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Aliases: Hungarian Short-haired Pointing Dog, Rovidszoru Magyar Vizsla

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Vizsla Articles

The Vizsla Origins as a Pointer and a Retriever

The Vizsla origins as a pointer and retriever begin with the ancient people called the Magyars. They were a people who constantly had to defend their existence through the use of animals. Horses were used in war while the Vizsla was used in the hunt for food. The Vizsla, whose name is Hungarian for Pointer, is a very smart pointer and retriever whose value and ability was recognized early on. [...]

The Vizsla and World Wars

Wars are intertwined with the history of the Vizsla. The breed’s existence in the present is largely a result of the battles of man and their wins and losses. Because of its skill in being a pointer and retriever, the Vizsla has remained an invaluable asset to man. Because of that, lucky geographical locations, and the efforts to rebuild the breed when it had been decimated all contribute the Vizsla existence today. [...]

The Vizsla and Epilepsy

Epilepsy and seizures are the bane of many Vizslas existence. Some dogs are more susceptible to the condition than others, and great amounts of research and money has gone into finding the source of it and discovering cures for it. The Vizsla is an incredibly energetic pointer and retriever due to its historical experience but epilepsy is an incredibly common feature of the breed likely because of that same history. [...]

Vizsla and Tail Docking

The manner in which a Vizsla is to be groomed is an important, agreed upon matter whereas tail docking within the breed is a hotly contested and multifaceted topic. Tail docking is when some of the very tip of the tail is removed. There are two sides to the debate of tail docking and one side is just as impassioned as the other. Traditionally, one third of a Hungarian Vizsla's tail is docked. It is not the only breed to have its tail docked but it is one who has the longest history of it occurring. However, Australia banned the practice in 2004. The reason was basically cited that tail docking was a form of abuse to the Vizsla, but subsequent to the ban a high number of injuries began happening to Vizslas with tails that have not been clipped. [...]

The Vizsla and Point score Competitions

Their incredible hunting ability and lean athletic build make the Vizsla perfect for more than just dog shows. Since its incarnation, the Vizsla has had a display of skills that were soon put to the test in point score competitions that both he and his owner could enjoy. Since the early 1970s when they were first introduced into Australia, their popularity has exploded. Thus, point score competitions are very prevalent there as well as the States, both places being outside of the native land of the Vizsla, which is Europe. [...]

The Vizsla and Nail trimming

The Vizsla requires the same grooming any other breed dog would, except when it comes to his nails. Vizslas are rambunctious dogs who do not particularly care for their nails to be cut but whose nails grow incredibly fast and incredibly long. There is a period of time where cutting his nails will be especially difficult, but there are tips on how to handle this time and safely trim the Vizsla claws. They have to be trimmed regularly so as to prevent an accidental injury to himself and those in the household. The Vizsla nails should be cut when they can be heard tapping the floor as he walks. Painful hangnails and even arthritis can result from poorly taken care of nails. [...]

A Vizsla as a Show Dog

The Vizsla Breed Standard for show dogs emphasizes obedience and a taut build. The Vizsla is a sporting dog who should be on the lighter-sized end of the medium build spectrum. The coat ought to be a gold brown color and the Vizsla is in top condition when he is lean but muscular. And this is one of the breeds that can have scars and not be penalized in a competition setting as they indicate that he has been on hunts, as he should have been. [...]

A Vizsla's Particular Eating Habits

A Vizsla will not eat as much as some of his heavier counter parts as the breed only weigh an average of fifty pounds. Nutrition is important in the diets of all dogs, especially the Vizsla. With its lean body and small build, an excess of weight could throw his whole system out of whack, shortening his life span and such. Thus, close attention should be paid to his diet as to give him energy for the hunts, planned or not, that he will no doubt embark daily. A Vizsla should eat food Native the portion of Europe he originated from. The mountains in near present day Hungary is where the ancient people, the Magyars, resided with the Vizsla as their hunt dog. [...]

Vizsla and Fun Competitions

Because of its pointing and retrieving skills, the Vizsla and its talents are the focus of several organized point score competitions. Several of them stress the fun and togetherness that can be had between owner and pet as exhibited by the Rally event at the South Louisiana Vizsla Club. During this activity the dog and owner run a course together at their leisure. Each of these stops along the obstacle laden path has posted instructions that the owner and dog have to figure out together. The rules are a bit more lenient than in the other events. [...]

The Vizsla Weird Facts/Did You Know?

Addison's disease is one of the weirder and more unique problems that come along with Vizslas. The symptoms of Addison's disease are normally felt by humans, but surprisingly it can attack dogs, too. The Vizsla rarely gets it, but it is not immune to it, either. The disease basically consists of the adrenal glands failing to produce particular hormones. These hormones regulate electrolytes and sodium in the body, in the kidneys specifically. And the amounts of water are absorbed and eliminated according to these glands. [...]

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