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Guard Dog

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What Not to Expect from a Neapolitan Mastiff

When properly cared for, the Neapolitan Mastiff is a docile and intelligent breed. These are bonus characteristics for a dog whose brute strength could otherwise be very dangerous. As the Neo is a unique type of canine, its owner should be of a distinctive character as well. Level headed and with a good sense of self, the responsible owner is one that knows he or she will always need to be one step ahead of their dog. This, along with good training and socialization, is what creates a happy, healthy environment for the Neapolitan Mastiff. It is those who venture into this breed without any forethought that will likely end up becoming overwhelmed and intimidated; and the Neo, in search of boundaries that make it feel safe, will likely end up running the show. [...]

The Fearless Watchdog

The African Boerboel is still considered to be somewhat rare outside of its native South Africa, but the breed is quickly growing in both number and popularity thanks to its reputation as both a wonderful family dog and an effective guard dog. Not only does the Boerboel tend to respond well to all members of the family, taking directions not just from one master but from all the people in his household, but this tireless watchdog will change from doting playmate to fierce protector as soon as he perceives a threat, going to any length to protect his family. It is for this reason that the Boerboel is much loved for his ability to be a fearless watchdog. [...]

Guard Dog and Watchdog Training

Most people interchange the words watchdog and guard dog, although they really are two very different skills or behaviors. In addition to watchdog and guard dog categories, there is also a third type of training, known as protection dog training. Each of the three has some similarities in behavior however they are also slightly different as well. In order to discuss the different types of training, it is first important to understand the three different roles. [...]

Modern Jobs for German Shepherd Dogs

Thanks to the forward thinking of Captain von Stephanitz, the founder of the modern German Shepherd Dog breed, these dogs are synonymous with police work around the world. This is certainly not an accident as the intelligence, strength, stamina and overall stable temperament of the breed is perfect for the very intensive types of activities that police dogs have to face every day. [...]

Competitions for Boxers

The natural abilities of the Boxer both in regards to their mental alertness and intelligence as well as their physical abilities make them an excellent competitive breed for may different types of events. There is really no limit on what types of events that a Boxer is suitable for since in their history they have been used in several different and very diverse capacities. Typically, although Boxers were used as flock guardians, they are not herding dogs and have limited natural abilities in this area. They also have a higher prey drive due their original use as a hunting breed, making them a poor choice for these types of competitions and events. [...]

Found [20] Articles :: Page 2 of 2
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