+ADwAJQ- posts +AD0- 14 Dim arrPosts(13,13) arrPosts(0,0)+AD0AIg-Stefanie+ACI- arrPosts(0,1)+AD0AIg-Junior Member+ACI- arrPosts(0,2)+AD0AIg-326396+ACI- arrPosts(0,3)+AD0AIg-7/26/2005+ACI- arrPosts(0,4)+AD0AIg-1+ACI- arrPosts(0,5)+AD0AIg-5:42:07 PM 4/3/2006+ACI- arrPosts(0,6)+AD0AIg- i was thinking about getting a female +ADw-a href+AD0AIgAi-http://www.terrificpets.com/dog+AF8-breeds/cavalier+AF8-king+AF8-charles+AF8-spaniel.asp+ACIAIg- target+AD0AIgAiAF8-blank+ACIAIg- rel+AD0AIgAi-nofollow+ACIAIgA+-cavalier king charles spaniel+ADw-/a+AD4- but i don't know if she'll track blood all over the house if she has her period. do they only have it before they're spayed? if anyone knows please tell me...i'm clueless +AD0-/ +ACI- arrPosts(0,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(0,8)+AD0AIg-71+ACI- arrPosts(0,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(0,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(0,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(0,12)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(0,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(1,0)+AD0AIg-crestiemom+ACI- arrPosts(1,1)+AD0AIg-Full Member+ACI- arrPosts(1,2)+AD0AIg-326397+ACI- arrPosts(1,3)+AD0AIg-12/27/2004+ACI- arrPosts(1,4)+AD0AIg-2+ACI- arrPosts(1,5)+AD0AIg-5:59:31 PM 4/3/2006+ACI- arrPosts(1,6)+AD0AIg- Yes, spaying her is just like doing a hysterectomy on a woman...in other words, she will no longer have a heat cycle. It is my opinion that it is best to have them spayed prior to their first heat, although there are some on here who disagree with me on that issue. Regardless of whether you do it before or after, she needs to be spayed. Here is a link to an excellent article on medical reasons to spay +ACY- neuter your animals. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-a href+AD0AIgAi-http://www.askvetadvice.com/newsletter+AF8-archive08182003.shtml+ACIAIg- target+AD0AIgAiAF8-blank+ACIAIg- rel+AD0AIgAi-nofollow+ACIAIgA+-http://www.askvetadvice.com/newsletter+AF8-archive08182003.shtml+ADw-/a+AD4- +ACI- arrPosts(1,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(1,8)+AD0AIg-457+ACI- arrPosts(1,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(1,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(1,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(1,12)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(1,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(2,0)+AD0AIg-Renorey+ACI- arrPosts(2,1)+AD0AIg-Full Member+ACI- arrPosts(2,2)+AD0AIg-326436+ACI- arrPosts(2,3)+AD0AIg-2/8/2005+ACI- arrPosts(2,4)+AD0AIg-3+ACI- arrPosts(2,5)+AD0AIg-8:14:09 PM 4/3/2006+ACI- arrPosts(2,6)+AD0AIg- Yes she will have her period, she will go into heat around the age of 9 months and have a cycle every 6 months . +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- Although I do believe in fixing a dog if you are not going to show and breed it, I am one that disagrees with doing it too young. I believe the hormones during the 1st year or 2 of life will help develop the dogs body the way it was meant to be (breed standards). I believe if you fix your dog too young especially in the larger muscular breeds you will not get the full chest development, the males head will not fully develope and the definination in the hind end will not be there either. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- Some will disagree with me as well, and that is ok by me, I am not here to start any arguments, but I believe the hormones of an intact dog has a major roll of the dogs body and head during the development stages. After about 1-1/2 to 2 years of age, depending on the size of the dog, go ahead and have them fixed if you are not using them for breeding. +ACI- arrPosts(2,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(2,8)+AD0AIg-385+ACI- arrPosts(2,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(2,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(2,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(2,12)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(2,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(3,0)+AD0AIg-IcyHound+ACI- arrPosts(3,1)+AD0AIg-Senior Member+ACI- arrPosts(3,2)+AD0AIg-326442+ACI- arrPosts(3,3)+AD0AIg-12/18/2004+ACI- arrPosts(3,4)+AD0AIg-4+ACI- arrPosts(3,5)+AD0AIg-8:28:49 PM 4/3/2006+ACI- arrPosts(3,6)+AD0AIg- I'm going to be nit picky beucase its that kinda day. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- The heat cycle of the female dog is very diffrent from the period of a woman for the most part. The similarties are that they bleed. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- I comment becuase the heat cycle of a female dog is when they get pregnant. With women we shed our placenta wall we have been building becuase it is to old and we restart a reproductive cycle that lasts a month. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- I say this because I have this fear someone is going to say that their bitch can't get pregnant while she is in heat because its her period. +ACI- arrPosts(3,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(3,8)+AD0AIg-2811+ACI- arrPosts(3,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(3,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(3,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(3,12)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(3,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(4,0)+AD0AIg-Renorey+ACI- arrPosts(4,1)+AD0AIg-Full Member+ACI- arrPosts(4,2)+AD0AIg-326457+ACI- arrPosts(4,3)+AD0AIg-2/8/2005+ACI- arrPosts(4,4)+AD0AIg-5+ACI- arrPosts(4,5)+AD0AIg-8:58:49 PM 4/3/2006+ACI- arrPosts(4,6)+AD0AIg- Icy, +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- Very well put, however, I would be interested in your opinion of what I posted as I have come to respect your knowledge and opinion very much. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- Mike +ACI- arrPosts(4,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(4,8)+AD0AIg-388+ACI- arrPosts(4,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(4,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(4,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(4,12)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(4,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(5,0)+AD0AIg-IcyHound+ACI- arrPosts(5,1)+AD0AIg-Senior Member+ACI- arrPosts(5,2)+AD0AIg-326467+ACI- arrPosts(5,3)+AD0AIg-12/18/2004+ACI- arrPosts(5,4)+AD0AIg-6+ACI- arrPosts(5,5)+AD0AIg-9:29:06 PM 4/3/2006+ACI- arrPosts(5,6)+AD0AIg- I agree with you for the most part. I don't alter my dogs if I don't have to. However, for toy dogs you are working with a faster time frame. Many of these dogs are done growing by six to nine months of age and natrually retain puppy charateristics. The main diffrence is that you get coat issues but not enough to bother the adverge person. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- For a small dog, altering at six months I don't bat an eye. Its when we move to functional breeds (I dont consider toys functional really, sorry toy lovers) I prefer to wait. +ACI- arrPosts(5,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(5,8)+AD0AIg-2814+ACI- arrPosts(5,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(5,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(5,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(5,12)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(5,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(6,0)+AD0AIg-brutus-min+ACI- arrPosts(6,1)+AD0AIg-Full Member+ACI- arrPosts(6,2)+AD0AIg-326633+ACI- arrPosts(6,3)+AD0AIg-2/3/2006+ACI- arrPosts(6,4)+AD0AIg-7+ACI- arrPosts(6,5)+AD0AIg-3:45:10 PM 4/4/2006+ACI- arrPosts(6,6)+AD0AIg- icy thanks. your response was awesome. my huband doesn't believe in neutering. I't just a man issue, but the only dog I've ever got him to agree to neuter was a Rott. we had him nuetered at 6 months and he always had a dobie head. He also developed bone cancer at the age of 7 years. some people say their is a link between the 2 others say different I don't know. I just know my husband will only nueter again if medically needed. +ACI- arrPosts(6,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(6,8)+AD0AIg-106+ACI- arrPosts(6,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(6,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(6,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(6,12)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(6,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(7,0)+AD0AIg-MommaMia+ACI- arrPosts(7,1)+AD0AIg-Senior Member+ACI- arrPosts(7,2)+AD0AIg-326642+ACI- arrPosts(7,3)+AD0AIg-1/14/2006+ACI- arrPosts(7,4)+AD0AIg-8+ACI- arrPosts(7,5)+AD0AIg-4:02:39 PM 4/4/2006+ACI- arrPosts(7,6)+AD0AIg- Brutis, so sorry to hear about your Rottie. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- Does your husband think he got bone cancer Because he was fixed? +ACI- arrPosts(7,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(7,8)+AD0AIg-618+ACI- arrPosts(7,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(7,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(7,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(7,12)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(7,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(8,0)+AD0AIg-IcyHound+ACI- arrPosts(8,1)+AD0AIg-Senior Member+ACI- arrPosts(8,2)+AD0AIg-326660+ACI- arrPosts(8,3)+AD0AIg-12/18/2004+ACI- arrPosts(8,4)+AD0AIg-9+ACI- arrPosts(8,5)+AD0AIg-4:53:57 PM 4/4/2006+ACI- arrPosts(8,6)+AD0AIg- These days the bone cancers and such cancers seem more and more linked witht he yearly vaccinations. +ACI- arrPosts(8,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(8,8)+AD0AIg-2817+ACI- arrPosts(8,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(8,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(8,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(8,12)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(8,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(9,0)+AD0AIg-cockerlover+ACI- arrPosts(9,1)+AD0AIg-Senior Member+ACI- arrPosts(9,2)+AD0AIg-326674+ACI- arrPosts(9,3)+AD0AIg-8/21/2005+ACI- arrPosts(9,4)+AD0AIg-10+ACI- arrPosts(9,5)+AD0AIg-5:39:45 PM 4/4/2006+ACI- arrPosts(9,6)+AD0AIg- My rottie was nuetered at 1 year becuase he was a rescue.He still has his bloky head and is very muscled.I would not spay or neuter big dog before a year.But with small dogs 6 to 8 months is fine for me.She will not have her heat if she is spayed.Icy put it very well+ACE- :) +ACI- arrPosts(9,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(9,8)+AD0AIg-1784+ACI- arrPosts(9,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(9,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(9,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(9,12)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(9,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(10,0)+AD0AIg-tapettyjohn+ACI- arrPosts(10,1)+AD0AIg-Full Member+ACI- arrPosts(10,2)+AD0AIg-326692+ACI- arrPosts(10,3)+AD0AIg-2/3/2006+ACI- arrPosts(10,4)+AD0AIg-11+ACI- arrPosts(10,5)+AD0AIg-6:04:20 PM 4/4/2006+ACI- arrPosts(10,6)+AD0AIg- Im going to have my boy fixed at 6 months. I have 2 months left. Im feeling bad that i want to have it done, my husband doesnt think its nessacary. We dont have dogs around us. But i want to have it done because i just think its the right thing to do. And i want to have it done before he starts lifting his leg to pee . +ADw-br+AD4- Are they in alot of pain? Like its going to break my heart to see him like this? Do they give them pain meds? I know when i had my tubes tied i was all doped up for a week or so.. LOL +ADw-br+AD4- Is it differnt for a boy then a girl? as in pain wise? +ADw-br+AD4- Just getting close to that time and i read these posts and i start to worry and then the new post about the stitches coming out to early- gosh im giving my self a panic attack just worring about it already. Believe me im the same way with my kids.. They hate it.. They are 11 and 13 and i still only let them go knee deep at the lake.. haha +ACI- arrPosts(10,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(10,8)+AD0AIg-128+ACI- arrPosts(10,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(10,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(10,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(10,12)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(10,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(11,0)+AD0AIg-cockerlover+ACI- arrPosts(11,1)+AD0AIg-Senior Member+ACI- arrPosts(11,2)+AD0AIg-326748+ACI- arrPosts(11,3)+AD0AIg-8/21/2005+ACI- arrPosts(11,4)+AD0AIg-12+ACI- arrPosts(11,5)+AD0AIg-8:05:56 PM 4/4/2006+ACI- arrPosts(11,6)+AD0AIg- Boys generally dont have near the pain females do and with the females its usually not that bad.They do give pain meds the first day and you can buy some if you think its needed.It is the right thing to do. +ACI- arrPosts(11,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(11,8)+AD0AIg-1791+ACI- arrPosts(11,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(11,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(11,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(11,12)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(11,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(12,0)+AD0AIg-IcyHound+ACI- arrPosts(12,1)+AD0AIg-Senior Member+ACI- arrPosts(12,2)+AD0AIg-326750+ACI- arrPosts(12,3)+AD0AIg-12/18/2004+ACI- arrPosts(12,4)+AD0AIg-13+ACI- arrPosts(12,5)+AD0AIg-8:15:42 PM 4/4/2006+ACI- arrPosts(12,6)+AD0AIg- You are not really going to notice that he was neutered, nor will he. It really is not that big of a deal unless you get a thrill looking at your dogs testies. +ACI- arrPosts(12,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(12,8)+AD0AIg-2819+ACI- arrPosts(12,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(12,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(12,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(12,12)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(12,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(13,0)+AD0AIg-cockerlover+ACI- arrPosts(13,1)+AD0AIg-Senior Member+ACI- arrPosts(13,2)+AD0AIg-326751+ACI- arrPosts(13,3)+AD0AIg-8/21/2005+ACI- arrPosts(13,4)+AD0AIg-14+ACI- arrPosts(13,5)+AD0AIg-8:16:42 PM 4/4/2006+ACI- arrPosts(13,6)+AD0AIg- LOL Icy+ACEAIQAhACE- Like she said they wont notice.The males do have to have actual +ACIAIg-surgery+ACIAIg- like the girlies+ACEAIQ- +ACI- arrPosts(13,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(13,8)+AD0AIg-1792+ACI- arrPosts(13,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(13,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(13,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(13,12)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(13,13)+AD0AIgAi- +ACUAPg- Do female dogs have their period?
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Do female dogs have their period?

not sure...
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