginning the training and socialization processes quickly. [...]

Tricky Disorder Often Mimics Epilepsy, IBS

One of the more recently recognized disorders in dogs is one known by several terms, including Canine Epileptoid Cramping Syndrome, CECS, or "Spike's Disease." A tricky disease that is often misdiagnosed as epilepsy, CECS is considered to be a problem of multiple body systems, including the metabolic, neurological and muscular systems.The symptoms of CECS vary, and an affected animal may display many of them or only a few at one time. Symptoms include trembling, staggering, dizziness, exaggerated stretching, and an unusually slow or methodical posture while walking. Also, the dog's abdominal and lumbar (back) muscles may cramp severely, and the animal may fall over and be unable to rise. [...]

Skin Rashes May Be Chronic Eczema In Many Dog Breeds

Skin rashes that occur throughout time and that are directly caused by contact with a particular type of irritant are often classed as chronic eczema in dogs. These conditions will occur throughout a dog's life but often become more obvious and chronic in nature as the dog matures or if it is ill or stressed. All breeds of dogs can have chronic eczema but breeds that are most known for the skin condition include the German Shepherd, Dalmatian and the hairless breeds of dogs such as the Chinese Crested and the Mexican Hairless. Some Basenji dogs that have very sensitive skin are also prone to eczema. [...]

Congestive Heart Failure The Leading Cause Of Death In Adult Dogs

Although any breed of dog can potentially develop congestive heart failure it is most commonly known to affect smaller breeds of dogs. To further add to the problem often these dogs exhibit few symptoms or signs to alert their owners to the ongoing, serious health condition that is slowly decreasing the heart's ability to function correctly. Since the signs of congestive heart failure are often very similar to what might be reasonable expected behaviors of an aging dog, often owners miss the first few subtle signs or assume they are just old age setting in.There are three common and clear signs that owners of small breeds should be carefully monitoring their dogs for. These include decreasing energy and stamina levels, increased problems in breathing and increases in coughing either when exercising or when resting. [...]

Found [41] Articles :: Page 1 of 3
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