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Aliases: Bordoodles

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Bordoodles (also called Borderpoos or Borderdoodles) are a mix between Border Collies and Poodles. They are typically classified as medium-sized dogs, with average heights between 15"-22" and weight ranges that vary from 30-60 lbs. Their heads are mostly rounded, with floppy ears that hang down, and their snouts are more medium-long in appearance.

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Coat Description

This dog's beautiful coat is most often a long, silky, wavy coat, and you'd think it would need frequent grooming, but because it doesn't shed very much, if at all, it is not high maintenance with regard to grooming.


The Bordoodle is new to the dog scene. Though its poodle and border collie ancestors go back for centuries, it's only been in the last few decades the hybrid breed has existed, and only in the last ten-fifteen years has the breed become a mainstreamed breed families look for. Historically, Poodles were hunters from Germany, bred specifically for waterfowl, but shaped more into the poodle of today by French influence. Border Collies originally came from England, specifically from an area that bordered Scotland (hence, Border Collie) and were used predominantly for shepherding. The combination of the two created an incredibly intelligent, eager-to-please animal.


People seek out Borderdoodles for the best of their ancestral breeds' traits. Both the Border Collie and the Poodle are extremely intelligent dogs, and the Bordoodle is no exception. Borderdoodles are very friendly, social animals and it's rare to ever see a display of aggression. That said, they are loyal and protective animals who will guard and protect their pack members.

They are fun and even a bit mischievous, as smart as they are, so they are a perfect family pet for an active house with children, but they are just as easily the perfect pet for a senior or single person as they are affectionate companions as well.

They get along well with most all other animals and their social personalities help them assimilate and allow others into their packs with ease.

Health Problems

As with most hybrid dog breeds, the Bordoodle is possibly more susceptible to the Health concerns of both the Poodle and the Border Collie. That said, most hybrid breeds actually have the advantage of greater genetic diversity, and are usually fairly healthy. There's no way to determine what individual health risks may plague a dog, but some of the most common associated with the Bordoodle are:

Progressive retinal atrophy
Hip Dysplasia


The border collie is not a hypoallergenic breed, but the poodle is, and so even the low amount of shedding that happens is considered to be hypoallergenic.

For best coat maintenance, the Bordoodle coat needs brushing once or twice a week, and baths are only required typically when the dog gets dirty.


Though the ancestral parent Border Collie was a work dog, Borderdoodles don't require as much activity as you would think they might. They are highly intelligent, so brain stimulation is as if not more important than rigorous activity. In fact, they really are content with moderate amounts of exercise and indoor entertainment (provided you leave them with toys!). Approximately 30 minutes of day of outside exercise, whether in scheduled walk or outdoor play is a great timeframe for activity, and also makes Bordoodles good matches for those who have busy schedules or may work later hours.


Borderdoodles are highly intelligent, and learn skills very quickly. They are people-pleasures who like to learn, but because they are so intelligent you'll need to be sure to use a firm, reinforcing tone and lots of praise and treats for function to ensure their best learning. Because they want to make their humans happy, they are eager to obey your commands more quickly and consistently, so it is beneficial to begin training them as early as you can.

They are social animals, so it's important that you help them with manners and borders so they can best maintain relationships with all the humans and dogs they'll come in contact with. If your Bordoodle will be around children, early socialization with children who know how to be gentle with dogs will also ensure their perfect fit in your family.


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