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Herding Dog

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Shelties in Obedience and Herding Competition

Shelties are one of the most intelligent dog breeds. This intelligence makes them prime candidates for showing and other competitions. Two of the types of competitions to which shelties are well suited are obedience and herding competitions.Obedience competitions measure how well dogs perform the commands as directed by their handlers. The dogs are measured on activities such as heeling, sitting and lying down. Obedience competitions are conducted at several levels.Dogs begin at the novice level, where they must demonstrate only the most basic commands. The second level, called open, is more difficult, with tasks like heeling off leash, performing figure eights off leash, retrieving, jumping and longer periods of sitting and lying down required.Finally, as dogs have more training and develop more skill, they move on to the utility competition, the most difficult level. In utility competition dogs must respond to hand signals for basic commands such as "sit", "lie down", "come", and "stand". At this level of competition, voice signals are not used for basic commands. Dogs must also perform scent discrimination tasks, where the dog will be directed to find their handler's scent among a pile of articles. They will also be required to retrieve and return an item to the handler after being directed to do so only by hand signals.Herding competitions are designed for herding dog breeds, such as the Sheltie, Collie, Border Collie and Sheepdog. These competitions are sometimes referred to as "sheepdog trials". In herding competitions the dogs must move sheep around a field, fences, gates, or enclosures as directed by their handlers. Some farmers use these competitions to teach their dogs proper herding techniques for use on the farm, while other dogs competing are just doing so as a hobby. Herding competitions are gaining popularity in the United States and are sometimes included as part of agility competitions for herding breeds. These competitions have been very popular for many years in hill farming areas, where dogs are still widely used for herding. They are particularly popular in the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. [...]

The Sheltie's Natural Herding Instinct

The Sheltie breed was developed as a herding dog. The breed was first developed in the Shetland Islands by crossing collies with the Icelandic Yakkin, a small island dog that came to the Shetland Islands via fisherman, who kept these small dogs as companions and rat hunters on their boats. [...]

Are Estrelas good with children?

Although Estrela Mountain Dogs can be aggressive and fierce when it comes to strangers encroaching on your property or attempting to break into your home, they are also sensitive animals that quickly become attached to family members, especially children.As herding dogs for shepherds in the Serra da Estrela Mountains in Portugal, these dogs spend their summers outside. However, during the winter they stayed inside with the family as a guard dog. During this time, they became accustomed to family life and being around kids. In fact, these dogs have an affinity with children that may surprise you. [...]

The Collie's Herding Instincts

The Collie breed was developed in the Scottish highlands and lowlands as a herding dog for flocks of sheep. Many years and much care was taken to breed in the appropriate herding instincts to make the collie a superior shepherding dog. If you own a collie as a family pet today, you'll note that many of these shepherding instincts show in your collie's behavior. Following are some things to note about how collies behave that are directly related to the use of the breed as a shepherding dog. [...]

The Akbash as a Herder and Working Dog

The Akbash dog is an exceptional working dog. For any farmer or rancher with a flock of animals to protect, there are few better options for a guardian dog than the Akbash. His breeding has ensured the dog's intelligence, instincts, protectiveness, and physical prowess, all very important aspects of the ultimate flock guardian. [...]

The Beauceron as a Watchdog

The Beaceron has a natural affinity to guarding people and things. It is an excellent guard dog whose appearance and demeanor command respect. [...]

Your Pets and Your New Belgian Malinois

The type and age of Belgian Malinois you want to adopt or purchase is a decision that only you can make; and while there are millions of reasons you may have for preferring one age over another, if you have any pets already, you should consider their feelings also before you settle on adopting a Belgian Malinois puppy or adult. [...]

Belgian Sheepdog Must Keep Working

Before you take the time to consider being an owner of a Belgian Sheepdog, you have to understand the amount of effort you must exert into owning this breed. Unlike some other breeds, this one needs to always have something to do, must feel useful or they will become bored. If your Belgian Sheepdog becomes bored, he will look for ways to entertain himself, which may cause him to become destructive or exert signs of poor behavior. On the other end of the spectrum, however, a Belgian Sheepdog that is well-trained and possesses social skills will be a pride to his or her owner and tends to be like a shadow, following its master everywhere he goes. [...]

Exercising the Belgian Sheepdog

Before you invest in a Belgian Sheepdog, make sure you have both the time and room to exercise him. This highly intelligent breed requires a great deal of human interaction and exercise. They are not well-suited to apartment living unless you have a large area where you can exercise them frequently. This dog breed is not happy to sit around at your feet and be petted. They are herding dogs, and herding dogs always have to have something to do to keep them busy. If you don't use your Belgian Sheepdog for herding, you have to find activities to keep him busy so that he doesn't become bored. [...]

The Working Life Of The Border Collie

Since its inception as a breed, the Border Collie was always intended as a working animal. It is noted for its exceeding intelligence, strong work ethic, agility and endurance. [...]

Introducing The Working Collie To Stock Animals

Border Collies are instinctive work animals by nature; they will work until they are made to stop—often to the point of self-injury and exhaustion. But even the most intelligent and instinctual working dog (argued by many to be the Border Collie) requires dedicated, consistent training to hone his or her skills. [...]

Schipperke: Terrier or Mini Sheep Dog

At less than 20 pounds the Schipperke is a dynamic breed that exhibits many different traits that make it hard to define. Though typically categorized by the American Kennel Club as non sporting and as a companion breed by the United Kennel Club, the Schipperke still finds itself wandering in between the classifications of the spitz, terrier and sheepdog. With a solid balance of appearance, temperament and constitution, the breed wins the hearts of its owners for its ability to combine all the best traits into one package. Individuals looking for a versatile breed with spark and tenacity will find just what they are looking for in the Schipperke. [...]

The Farming Dog of Norway: The Norwegian Buhund

While most people may consider dogs as pets nowadays, there are other people who would use dogs to do chores in their households. Dogs that are used for work, such as hunting dogs, sight dogs, work dogs, and herding dogs, are called utilitarian dogs. One of the utilitarian breeds that have found its place in American homes is the Norwegian Buhund.While the Norwegian Buhund may be classified as a herding dog from the Spitz family, it is better known as the farming dog of Norway. This dog is still used in the country as a farm dog, and one of the tasks it is assigned to do is to herd livestock. In fact, the Norwegian Buhund was originally used as a herding dog, and it has become quite an expert in this line of work throughout the years. With its exceptional alertness, the Buhund is very quick to sense danger, and it will protect the herd with its life if the situation calls for it. [...]

The Norwegian Buhund The Spitz Family Shepherd

It is quite amazing what utilitarian dog breeds can do. There are hunting dogs that can track and retrieve game for their masters, and work dogs that can do a variety of household chores and farm work. These dogs are highly regarded by their owners because they have proven their worth in making life easier for their masters. One of these seemingly all-purpose dog breeds is the Norwegian Buhund.The Norwegian Buhund, which is also considered Norway's farm dog, is a herding dog that comes from the Spitz family. This dog has the typical characteristics of a Spitz when it comes to being active and self-confident. It also has an independence that is typical of a Spitz, and like the other dogs in its family line, the Buhund also loves its home and it can be easily trained to do a variety of chores. However, unlike the other Spitz breeds that are used as draft and hunt dogs, the Buhund does not have much of an inclination to hunt. This is because it was primarily bred as a herding dog. [...]

Catahoula Leopard Dog as a Cattle Herder

The Catahoula Leopard dog is a versatile dog that today is used in hunting, search and rescue, and even service dogs, but their roots lie in herding animals such as hogs, sheep, geese, turkey and cattle. Perhaps better known for their long history in participating in the annual round ups of wild hogs in its native Louisiana, Catahoula Leopard dogs have also done the same with the semi wild cattle that lived in the same area. These impressive working dogs are still used today in cattle driving and rounding up runaway cattle. In this article, we'll learn why the Catahoula Leopard dog is so well suited to cattle herding and a few tips for those that wish to train their Catahoula for cattle herding. [...]

Found [32] Articles :: Page 1 of 3
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