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The Farming Dog of Norway: The Norwegian Buhund

While most people may consider dogs as pets nowadays, there are other people who would use dogs to do chores in their households. Dogs that are used for work, such as hunting dogs, sight dogs, work dogs, and herding dogs, are called utilitarian dogs. One of the utilitarian breeds that have found its place in American homes is the Norwegian Buhund.While the Norwegian Buhund may be classified as a herding dog from the Spitz family, it is better known as the farming dog of Norway. This dog is still used in the country as a farm dog, and one of the tasks it is assigned to do is to herd livestock. In fact, the Norwegian Buhund was originally used as a herding dog, and it has become quite an expert in this line of work throughout the years. With its exceptional alertness, the Buhund is very quick to sense danger, and it will protect the herd with its life if the situation calls for it. [...]

The Norwegian Buhund The Spitz Family Shepherd

It is quite amazing what utilitarian dog breeds can do. There are hunting dogs that can track and retrieve game for their masters, and work dogs that can do a variety of household chores and farm work. These dogs are highly regarded by their owners because they have proven their worth in making life easier for their masters. One of these seemingly all-purpose dog breeds is the Norwegian Buhund.The Norwegian Buhund, which is also considered Norway's farm dog, is a herding dog that comes from the Spitz family. This dog has the typical characteristics of a Spitz when it comes to being active and self-confident. It also has an independence that is typical of a Spitz, and like the other dogs in its family line, the Buhund also loves its home and it can be easily trained to do a variety of chores. However, unlike the other Spitz breeds that are used as draft and hunt dogs, the Buhund does not have much of an inclination to hunt. This is because it was primarily bred as a herding dog. [...]

Irish Water Spaniel and Hunting

One of the oldest and rarest of all hunting dogs is the Irish Water Spaniel. Although the depiction of its origins remains sketchy, its reputation as a great hunting companion cannot be denied. The Irish Water Spaniel is rather famous for its daring ability to plunge into the coldest waters just to retrieve a fallen game. It is still being used on upland game hunting and duck hunting, often helping bring over prey like grouse, pheasants, quails, and other wild fowls. This breed of dog is now gradually becoming a favorite among retriever enthusiasts, especially in the hunting or field sport category. [...]

Versatility of the Irish Water Spaniel

The Irish Water Spaniel is one of the gentlest giants in the dog breed world. Technically, it's‚ not really a giant breed of dog, but it is one of the largest, standing at 22 to 24 inches at the withers and weighing between 55 to 65 pounds. Originally bred to be a hunting dog, the Irish Water Spaniel is now making a name for itself as a hunting/field trial dog, and also a wonderful house pet or companion. [...]

Versatility of the Irish Water Spaniel

The Irish Water Spaniel is one of the gentlest giants in the dog breed world. Technically, it’s not really a giant breed of dog, but it is one of the largest, standing at 22 to 24 inches at the withers and weighing between 55 to 65 pounds. Originally bred to be a hunting dog, the Irish Water Spaniel is now making a name for itself as a hunting/field trial dog, and also a wonderful house pet or companion. [...]

The Lowchen as a Watchdog

When the average individual hears or thinks of a watchdog, a large breed of dog such as the German shepherd usually comes to mind. Many other dogs also fill that role quite sufficiently, and the Lowchen is one of those dogs. The Lowchen may only be up to 18 pounds in weight, but they are a very dedicated watchdog. [...]

Red and White Setters in the Hunt

The Red and White Setter is a vivacious dog that is both strong and affectionate. Throughout its history the Red and White Setter has been useful as a hunting companion but more recently has gained popularity as a great family pet. This breed is known for being quite strong-headed due in large part to its hunting ancestry but with proper training, the Red and White Setter can become your favorite hunting buddy. You'll be amazed to watch the Red and White Setter in action; these creatures are quick and crafty, making them a true asset in any environment.Like many similar breeds, Red and White Setters were bred specifically as a hunting companion so many of those instincts come naturally. You can say hunting is in their DNA; just about every detail of the Red and White Setters makes them a superior hunting companion. The build of this breed is such that they are powerful, but athletic rather than swift. [...]

Resources on Miniature Bull Terriers

For people considering a miniature bull terrier as a pet or for someone wanting to show, train, or enter their dogs in events or competitions, it is important to have as much information and accurate facts as possible. There are a great number of resources available on the Internet with websites that have information on anything you need to know about miniature bull terriers. Books are another great source of important information along with Kennel Clubs, the miniature bull terrier association, and breeders. [...]

Events and Competitions For A Mini Bull

For an active miniature bull terrier that has done well in obedience training, possesses excellent social skills, and you want something fun and physical to do together with your pet, then competitions and events are a great way to spend quality time with your dog. This is also a great way to socialize and be with other miniature bull terrier lovers and their pets. Mini bulls love agility training because they get to jump, run, and burn off some of their excess energy. Events such as an agility training competitions are exciting and fun for you and your dog to compete in and just as enjoyable when watching the other dogs compete. [...]

The Hunting Ability of the Pharaoh Dog

The Pharaoh dog is a breed of dog that was developed as a hunting dog, which they do very well with their speed, alertness and agility. Being members of the Sight hound family, they were excellent as hunters. The difference between sighthounds and regular hunting hounds are that sight hounds hunt by speed and sight, whereas regular hunting hounds hunt by scent and endurance. They specialize in finding the prey, not losing it in their line of view, and capturing it with their agility, intelligence and great speed. They were originally used to hunt and capture small game. Their excellent eyesight, sense of smell and perfect hearing made them the perfect choice for hunting. Very seldom did an animal get past the Pharaoh. [...]

The Beagle's Sense of Smell

Besides being a very popular pet, the Beagle is often used as a detection dog due to his EXTREMELY keen sense of smell. As mentioned previously, Beagles are the dog of choice when it comes to contraband food products, insect pests and they are also often used for detecting narcotics. Historically, that sense of smell was employed to track rabbits, foxes and other types of small game; accompanying the Beagle's heightened sense of smell was its very strong drive to track. All of these Beagle characteristics made it a wonderful hunter and then detection dog, but sometimes it makes for a problematic pet. [...]

Hunting with Beagles

That energetic little bundle of enthusiasm that you consider your pet Beagle was actually created to be an effective rabbit hunter; actually, Beagles were used to track a variety of game including foxes, hares, birds, deer, bobcat, wild boar and coyote. They were ideal hunting companions because they were not bred to bolt off rapidly, but rather deliberately track an animal, with their nose always to the ground. This made them dogs that anyone could follow on foot, such as the elderly, young children, and hunters who could not afford horses. [...]

Beagles and Pet Therapy

One of the most important jobs any dog can undertake is being a Pet Therapy dog. These dogs can become important parts of a person's recovery process, whether they suffer from physical or emotional impairments, and have, in some cases, meant the difference between life and death for many patients who had lost hope. A variety of different animals have been used in pet therapy, all with astounding success; man's best friend, though, always holds a special place in everyone's heart and has at excelled at assisting those who are most in need. [...]

The Beagle Howl

Beagles, like all hound dogs, have been bred to vocalize while on the hunt; these vocalizations helped keep the hunter aware of the dog's position and let the hunter know whether the Beagle was chasing its prey or whether the prey had been caught. People who love the breed tend to find Beagle vocalizations endearing and entertaining, while others are not so pleased by all the loud noise such a little dog can make. Beagles are not dogs that bark incessantly all day, like many toy breeds, but they are hard-wired to sound alerts; usually, these alerts were sounded when prey was sighted, but with Beagles who have never been on the hunt, many things may trigger the alert, such as dust, a car back firing, a shadow or the wind slamming a door shut. [...]

Digging Behavior in West Highland White Terriers

Like most terriers, West Highland White Terriers have a tendency towards digging. While this behavior is natural to a breed that was bred specifically for this purpose, as a pet, digging can be destructive for a cultivated lawn or dangerous for the dog if he gets a notion to dig under a fence to see what's on the other side. While digging is natural for Westies, there are various methods of controlling this behavior. In this article, we'll take a look at why Westies are predisposed to digging behavior and some tips for how to control it.In order to understand why the West Highland White Terrier has a penchant for digging, we have to go back to its roots. Westies, as well as other short legged terriers from Scotland, were bred specifically for aiding in the hunt for small animals. These "earth dogs" were trained to search out and flush fox and other small animals from their burrows. After generations of this type of work, the behavior becomes ingrained and the body evolves to suit its purpose. This is why Westie's and other terrier's nails tend to grow faster than other breeds, in order to aid them in their digging work. [...]

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Found [214] Articles :: Page 10 of 15
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