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Weird Facts

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Norwegian Buhund: Weird Facts Did You Know?

As a dog owner, it is very important that you know as much information as you can about your dog. From its history to its special characteristics, there are so many interesting facts about your dog that will make you appreciate it more. If you are an owner of a Norwegian Buhund, you will be delighted to find out the long history of your dog's breed. Here are some facts about the Norwegian Buhund that you may find interesting. [...]

Irish Water Spaniel: Weird Facts / Did you Know?

The Irish Water Spaniels is often considered one dog breed that is always extreme. It is one of the oldest breeds among the spaniels. It is one of the oldest breeds of sporting dogs. It is the rarest of all the spaniel breeds. It is the tallest among all the spaniel breeds. It has the most shadowy and unrecorded dog breed history in the world. Here are other facts you may not have known about the Irish Water Spaniel: [...]

Weird Facts/Did You Know?

The Redbone Coonhound is the only solid-colored coonhound.Redbone Coonhounds make excellent water dogs; they can actually follow a scent through the water.Because of their excellent sense of smell and high level of intelligence Redbones are being used more and more in search and recovery operations.The Redbone Coonhound is said to have the most pleasant "voice" of all coonhound breeds. Pleasant or not, it is loud and melodious; the baying characteristic of scent hounds is accentuated in coonhounds. [...]

Red and White Setter: Weird Facts/Did you Know?

The Red and White Setter has a rich history filled with many facts and some fiction. The tales and events that make up the history of such a fine dog are sure to be filled with some odd and interesting facts. For example, did you know that most Red and White Setters often have black coloring on the roof of their mouth? Many believe that only the Red and White Setter with this black spotting on his mouth has true Irish lineage. Some have even gone so far to say that Red and White Setters without a black mouth and black nose are not of true Irish ancestry.Did you know that the Red and White Setter was featured on a postage stamp in Ireland? The Red and White Setter, also known as the Irish Red and White Setter appeared with his all red cousin to adorn an Irish stamp in the early 1900s. Irishmen have a great fondness of both their Red and their Red and White Setters. [...]

Weird Facts/Did you know about the Norfolk Terrier

The Norfolk terrier has a lot of character and it's only natural that such a character would have such an interesting history. Much about the Norfolk terrier is common knowledge, such as the breed's courage, which is probably mentioned at least once in everything ever written about the breed, as well as the fact that they are the second smallest working breed. Here, though, the reader will find some of the lesser known facts and neglected history of the Norfolk terrier. Below, perhaps even the experienced Norfolk lover will find something he or she didn't already know. [...]

The Lowchen - Weird Facts/Did You Know?

The Lowchen dog is a beautiful, yet different looking dog. They are also referred to as the "lion dog" because of the haircut they have that resembles a lion, from their head right to the tuft of hair on their tail. [...]

Weird facts/Did you know about the Puli

The Puli is quite a unique breed of dog, surrounded by a wealth of myths and pseudo-truths, their background is steeped in mystery and debate. Their quirky nature is partly to thank for the fact that there is no shortage of surprising stories and little known facts about the breed. Here are some things you might not know about the Hungarian Puli:With the exception of carefully groomed show dogs, Pulis tend to have wild manes of hair covering their faces, and as silly as it sounds, there is a common misconception that Pulis can't see. It is true, however, that their mane might hinder their peripheral vision, and Puli owners are advised not to startle the dog by sneaking up from the sides. [...]

Miniature Poodle Weird Facts Did You Know?

There are many different facts and weird bits of information available on the Miniature Poodle. Here are just a sampling:Did you know that on The Muppet Show, the character Miss Piggy had a pet poodle named Foo-Foo?Did you know that on the cover of Weird Al Yankovic's album called 'Poodle Hat', it was his pet poodle named Bela sitting on Al's head? [...]

Miniature Bull Terrier Weird Facts/Did You Know?

Did you know that it was the 1987 Super Bowl ad for Bud Light Beer that made the bull terrier Spuds MacKenzie a household name? Spuds was a sly ladies-dog and his real name was Honey Tree Evil Eye. There was much controversy after Spuds sensational rise to fame when people found out that Spuds was actually a female dog and not a male. Although Spuds died on May 31, 1993 from kidney failure, there are many urban legends about how this bull terrier died. [...]

The Pharaoh Hound - Weird Facts/Did you Know?

The Pharaoh dog is such a fascinating dog from its extreme intelligence to its infamous independence. The "blush" of the Pharaoh has made it a topic of much conversation, especially when they manage to do it from their owner's command.Ever so popular, the Pharaoh dog is the national dog of Malta. It is here that it is called Kelb tal-Fenek, which means "rabbit hound". A rabbit hound is what they were originally bred for.Did you know that of all the breeds registered in the hound group, the Pharaoh is the only one to take a place in the group level in the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show? However, in the American Kennel Club, in 2005, they were ranked 141 out of the 154 breeds of dogs that were registered. [...]

Beagles, Weird Facts/Did You Know?

References to Beagles date back to Ancient Greece.Beagles are unfortunately the breed of dog that is most often used in Animal Testing; they are used to test things like novel surgical procedures and cosmetics. The FDA even uses Beagles to test how toxic food additives and contaminants are; some drugs are even tested on Beagles. [...]

Weird Facts/Did You Know?

The Boston Terrier has been dubbed "The American Gentlemanan", due to both his coat markings resembling a tuxedo and his polite and gentle personality. He is claimed to be the first truly American purebred. He is also the first American breed to be registered with the American Kennel Club. [...]

Whippet, Did You Know?

Intelligent, affectionate, devoted and playful are just a few of the adjectives used to describe Whippets. These medium sized dogs often provoke cries of "Do you feed that dog?!" because of their very lean body type. Sometimes confused for Greyhound puppies, Whippets also excel in running and racing. Fanciers of the breed affectionately call them couch potatoes because of their love of comfort and rest during the majority of the day, but they do require a daily session of exercise in order to use up stored energy. Whippets are said to be excellent pets for families with children and are not excessive barkers. [...]

Catahoula Leopard Dog, Did You Know?

The Catahoula Leopard dog is an intelligent, energetic, hard working dog that has a long history in herding and hunting. Sometimes denounced as an aggressive dog, they are better described as aggressive workers, as they have a very strong work ethic and love to work, but it is also true that they are very wary of strangers. These independent, strong willed, territorial dogs are best owned by handlers with a lot of experience with dogs that are strong natured. Catahoula Leopard dogs are not considered to be good suburban pets and do better in a working atmosphere with lots of outdoor land. [...]

West Highland White Terrier Did You Know ?

West Highland White Terriers are much loved for their high energy, their strong work ethic, their devotion to their families and their dazzling white coats. First introduced into competition at the beginning of the 20th century, fanciers of the breed maintain that they were bred and worked for a hundred years before. Extremely versatile, Westies have found success in events such as Agility, Obedience, Earthdog, Rally, Tracking and Flyball.Here are some more interesting facts about the West Highland White Terrier: [...]

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