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Hair Loss on a Curly Coated Retriever

Curly Coated Retrievers are well known for their distinctive, tightly curled coats. But sometimes Curlies can suffer from hair loss, for a variety of reasons. While some bitches might experience some hair loss just before and after whelping, others can suffer from pattern baldness, which can be temporary or permanent. In this article, we’ll take a look at hair loss and the Curly Coated Retriever, what it means and what can be done. [...]

How To Avoid Skin Problems With Your Greyhound

A greyhound isn't prone to hereditary skin problems, but the natural structure of its coat can make it sensitive to different chemicals and environments. A greyhound has a very shorthaired coat and they don't really shed. The skin itself doesn't produce oil, like other dogs, and so the greyhound doesn't suffer from doggie smelliness either. This makes them a low maintenance dog, but sometimes overzealous owners who are not aware of their low care guidelines may bathe them too frequently and irritate the skin that way too. [...]

Moulting In The Kuvasz

The Kuvasz is often compared to a large white bear. It has a very thick fur coat, which is usually white, and has a wavy to straight texture. The coat can grow as long as six inches in length. The Kuvasz sheds, also known as moulting, twice a year. It moults once in the spring and another time during the autumn months. During those times, the normal shedding accelerates and the Kuvasz can lose an enormous amount of hair in a relative short space of time. If the dog is an indoor dog, the hair will land on your carpets, in your draperies, and on your furniture. [...]

The Lakeland Terrier and its Special Grooming Needs

Grooming the Lakeland terrier can be very difficult because of their hard wiry coat. Another reason for the difficulty is that most of it is done by hand, making it very time consuming. Although there will be different grooming done on the Lakeland terrier depending on if he is used as a pet or show dog, the dog will still need to be groomed somewhat regularly. If the dog is being groomed as family dog and not shown, you can get by with scissors and clippers. If this dog is not groomed regularly, his hair will not only look shaggy, but will be full of tangles and harder to groom later. [...]

Special Care In Hot Weather

The Maremma Sheepdog has a double coat with long and lush hair on the top and a thick undercoat underneath. This was helpful to it when it spent long days and nights herding sheep in the European mountainous ranges. The coat protected them in all kinds of cold and inclement weather and even provided protection against brambles. It kept it warm and dry and was ideal for sleeping outdoors. [...]

When Shedding Season Strikes

The Maremma Sheepdog is best kept outdoors, for a variety of reasons. One, it is used to being an outdoor dog from its long history of guarding sheep in European mountain ranges. Two, it has a double coat that serves to protect it against cold and inclement weather outside to the point where it even repels water. And three, it sheds during moulting season and all that hair can get in your house. [...]

A Dog For People With Allergies

The PON is a longhaired mid-size breed dog. Technically, the fur does not shed and this is good for people with allergies. However, it does tend to pick up water, mud, leaves, and any other things that are outside the home. Since the PON must be exercised daily, if you have allergies, this dog should be kept away from any areas with weeds that might stick to the hair and be brought into the home. Other than that, the breed really doesn't shed, as such, the coat merely mats and needs to be groomed regularly to keep in good condition. [...]

Complaints about Silky Terriers

Silky Terriers can make wonderful additions to the family, especially if they come from good bloodlines and are properly trained. They are small dogs and don't take up a lot of space; they are also very conveniently easy to carry. They are very elegant, yet have a sturdy build, while their coat doesn't shed and is very pretty to look at. Silky Terriers are light on their feet, curious and will always keep you entertained. Finally, many owners are pleased that their Silky Terriers actually make pretty decent watchdogs.Despite all their positive aspects, Silky Terriers have their downside, as do all breeds. While they are more elegantly built than terriers and look a little fancier, they possess that wacky terrier temperament. They are somewhat yappy, a bit bossy, very stubborn and independent, love digging and are extremely high-energy, to the point of almost being hyperactive. Don't let the small dainty look of these terriers fool you! They are by no means lap dogs and need a good amount of exercise and stimulation to keep them happy and out of trouble. Their exercise and stimulation must involve you, as they are very attached to their family, so you must find time no matter what your schedule to engage in frequent interactive games with your Silky Terrier. [...]

Grooming a Bearded Collie

The long shaggy coat of a Bearded Collie needs brushed on a daily basis to prevent the coat from matting. In addition, they need to be checked on a regular basis for ticks, which can easily hide under the long hair of a Bearded Collie. Another problem that you may find with this breed is because they enjoy playing outdoors in all kinds of weather, you may find a collection of leaves, mud, twigs, and other manner of things embedded in their fur. You want to make it a practice to check your dog's coat for foreign material whenever he comes in from outdoors. This will not only prevent him from being uncomfortable, but it prevents you from having the outdoors all over the house. [...]

Ear Cropping for Boxers

A sensitive topic in many boxer communities, ear cropping was once considered to be more or less standard practice but in recent years has fallen into disfavor as being cruel and potentially dangerous to the dogs. Both sides of the argument raise several valid points, and when it comes down to it whether or not to crop the ears of a boxer remains a matter of the owner's preference. Here are some of the main arguments both for and against ear cropping so as to help you to make the decision as to what's right for your boxer puppy. [...]

Chinese Crested Grooming Concerns

The appearance of the Chinese Crested dog is said to be an acquired taste, and a potential owner might possibly be charmed by the breed's unique look and dive headfirst into adopting one without knowing the full story. One of the primary turn-offs for would-be Chinese Crested lovers would be their abnormally demanding grooming regiment. [...]

Ear Wax Buildup

Healthy cats will have clean ears. The inside of the ear will be pink and odor free. They will not have scratches or hair loss around the ears nor will they have ear wax buildup inside of the ear.The first acute sense in a cat is the sense of sight, while the second is sound. Their sense of sound is magnified compared to humans. A feral cat must be able to hear vermin running across the field to alert it that it is time for dinner. The sense of sound develops about the second week of life so that a baby kitten can hear its mother purring.When the inside of the ear is unhealthy it could be caused by a fungal infection or ear mites. The signs include extremely red ears, dark discharge or ear wax buildup. [...]

English Springer Spaniels Have Poise

In the dog world, there are a few breeds that stand out in particular for their natural poise and beauty. English Spring Spaniels happen to rank pretty high on the list of poised breeds in the minds of many canine lovers. [...]

English Springer Spaniels Have Poise

In the dog world, there are a few breeds that stand out in particular for their natural poise and beauty. English Spring Spaniels happen to rank pretty high on the list of poised breeds in the minds of many canine lovers. [...]

English Springer Spaniels Colors and Markings

The English Springer Spaniel is set apart from its Spaniel cousins thanks to its smaller range of coat colors and patterns. While the English Springer Spaniel is rare among dog breeds because there are two distinct lines of show-bred dogs and field dogs that are nevertheless considered to be the same breed, both lines share the same few colors, even if the patterns are varied. In this article, we'll take a look at the colors and markings of the English Springer Spaniel and how they compare to the colors and markings of other popular Spaniels, the American and English Cocker Spaniels. [...]

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Found [193] Articles :: Page 9 of 13
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