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Training Tips For German Pinschers

It is important to keep in mind that while the German Pinscher looks a lot like a smaller version of the Doberman it is really similar in temperament and attitude to the terrier breeds and it is most closely related to the Standard Schnauzer. As such, the German Pinscher tends to have a rather mischievous side that can come out it training, so there are a few tips and general strategies that the handler needs to keep in mind. Of course each and every German Pinscher will have his or her own personality, however general character traits tend to be fairly consistent across the breed, likely due to the fact that they are relatively uncommon dogs and breeders have been very selective in breeding both for temperament as well as physical ability and appearance. [...]

German Pinscher : A True Athlete Among Dogs

The German Pinscher is the picture of an athletic dog, even if he or she is not in active training. They have a natural muscular appearance without appearing cobby or awkward and this appearance is definitely enhanced by their ease of movement and their springy and free flowing gait. They just seem to be natural athletes, which they are without a doubt. Although German Pinschers have only been in the United States for a very short period of time and the German Pinscher Club of America has only been in the American Kennel Club since 2002, the breed is off to a terrific start in achieving high honors in several AKC sponsored events. The German Pinscher can be found in such diverse competitive events as tracking, obedience, agility and a relatively new type of event known as rally. Each of these events and competitions allows the German Pinscher to really show his or her athletic ability but also highlights the breed's working dog heritage as well as their intelligence and connection to their human handlers. [...]

How To Teach A German Pinscher To Track

Like all terrier breeds the German Pinscher has a natural tracking ability and a very strong prey instinct. Owners that are interested in competing with the German Pinscher in tracking events or even those owners that need a working dog to control vermin on their farm or within their yard really need to do very little to get their German Pinscher on the right path to becoming a tracking dog. Generally a German Pinscher will both scent track in the air and one the ground, however the ground scent is the one that if you are going to use the dog in competition he or she will need to use. Even if you don't want to compete with the dog, this is a great way to set up a combination of a mental and a physical challenge for your dog. Like any kind of training it is important to start slow and easy, then gradually make the courses more difficult as the dog understands what you are asking for. [...]

Guide Dogs

There are dogs that rise to the occasion to become heroes under stress or in crisis and emergencies to save their owners from burning houses, car wrecks and to protect them from criminals and other animals. There are also dogs that serve humans in heroic roles every day of their life. Once such group of dogs, is the dedicated, intelligent and devoted dogs that serve as Assistance Dogs or Guide Dogs for the blind. [...]

Dogs For Disabled Vets - A Program For Heroes

One of the most creative and effective programs developed and implemented in many countries that involves both dogs and inmates is the specialized Assistance Dog program. These programs go under a variety of names however they are unique in that prisoners are responsible for training an Assistance Dog that will, after training is completed, be provided for a disabled veteran to be able to live a better quality of life. How the Programs WorkDepending on the specific state or country that the Assistance Dog program is operated in, there will be slightly different training programs and methods. Typically in most areas prisoners are selected based on their interest in the program or due to requesting the opportunity to work with the Assistance Dog program. Prisoners in the program agree to follow the guidelines set out by professional Assistance Dog trainers that work with the inmates and the dogs. [...]

Dog Trainers - What It Takes To Become A Professional

Many people really seem to have a knack for working with dogs. You may be someone that just seems to get dogs to do what you ask or that dog's seem to respond to in a very positive way. Most dog trainers are very attuned to dogs and may even seem to have an ability to determine what a dog is thinking. This insight into the canine thought process and behavior can definitely be an asset in training dogs, either in group classes or in private types of session. [...]

Dog Whisperers - Communication With Canines

The term dog whisperer first became a household word through the Dog Whisperer television show. In this show dog trainer and animal behavior consultant Cesar Millan uses a variety of methods to help owners correct and deal with aggressive and destructive dogs or with dogs that are demonstrating some type of problem behavior. Although not all dog trainers and animal behavior consultants agree or even approve of all the methods used by Mr. Millan the show has become widely popular with the general viewing audience. [...]

Training routines in dog parks

For most people the dog park is a great place to provide your cooped up canine with room to run, explore, romp and play with some four-legged friends. It is also a great place for him or her to just be a dog for a while. This is definitely one use for a dog park, however the park can also double as an excellent training facility, at least for a short part of your visit. [...]

Pack Behavior In Domestic Dogs

It is hard to imagine that man's best friend is really not all that far removed, at least behaviorally speaking, from wild wolves, coyotes and even foxes. Some dog breeds, considered the primitive dogs, are very close in both behavior and genetics to their wild ancestors and as such have more similarities in appearance. If you consider a very specialized and refined breed such as a Pomeranian, Afghan Hound or even the Chinese Crested it is a bit more difficult to see the family resemblance, at least at first glance. [...]

Canine Communication and Signals

Your dog gives off lots of different signals to you each and every time that you interact. Some signals we, as humans, seem to understand right away and respond to, while others are a bit more confusing and obscure. Being able to read the signals and communications that your dog is sending can help you in responding to your dog and modifying training to better match the dog's natural tendencies and behaviors. [...]

How To Tell If Your Puppy Is A Genius

Whenever you are in the position of picking out a new puppy, either from a breeder, a rescue or just from a litter down the street, most people want to get the smartest and easiest to train puppy they possibly can. While a lot has been made about dog aptitude and temperament testing, there is really no IQ test for dogs, at least not one that has been researched and proven accurate. Some breeds have specific aptitude tests, especially for police, search and rescue, and guide and assistance dogs that can be completed at early ages and before formal training begins. [...]

Working With The Intelligent Dog

It is true that most dog owners believe that their dog is naturally very smart and gifted and that certainly may be very accurate, at least from the individual owners perception. If, however, you happen to own a breed that is considered a highly intelligent dog, you may find out that your dog may be challenging in many different ways. Often owners of the most intelligent dogs find that these pooches find very unique ways to keep themselves entertained, plus they often require both mental as well as physical exercise and stimulation to stay out of trouble. [...]

Mental Challenges for Smart Pooches

Owners with very intelligent or naturally smart dogs often have the most trouble with leaving their dogs at home alone. This is because these dogs are easily bored and need to have something to do both in a physical as well as a thinking way. As such, they often resort to what are called the boredom or destructive behaviors of chewing, digging, barking and generally getting into anything and everything possible. [...]

The Challenges To Owning A Working Dog

Although the American Kennel Club (AKC) and The Kennel Club of the UK actually do have a group known as the Working Group, most people use the term "working dog" in a much more general fashion. It is often meant to imply any dog that does best with some regular expectation of "work" for and by his or her owner. This may include the dogs that work with livestock as herders and flock guardians, as well as the hunting or sporting breeds, plus the dog that are associated with the true Working Group, including the protection dogs and the dogs trained for military, police and search and rescue work. [...]

Hunting and Sporting Breeds

Within the American Kennel Club, often shortened to the simpler AKC, the hunting dogs are all found within the sporting group, although some breeders may use both terms, hunting and sporting, when describing their breed. As a group these dogs are alert, active and energetic, but typically not hyperactive or overly rambunctious if properly trained and exercised. Although all used in hunting types of activities, there are different divisions within the group. In general these dogs are either used to retrieve or identify game birds, however there are also some dogs in the group that are excellent scenting and tracking dogs. Some dogs are also considered dual purpose, typically meaning they will either identify game by pointing or setting, plus they also retrieve. [...]

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Found [397] Articles :: Page 22 of 27
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