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Dogue de Bordeauxs

Aliases: French Mastiff, Bordeaux Bulldog

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Dogue de Bordeaux Articles

Training The Dogue de Bordeaux, Police Work

The Dogue de Bordeaux also referred to as a French Mastiff has gained popularity and respect as a well trained police dog. The history of the breed refers to the dog as a bodyguard, watchdog and a tracker of bear, bulls and other animals. Because of the nature of the dog, it makes an excellent police dog. The training is similar to other breeds except the Dogue de Bordeaux is so large, extra measures are taken in training. In order for this breed to train for police work, they need to have proper puppy training. Understanding and learning the basic dog commands and obedience training is important. [...]

The Dogue de Bordeaux Breed Needs Obedience Training Starting As A Puppy

The Dogue de Bordeaux is a beautiful and loving dog, but they need to have training as a puppy. Because the breed is so large, a puppy that is not started in a training program as early as six weeks old can become an uncontrollable adult. Your puppy needs to learn housebreaking, manners, socialization and obedience. A dog of this statute needs training so the owner or handler has complete control of the dog. The first two areas to work with are respect training and housebreaking. After you have this training and the Dogue de Bordeaux understands your commands, goes outdoors to the bathroom and has manners, you are on to the obedience training. [...]

Understanding The Personality Of The Dogue de Bordeaux

The Dogue de Bordeaux has different personalities. Because every Dogue is different, you might find your dog is placid or energetic, sweet and responsive or stubborn. They may also be all work and no play or love to play around. They may also be shy towards strangers and animals or outgoing towards people and animals. The Dogue could have an aggressive personality and an overbearing temperament. No one can say for sure what a dog will be like when they are puppies, but with proper training, you can help the puppy develop a more personal personality and a delight to be around. [...]

Disadvantages And Advantages Of Owning A Male Dogue de Bordeaux

Advantages Of Owning A Male There are many advantages to owning a male Dogue de Bordeaux such as the face that they are more lovable than females and have a good disposition. The male Dogue loves to show affection and has an outgoing personality. They are also stable as far as their moods are concerned, they do not have mood swings like a female does. Although they are large dogs, the Dogue de Bordeaux male is more of a funny dog and shows this by being slightly clumsy at times. The joys of having a Dogue are seen everyday as they grow and develop personalities. The males are as loyal as any dog can be as are the females. [...]

Disadvantages And Advantages Of Owning A Female Dogue de Bordeaux

Owning a female can be enjoyable as well as rewarding. The female is sometimes moodier than the males, but with proper care and training, even the female can be the best dog in the world. There are a few disadvantages and advantages to owning a female, but the personal choice is going to be up to the potential owner. Advantages Of Owning A Female The female Dogue de Bordeaux is easier to train, she is more attentive when training and will try to please her owner and obey commands. The female also does need to mark her territory or chase after other dogs. [...]

Socializing A Dogue de Bordeaux Is Important

Many people do not understand the importance of socializing the Dogue de Bordeaux. The breed alone should call for more understanding about the need to introduce the dog breed to people and other animals. If you are interested in owning the Dogue de Bordeaux, you need to have an understanding about how the breed lives and strives. If you fail to start training your puppy early enough, the puppy can grow up to have social anxiety, which can result in aggressive behavior. This alone can be devastating if the dog attacks small children or other animals. Training your Dogue is vital to learning how to socialize and exist with other people or animals. [...]

The Dogue de Bordeaux Breed Needs Room, But How Much?

How Big Will The Dogue de Bordeaux Get? The Dogue de Bordeaux will grow to be over one hundred pounds with a height of about twenty-three to thirty inches and the strength of a horse. The dogs are loving and protective. With such a large dog, you might wonder exactly how much room you will need to properly care for the Dogue. Many people think that because of the size, the dogs need big yards and big houses to live in. The truth is very different. [...]

The Dogue de Bordeaux And Other Pets And Children

The Dogue de Bordeaux can and will get along with other animals and children if they are trained properly and socialized at a young age. If not, they might have some issues with meeting new people or other animals. The Dogue de Bordeaux And Other Animals If you have a Dogue and they are the only animal in the house and never allowed around other animals at a young age, you might see some aggressive behavior if they are introduced to new animals when they are older. Often, owners do not worry about having other animals around. [...]

Taking Control Of The Dogue de Bordeaux Aggression Issues

Puppies as well as adult Dogue de Bordeauxs can show aggression towards other animals, children or people. This can happen as young as six weeks old. For the most part a puppy is not aware of what they are doing, but they might not like somebody or something. This can become more advanced as they become older. If the problem is not dealt with early, behavior that is more aggressive can result. Aggression does not always mean biting or attacking, but can be growling, snapping at the air or crouching as if they will pounce. Dealing with an aggressive puppy is easier than dealing with an adult Dogue. [...]

Dogue de Bordeaux Weird Facts/ Did you Know?

[h}The Famous Dogue de Bordeaux If you have ever watched the movie Turner and Hooch, Hooch is a Dogue de Bordeaux. Andy Van Der Meyde owns Beasley, as he was named in the movie. In 2006, Mac (his real name) was stolen and later returned to his owner Another movie in which the Dogue de Bordeaux played a small part with a Doberman Pinscher is "Eyes of an Angel". Recognized By The AKC The Dogue de Bordeaux is also known as a French Mastiff and has been sometimes called a Bordeaux Bulldog. [...]

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