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What Makes a Good Airedale Terrier?

An Airedale Terrier is a very versatile animal. They can serve many purposes in life. They are a watchdog, a companion dog, a show dog, a hunting dog or they can be all of these things. When you decide to get an Airedale Terrier, you know what you have in mind for this dog and what you can do with him or her. [...]

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs and Children

Those that have families with small children or are planning to start a family in the future that are considering adopting a dog should always be concerned as to whether the dog they have in mind will be suitable in a household with kids. Some breeds are certainly less suitable than others, but fanciers of Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs tend to agree that these dogs make wonderful companions for children and adults alike. However, just because a breed is known as being kid friendly doesn't mean that new owners won't have a little work cut out for them to make sure both dog and children play safely together. In this article, we'll take a look at Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs with children and what you can do to ensure that your dog and your children will be comfortable with each other. [...]

Are You an American Bulldog Type of Person?

How we choose our pets reflects the kind of person we are. These pets are often extensions of our personality and figuring out what kind of a dog you want as a pet may be tantamount to the kind of person you are. How does one figure out if one is cut out to take care of an American bulldog? Does a bulldog fit the kind of person you are? [...]

The Bouvier des Flandres and its Temperament

Every dog has his or her own temperament. Part of it is in their genetics, but a large part of it is in the training the dog receives from the time they are young puppies. The Bouvier des Flandres is a dog with a great temperament, but they can be dominant in their household or they can be calm, submissive, and gentle. The training they receive from a young age will help to steer them in the right direction towards becoming the perfect family dog. [...]

Bulldogs and Families with Children Do They Get Along?

The bulldog is probably the one dog that people are mistaken about more than any other. From their history of being bred and used for bull baiting - where they would attack and drag a bull - they've had the reputation for being mean and aggressive, but in fact nothing could be further from the truth. The British bulldog is a wonderful and gentle dog that makes a great family pet. [...]

Your Children and Your Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malinois is very good with children. Of course, as with any breed of dog, the Belgian Malinois has to be introduced to the children at a young age, and then very carefully in order to ensure the bond and understanding is created. The dog will often grow to love the children and protect them, as the Belgian Malinois is a protection breed. The dog will play with the children, too, and will respect them as being higher in the "pack" if the dog has been properly socialized from an early age. [...]

Are Brussels Griffons Good Family Dogs?

Before you adopt a Brussels Griffon puppy, you need to look at the dog's personality to see if he will work for your specific living situation. One of the most important parts about your living situation that will greatly affect any dog, especially a Brussels Griffon, is whether or not you have a family with small children. While a Brussels Griffon may seem like the perfect, tiny, family dog, he is not a good match for young families, no matter how early the children are introduced to him or how careful they are around him. [...]

American Pit Bull Terriers And Kids, Other Dogs, And Pets

Controversy aside, many American Pit Bull Terriers have proven to be very good family pets. With the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT), owners are always cautioned to know the breed's temperament and know it well. It is recommended that only people who can commit to the proper training and upkeep of the APBT attempt to own one. In large part, this entails knowing what to expect from the dogs regarding safety around other dogs, animals, and children. [...]

The Likes and Dislikes of Sealyham Terriers

Just like people, dogs also have their own likes and dislikes that owners must take note of. These preferences could somehow be seen as guidelines in taking care of a particular dog breed. If you are a new owner of a dog, then aside from knowing of your dog breed's temperament, you should also see to it that you know what it likes and what it does not like. This is if you want your life as a new dog owner to be convenient and fulfilling. [...]

The Lowchen - Is This an Easy Dog for the Beginner?

If you're getting a dog for the first time, you are probably uncertain as to what breed of dog to get. While many people like the stigma that large dogs give off as being protective and loyal, they do require a lot of more care and maintenance as far as grooming, feeding and exercise needs, etc. However, you may have heard horror stories about small dogs with people referring to them as "ankle biters" or stories of how they snap at little children, etc. While some of these tales are true with both dogs, they are the exception and not the rule for many different breeds. [...]

Catahoula Leopard Dogs With Strangers And Children

If you are looking for a dog that loves every stranger it meets, the Catahoula Leopard Dog is not the breed for you. Catahoula Leopard Dogs can get extremely aggressive with strangers. If not, they will definitely shy away from unfamiliar faces. They may act afraid, shake or back away. They may perceive strangers as a threat and act accordingly. They may scratch and bite. [...]

Smooth Fox Terrier and Children

The smooth fox terrier is a dog that makes a great family pet, especially for families with older children, as they will both have the energy to entertain and play with each other. The smooth fox terrier is a very energetic and active dog that seeks a lot of attention from its human companions, so before you decide to add a smooth fox terrier to your family you will want to make sure that it is the right type of pet for you and your children.Smooth fox terriers are generally gentle, playful dogs, however if the dog has had prior experience with children that have not been good to it then you may want to reconsider, especially if it is an older dog as it will be harder to train the dog to be tolerant of children. If, however your smooth fox terrier has not had a bad experience with kids then they would make the perfect companion for your children as your children will be able to give them the attention that they require by playing and talking with them for hours. [...]

The Rottweiler, A Good Family Dog?

When you think of the Rottweiler, more often than not you tend to picture a fierce, confident guarding dog. A chunky, strong and often aggressive breed, the breed has certainly been given a lot of bad press over the last few years. However is this negative image really deserved or is there more to the Rottweiler than meets the eye?Protecting the FamilyContrary to popular belief, the Rottweiler is not actually as bad as what people make out. Yes it has the ability to be overly aggressive and to be a superb guarding dog, but on the other hand the Rottweiler can also make an excellent pet. [...]

The Versatility of Great Swiss Mountain Dogs

From classic work dogs used as draft animals, farm laborers, search and rescue animals, and therapy dogs, to their natural ability as guard dogs and their innate tendency to be loyal and reliable family pets, Great Swiss Mountain Dogs are among the most versatile members of the canine family. This rare, but ancient breed of dog is thought to be responsible for the genetics in several more prominent breeds of dog such as the Mastiff and Rottweiler, and though this breed of dog is much more rare at the present time, they have been used as work animals for generation upon generation. [...]

The Giant Schnauzer as a Family Dog

Giant Schnauzers will make great family dogs, but they need proper socialization and training first. They will instinctively protect their family from any harm they sense may be directed at them.Although they will make a great family dog, they should not be in the same home as very small children. They have a tendency to be very hyperactive in their youth and may inadvertently hurt a small child. The Giant Schnauzer may bite small children. Great caution should be taken with these animals when there are small children around. They will need to be taught that certain behaviors are not appropriate around a small child. There is a steep learning curve here, so proceed at your own risk. [...]

Found [16] Articles :: Page 1 of 2
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