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Learning to Groom the Coat of the Miniature Schnauzer

The coat of the Miniature Schnauzer is a double coat with a brittle, wiry outer coat and a close undercoat. Their coat comes in three different colors: black, salt and pepper, and black and silver. Any other colors are not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). [...]

When an Australian Cattle Dog is the Right Breed and When It Isn't

When it comes to dog owners, it is said that like attracts like and that people with certain character traits will choose dogs that share their own. Many who choose the Australian Cattle Dog mostly appreciate the breed's supreme loyalty and overall confidence. [...]

The Unique Benefits of the Basenji Breed and Who Should Own One

There are many who would like to have a dog but are turned off by their dependence or the thought of pet odors and allergies. While there are a number of breeds that can offer less in the way of neediness or smells, the Basenji is a breed that offers these and a number of other benefits all in one package. This is because their bloodline is more African wild dog than anything else. Those who have never been able to call themselves dog people often appreciate the Basenji's independent mindset and lack of doglike odor. [...]

Easy Feeding, Grooming and Care for the Basenji

The Basenji is a unique breed that has unique requirements for care. As they are now a combination of domesticated canine and wild dog, their system requires a diet that needs a certain amount of attention. They are also extremely clean, detesting water. Even with no doggy odor, there can be times when the Basenji will require a bath and general grooming. They are a small dog that is fairly self sufficient but still need all the care that goes with keeping a pet healthy. [...]

Grooming Your Mastiff

The Mastiff is a dog that not only has to be fed properly, and taken for daily walks, but it also has to be groomed well. As a Mastiff owner, you have to follow a daily grooming regime for proper upbringing of the Mastiff. The typical grooming regime includes cleaning of the Mastiff's eyes and ears, clipping of claws, brushing its coat and a periodical bath. Though all these need not be done everyday, it is preferable that brushing and ear-checking be done on a daily basis. [...]

Clips and Coat Styles for a Bichon Frise

Bichon Frises are curly little powderpuff lapdogs that do not shed so do require a lot of clipping and grooming to keep them looking their best. For owners that take their treasured pet to a groomer, ask to see pictures of the different clips and coat styles available for your Bichon Frise. Many dog-grooming salons keep a photo album with pictures of many of their doggy clients and the finished hair cut. [...]

Eye and Dental Care for a Bichon Frise

Just like people, Bichon Frises require regular dental care to keep their teeth and gums healthy and prevent periodontal disease. Gingivitis, caused by plaque and tartar buildup could lead to more serious health problems if left unattended. Starting dental care when your Bichon Frise is young and checking your pet's mouth for problems will help avoid many dental problems from occurring. [...]

Grooming Tips for Your Maltese

Having a Maltese as a pet can be a pretty fun experience especially if you enjoy grooming long haired dogs; the Maltese breed has soft and silky hair that hangs down to the ground when they are fully grown. Having a Maltese can mean a bit of maintenance on your part since the lovely, long hair can become a scraggly and messy mop of hair that you may not even want to touch. Constant grooming and care of your Maltese as well as its beautiful length of hair need not be too much of a problem if you take note of a few of the tips Maltese dog owners use to keep their pets clean and well groomed. [...]

How to Keep Your Maltese from Shedding Too Much

A Maltese is very well known and recognizable due to its long mane of white hair. This hair is one of the features that make the Maltese a very popular toy and show dog, and styling it has become a hobby of sorts for some Maltese owners. One problem that Maltese owners may have is the shedding of their pet's hair. Although this rarely happens since these dogs are not known to be big hair shedders and tend to shed hair at a rather low rate as compared to other long haired breeds, there are instances when a Maltese can shed more than its fair share of coat. To help ensure that this does not happen, you need to follow a few simple Maltese hair care guidelines. [...]

Is Your Maltese Dog Show Material?

People get a Maltese for a pet for so many different reasons. Getting a Maltese simply as a pet for your home is one of the easiest and most common reasons people have for getting this breed of dog; however there are people who purchase or adopt a Maltese for reasons that go beyond simple companionship. There are dog owners out there who take pride in showing off their Maltese dogs and their long glossy coats of hair. The dogs that are seen competing in dog shows are often those dogs that are well disciplined and impeccably groomed. If you have a Maltese that you think can do well in the world of dog shows, you should try to determine whether or not he or she is ready or fit for it. [...]

Maltese Hairstyles for Your Pet

If there is one dog breed that seems to be the choice for pet lovers who enjoy grooming and styling their pets, the Maltese may be that very breed. The Maltese is a dog that has a long coat of soft white hair that may be easy to style if the owner grooms the dog properly. This hair can grow to around 12 inches long and is one of the reasons why this dog is so popular to those who want it as a pet. Grooming a Maltese may be a bit tedious for some but for those who enjoy styling their dog's hair, grooming their pet is the highlight of their day. Here are a few Maltese hairstyles that seem to be pretty popular with these dog's owners. [...]

Grooming The Black Russian Terrier

With its diverse bloodline, featuring several sporting and working breeds, the Black Russian Terrier has been bred to feature a wiry, waterproof coat. This beautiful black coat was developed to withstand the climatic extremes of its Russian homeland. In professional circles, even the color of the coat is given high priority. The American Kennel Association will disqualify a dog if it shows anything but black or black with only a few gray hairs. [...]

Black Russian Terrier: Did You Know?

Black Russian Terriers have a fascinating history. From its beginnings as a product of the post-World War II Soviet Red Army to its current incarnation as a loyal house pet and caring service animal, the Black Russian Terrier is full of fun facts. [...]

Caring for the Border Terrier's Coat

A very important part of caring for Border Terriers is taking care of their unique double coat. While caring for the Border Terrier's coat is not quite as work intensive as it is for other wiry terrier breeds, there is a bit of work involved, so if you are considering adopting a Border Terrier but are not quite sure if you're up to the task of caring for the coat, perhaps this is not the right breed for you. In this article, we'll take a look at what makes the Border Terrier's coat so unique and what kind of work is involved in keeping it looking its best. [...]

Irish Setter Grooming Concerns

One of the Irish Setter's most distinguishing characteristics is her flowing, shiny coat. While most all long-haired breeds are prone to tangling or matting at least once in a while, for whatever reason it seems to be a much more prevalent problem for the Irish Setter. Besides the normal grooming practices that should be employed for all breeds, the Setter's coat can be affected by a much wider range of influences. For that reason, it's important to take a few extra considerations into mind when caring for your dog's coat and appearance. [...]

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Found [193] Articles :: Page 3 of 13
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