+ADwAJQ- posts +AD0- 11 Dim arrPosts(10,13) arrPosts(0,0)+AD0AIg-molliemae01+ACI- arrPosts(0,1)+AD0AIg-Junior Member+ACI- arrPosts(0,2)+AD0AIg-116519+ACI- arrPosts(0,3)+AD0AIg-11/11/2004+ACI- arrPosts(0,4)+AD0AIg-1+ACI- arrPosts(0,5)+AD0AIg-1:34:00 AM 11/17/2004+ACI- arrPosts(0,6)+AD0AIg- Why is it that some breeds are so much more expensive than others?? Just curious. I have no idea how expensive it is to breed a dog and have a litter of pups but I do imagine it's quite costly....to do it right, anyway. But why is it that, say, +ADw-a href+AD0AIgAi-http://www.terrificpets.com/dog+AF8-breeds/yorkshire+AF8-terrier.asp+ACIAIg- target+AD0AIgAiAF8-blank+ACIAIg- rel+AD0AIgAi-nofollow+ACIAIgA+-Yorkshire Terriers+ADw-/a+AD4- are so much more expensive than, say, Dobermans?? It seems like the tinier the dog, the more it costs. It can't be any more expensive to have a litter of Yorkies than Dobermans. Am I right?? Chi's and Yorkies are so expensive. My mom wants either one and I told her she'd never have one unless she got it from a shelter, which is fine by me, but she won't get one from a shelter either because of filling out applications and questionaires and such. Why are bulldogs and +ADw-a href+AD0AIgAi-http://www.terrificpets.com/dog+AF8-breeds/bull+AF8-terrier.asp+ACIAIg- target+AD0AIgAiAF8-blank+ACIAIg- rel+AD0AIgAi-nofollow+ACIAIgA+-bull terriers+ADw-/a+AD4- so expensive too?? I know that some breeds are more rare and, therefore, cost more money to purchase, but bulllies aren't uncommon at all. I just want some answers, please+ACEAIQ- +ACI- arrPosts(0,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(0,8)+AD0AIg-50+ACI- arrPosts(0,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(0,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(0,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(0,12)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(0,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(1,0)+AD0AIg-FrostyGirl+ACI- arrPosts(1,1)+AD0AIg-Senior Member+ACI- arrPosts(1,2)+AD0AIg-116528+ACI- arrPosts(1,3)+AD0AIg-3/10/2004+ACI- arrPosts(1,4)+AD0AIg-2+ACI- arrPosts(1,5)+AD0AIg-1:46:37 AM 11/17/2004+ACI- arrPosts(1,6)+AD0AIg- There are a lot of factors. How many pups there are in a litter, how rare the breed is. If it cost more for the breeding then you will pay more. If it is hard to get a sire for the the dogs, that also counts. +ACI- arrPosts(1,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(1,8)+AD0AIg-2914+ACI- arrPosts(1,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(1,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(1,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(1,12)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(1,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(2,0)+AD0AIg-Kittys mom+ACI- arrPosts(2,1)+AD0AIg-Senior Member+ACI- arrPosts(2,2)+AD0AIg-116530+ACI- arrPosts(2,3)+AD0AIg-10/4/2004+ACI- arrPosts(2,4)+AD0AIg-3+ACI- arrPosts(2,5)+AD0AIg-1:49:20 AM 11/17/2004+ACI- arrPosts(2,6)+AD0AIg- Supply, and demand/ How much it costs to produce them. +ACI- arrPosts(2,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(2,8)+AD0AIg-741+ACI- arrPosts(2,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(2,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(2,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(2,12)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(2,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(3,0)+AD0AIg-molliemae01+ACI- arrPosts(3,1)+AD0AIg-Junior Member+ACI- arrPosts(3,2)+AD0AIg-116533+ACI- arrPosts(3,3)+AD0AIg-11/11/2004+ACI- arrPosts(3,4)+AD0AIg-4+ACI- arrPosts(3,5)+AD0AIg-1:53:13 AM 11/17/2004+ACI- arrPosts(3,6)+AD0AIg- Was just wondering about Yorkies and Chi's and Bullies, mostly. I haven't hardly seen any of these breeds for under +ACQ-1000. Some of them go up to +ACQ-2000+ACEAIQ- I'm like +ACIAIg-who's going to pay that much money for a dog?? Unless they're very wealthy+ACIAIg- I'm sure there have got to be a lot of Yorkie sires out there, with as many breeders as there are on here. Same for Bulldogs and Chi's. And I don't imagine there are many pups in a litter of any of those breeds. It still boggles my mind. Sorry if I sound stupid or ignorant or something. +ACI- arrPosts(3,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(3,8)+AD0AIg-51+ACI- arrPosts(3,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(3,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(3,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(3,12)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(3,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(4,0)+AD0AIg-molliemae01+ACI- arrPosts(4,1)+AD0AIg-Junior Member+ACI- arrPosts(4,2)+AD0AIg-116538+ACI- arrPosts(4,3)+AD0AIg-11/11/2004+ACI- arrPosts(4,4)+AD0AIg-5+ACI- arrPosts(4,5)+AD0AIg-1:56:53 AM 11/17/2004+ACI- arrPosts(4,6)+AD0AIg- Kittysmom- but wouldn't it cost the same to breed any kind of dog?? You'd think that with so many breeders out there with these breeds and the cost of them the supply would be bigger than demand. I, personally, wouldn't pay that kind of money for a dog. Gee, I could have a lot of nice things for myself with +ACQ-2000. Same with Pit Bulls. There are a lot of breeders on here that sell for +ACQ-100-+ACQ-750 is about the range I've seen. I just don't get it. +ACI- arrPosts(4,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(4,8)+AD0AIg-52+ACI- arrPosts(4,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(4,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(4,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(4,12)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(4,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(5,0)+AD0AIg-Smooshie+ACI- arrPosts(5,1)+AD0AIg-Full Member+ACI- arrPosts(5,2)+AD0AIg-116546+ACI- arrPosts(5,3)+AD0AIg-9/3/2004+ACI- arrPosts(5,4)+AD0AIg-6+ACI- arrPosts(5,5)+AD0AIg-2:07:15 AM 11/17/2004+ACI- arrPosts(5,6)+AD0AIg- Hmmmm, as far as cost of litters and such...I know for certain breeds (like bulldogs), the litters are smaller and they usually can't give birth naturally because of the size of the puppies heads I believe (someone who knows about bulldogs please clarify). Cesarean sections add to the breeders expenses which of course translates to the cost of the pups.....as does artificial insemination. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- I'm not certain this applies to yorkies though...I think some breeds are grossly overpriced due to fad breeding. +ACI- arrPosts(5,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(5,8)+AD0AIg-237+ACI- arrPosts(5,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(5,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(5,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(5,12)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(5,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(6,0)+AD0AIg-Kittys mom+ACI- arrPosts(6,1)+AD0AIg-Senior Member+ACI- arrPosts(6,2)+AD0AIg-116547+ACI- arrPosts(6,3)+AD0AIg-10/4/2004+ACI- arrPosts(6,4)+AD0AIg-7+ACI- arrPosts(6,5)+AD0AIg-2:07:43 AM 11/17/2004+ACI- arrPosts(6,6)+AD0AIg- Mollie, I live in California. We have wealthy Asians coming in and essentially buying up the place. I go to Asian and Mexican markets to get value on food. In chain markets they charge +ACQ-20. for a pak of chicken and +ACQ-15 for a single steak. We do not raise beef to prime in CA. This is select grade meat. +ADw-br+AD4- Asians like small dogs. Some dogs cannot be produced w/o C-sections and expensive hormonal tests. I don't like this kind of specialization-if you want it, you pay. I would be suspicious of anyone charging lesser prices than the norm. MOST people don't make profit above cost. Some do. +ACI- arrPosts(6,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(6,8)+AD0AIg-743+ACI- arrPosts(6,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(6,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(6,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(6,12)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(6,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(7,0)+AD0AIg-molliemae01+ACI- arrPosts(7,1)+AD0AIg-Junior Member+ACI- arrPosts(7,2)+AD0AIg-116553+ACI- arrPosts(7,3)+AD0AIg-11/11/2004+ACI- arrPosts(7,4)+AD0AIg-8+ACI- arrPosts(7,5)+AD0AIg-2:13:29 AM 11/17/2004+ACI- arrPosts(7,6)+AD0AIg- I didn't mean to sound dumb or rude or anything. I just wanted to know. I didn't think about the bulldogs' heads and c-sections and such. I can understand that. I still can't understand about Yorkies though. I guess I have seen some cheaper Chi's but I'm still a little confused. Thanks for the responses I've gotten+ACEAIQ- +ACI- arrPosts(7,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(7,8)+AD0AIg-53+ACI- arrPosts(7,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(7,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(7,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(7,12)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(7,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(8,0)+AD0AIg-Kittys mom+ACI- arrPosts(8,1)+AD0AIg-Senior Member+ACI- arrPosts(8,2)+AD0AIg-116557+ACI- arrPosts(8,3)+AD0AIg-10/4/2004+ACI- arrPosts(8,4)+AD0AIg-9+ACI- arrPosts(8,5)+AD0AIg-2:19:01 AM 11/17/2004+ACI- arrPosts(8,6)+AD0AIg- You got me, girl. I have Labradors. I know I don't make a dime above what they cost me. I breed sometimes. They suck up money faster than WE can make it. I am so glad when I sell a few pups above my waitress wages+tio-housetake... +ACI- arrPosts(8,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(8,8)+AD0AIg-745+ACI- arrPosts(8,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(8,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(8,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(8,12)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(8,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(9,0)+AD0AIg-molliemae01+ACI- arrPosts(9,1)+AD0AIg-Junior Member+ACI- arrPosts(9,2)+AD0AIg-116564+ACI- arrPosts(9,3)+AD0AIg-11/11/2004+ACI- arrPosts(9,4)+AD0AIg-10+ACI- arrPosts(9,5)+AD0AIg-2:25:45 AM 11/17/2004+ACI- arrPosts(9,6)+AD0AIg- Well, Kittysmom, Frostygirl, and Smooshie-Thank you for your help with my question. I guess now I can stop thinking about it. Anyway, with that said, I'm going to bed now. Talk to y'all tomorrow. Nite+ACEAIQ- +ACI- arrPosts(9,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(9,8)+AD0AIg-56+ACI- arrPosts(9,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(9,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(9,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(9,12)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(9,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(10,0)+AD0AIg-Border-collie-babe+ACI- arrPosts(10,1)+AD0AIg-Full Member+ACI- arrPosts(10,2)+AD0AIg-116607+ACI- arrPosts(10,3)+AD0AIg-9/25/2004+ACI- arrPosts(10,4)+AD0AIg-11+ACI- arrPosts(10,5)+AD0AIg-3:12:40 AM 11/17/2004+ACI- arrPosts(10,6)+AD0AIg- westie are very costy here. If you get one for +ACQ-800 thats a bargin. They are mostly +ACQ-1000. +ACI- arrPosts(10,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(10,8)+AD0AIg-374+ACI- arrPosts(10,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(10,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(10,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(10,12)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(10,13)+AD0AIgAi- +ACUAPg- Higher Prices for Certain Breeds
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Higher Prices for Certain Breeds

Was just wondering...
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