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Golden Retrievers

Aliases: Goldie, Goldens, Yellow Lab

Golden Retriever For Sale

puppies for sale

Two Year Old Male for Adoption to Good Home

Ad posted on 10/28/2016 - Ad is expired


North Brunswick, NJ 08902

Golden Retriever

2 Years

Beau will be three years old this January. He is half Golden Retriever and half Catahoula Leopard Dog. We own both of his parents. He is in perfect health and has not experienced any health issues in the past; you can verify this with our vet. Beau is well behaved, docile, respectful, loving, and kind. He has eyes that can see into your soul. He is introverted around strangers and opens up into a happy, goofy, friendly boy around those he has gotten to know. He is an Aquarius. We trust him completely around our 18 month old and 3 year old children.

Physically, Beau is around 80 pounds, stands tall like a deer, and is very athletically built with gorgeous conformation. He was blessed with an elegant, streamlined, balanced, well coordinated body, and a very blocky head with a handsome expression. He looks built to run, but isn't particularly energetic or excitable. Beau is happy with a little bit of time spent in the back yard, and feels especially lucky if you take him for a walk. His favorite is going on hikes in the woods because he has the stamina to go all day long without resting if you happen to have the time. Basically, he doesn't need much exercise on a daily basis, but he definitely does enjoy it when you give him the opportunity to stretch his legs. Beau has a short, silky black coat due to his excellent diet and he has a generous amount of tan on his face and legs. He is a very clean dog and barely sheds.

Beau is crate trained, leash trained, and housebroken. He gets along well with other dogs and would enjoy the company of another dog in the household. Beau has no bad habits. He has never chewed anything he wasn't supposed to, dug any holes in the back yard, or otherwise caused any trouble for us. He has had a wonderful puppyhood and has been taught respectful behavior from the start. Beau likes company and prefers having his crate set up in a room where he can feel included. He is very good when left in his crate when we leave the house to run errands. During the day when we are home he will go lay down in there on his own accord. He is accustomed to sleeping in his crate every night, and we keep his food bowl in there too because he takes his sweet time munching. He has very long legs and is perfectly able to leap over our fence in order to follow us for a walk, but hasn't done so since we taught him not to. We don't need to worry about letting him run in the yard when the gate is open because he doesn't want to go anywhere unless we're going too. Beau has always had very little prey drive, so when walking past animals such as horses or squirrels, he has zero interest in chasing them. I have seen him run towards a deer about 30 feet ahead, but when the deer took off he came bounding back with a look on his face like, "Did ya see that thing??". He prefers to be at your side because that's where he feels most comfortable and loved. He enjoys off-leash walks and hikes with us, but I would not recommend for a new owner to take his leash off until well after a mutual bond of trust and understanding has been formed. Beau is a "forever dog", meaning that once he creates a special bond with you, he will be loyally yours forever.

Beau would make a great watch dog because he has a deep bark which he only ever uses if he sees something fishy going on outside. Otherwise he is a surprisingly quiet dog. He is big and tall and looks tough, but he doesn't know it. He would make a terrible guard dog, because his first reaction is to hide behind your legs in the face of danger.

Beau's parents are from champion lines that have been specially cultivated for generations to promote the healthiest genetics. He is predispositioned towards living a very long and healthy life. Beau was the result of an accidental breeding. Due to the superior genetics of both sire and dam, who we own, and also our expert care and rearing of the litter, we decided to donate the puppies to an assistance dog organization to go on to become guide dogs and therapy dogs. We wanted them to become a positive influence in the world rather than just be another litter of mix breeds. We kept Beau as a pet because he was the most beautiful and sweetest of the entire litter and we couldn't resist. He was born and raised here, so only one owner, and has never had the opportunity to pick up any bad habits.

Beau is up to date with all of his necessary vaccinations and dewormings. We have been diligent in making sure that he has not been over-vaccinated. We have put the extra time and effort into keeping him in tact in order to preserve the proper function of his endocrine system. Neutering him at this age shouldn't pose a health risk if his new owner prefers to do so, as he is fully mature and will continue to benefit from having been allowed to grow up properly and naturally. Beau has never been allowed to breed and we want it to stay that way. Breeding crossbred dogs will only add to the ever-growing population of unwanted mutt puppies. Beau is a companion only.

If you have any other questions about Beau feel free to call or text. I think I covered everything. We are looking for a nice, normal family for Beau, so please do not call if you're on the fence about getting a dog or if your heart's not in it. If you're one of the many families out there who are searching far and wide for a young adult companion that doesn't come with a laundry list of problems (or worse; unknown problems that will surprise you later on) then you may be perfect for him. There aren't a lot of dogs for adoption out there that come from a wholesome, caring environment.. that haven't been passed around through a dozen homes.. or aren't being given up for costly health problems or unmanageable behavioral problems. The hardest part about most dogs for adoption is that you just don't know what you are getting. With Beau, there is no guessing.

Beau is a sweetheart and deserves a kind and loving home where he can shine like the gem he is. Call or text if you're interested in Beau: 732 470 3370
Golden Retriever For Sale

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Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale: Two Year Old Male for Adoption to Good Home
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