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Hip Dysplasia

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Health Concerns With Pointers

Pointers as a group as opposed to a breed are overall very healthy dogs. Perhaps because they have never had the dramatic and very rapid popularity gains of some of the other types of dogs there are typically not as many genetic and inherited conditions found within any of the breeds in the type. However, as with any type of dog, poor breeding programs, not testing the parent dogs and not knowing about the lines within the breed can potentially lead to some problems. [...]

Health Concerns With Irish Setters

The setters, as a dog type, are some of the showiest of the sporting breeds if not of all the breeds. The Irish Setter is one of the most recognizable and beautiful dogs with its distinctive red coat, fringed tail and beautiful calm and friendly expression. The Irish Setter is a very popular family dog and is typically a fairly long lived dog with an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years. Some Irish Setters may live longer and they remain a very active breed well into their senior years. [...]

Health Concerns With Golden Retrievers

The Golden Retriever is a wonderful dog to own for many reasons. As with any breed that has become very popular, there are many people that have bred Golden Retrievers not in the best interest of the breed but rather to make a quick profit. It should be noted that most of these individuals are not true breeders or those that have legitimate kennels; rather they are individuals that are simply in it for the short term. The result of these backyard breeders, plus the puppies produced in puppy mills, has led to some health problems within some lines in the Golden Retriever breed. [...]

Caring for an American Hound Breed

All of the American Hounds are considered to be coonhounds, which means this is the primary game they have been developed to hunt. All of the dogs can also hunt virtually any other animal as well, with a history of hunting deer, rabbits and even predator animals such as bear and coyotes in many of the different breed histories. As such these dogs have been developed to be very healthy, athletic and strong animals and they are remarkable free from most of the major genetic issues that can be found in other purebred dog lines. [...]

Otterhounds in America

Many of the dogs in the hound group have at least two different modes of hunting, often including both sight and scent. The Otterhound is a true one mode type of hound and they rely completely on scenting for their tracking and hunting skills. This is not surprising as the breed, which is actually a European type of hound, is descended from the Bloodhound breed. Breeders and researchers believe that the Otterhound was developed as durable, all weather type of hound that was generated by breeding Bloodhounds, Harriers, Griffons and larger sized terriers. From each breed the Otterhound received different traits and skills, resulting in an outstanding water dog that was also a hunter that could be counted on to actually track their natural prey through the wet environment and surroundings. [...]

Basset Hound Health Issues

Basset Hounds, perhaps because they were originally developed by using dwarf lines found within Bloodhound and other hunting hounds, tend to have slightly more health concerns than most of the other hound breeds. They have also had significant spikes in popularity throughout history, leading to poor breeding practices by many backyard types of breeders only in it for the money. Reputable breeders and kennels have maintained very healthy and genetically sound Basset Hounds that have few of the health issues listed below. [...]

Found [21] Articles :: Page 2 of 2
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