+ADwAJQ- posts +AD0- 20 Dim arrPosts(19,13) arrPosts(0,0)+AD0AIg-joann+ACI- arrPosts(0,1)+AD0AIg-New Member+ACI- arrPosts(0,2)+AD0AIg-435070+ACI- arrPosts(0,3)+AD0AIg-1/20/2007+ACI- arrPosts(0,4)+AD0AIg-1+ACI- arrPosts(0,5)+AD0AIg-1:23:06 PM 1/20/2007+ACI- arrPosts(0,6)+AD0AIg-I am planning to purchase a Havachon from a breeder in Jenkins, Mo. +ADw-br+AD4- +ACo- - is anyone familiar with this breeder?+ADw-br+AD4APA-br+AD4APA-span class+AD0-vsmbodytext +AD4AKgAqACo-Edited By: pyrmom on 5/25/2007 4:18:47 AM+ACoAKgAqADw-br+AD4-Reason: please do not provide kennel names on the forum+ADw-/span+AD4AIg- arrPosts(0,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(0,8)+AD0AIg-1+ACI- arrPosts(0,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(0,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(0,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(0,12)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(0,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(1,0)+AD0AIg-dusty082155+ACI- arrPosts(1,1)+AD0AIg-Senior Member+ACI- arrPosts(1,2)+AD0AIg-435074+ACI- arrPosts(1,3)+AD0AIg-4/11/2005+ACI- arrPosts(1,4)+AD0AIg-2+ACI- arrPosts(1,5)+AD0AIg-1:41:14 PM 1/20/2007+ACI- arrPosts(1,6)+AD0AIg- when i googled the kennel name, i got this : +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-a href+AD0AIgAi-http://www.prisonersofgreed.org/+ACIAIg- target+AD0AIgAiAF8-blank+ACIAIg- rel+AD0AIgAi-nofollow+ACIAIgA+-http://www.prisonersofgreed.org/+ADw-/a+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4APA-br+AD4APA-span class+AD0-vsmbodytext +AD4AKgAqACo-Edited By: dusty082155 on 1/20/2007 1:45:42 PM+ACoAKgAqADw-br+AD4-Reason: +ACo- +ADw-/span+AD4AIg- arrPosts(1,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(1,8)+AD0AIg-4984+ACI- arrPosts(1,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(1,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(1,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(1,12)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(1,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(2,0)+AD0AIg-scout1+ACI- arrPosts(2,1)+AD0AIg-Moderator+ACI- arrPosts(2,2)+AD0AIg-435090+ACI- arrPosts(2,3)+AD0AIg-1/30/2004+ACI- arrPosts(2,4)+AD0AIg-3+ACI- arrPosts(2,5)+AD0AIg-2:47:49 PM 1/20/2007+ACI- arrPosts(2,6)+AD0AIg- in googling the name of that kennel i kept coming up with links to class a breeders and USDA links with her name on them. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- not a good sign. +ACI- arrPosts(2,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(2,8)+AD0AIg-13404+ACI- arrPosts(2,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(2,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(2,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(2,12)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(2,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(3,0)+AD0AIg-scout1+ACI- arrPosts(3,1)+AD0AIg-Moderator+ACI- arrPosts(3,2)+AD0AIg-435092+ACI- arrPosts(3,3)+AD0AIg-1/30/2004+ACI- arrPosts(3,4)+AD0AIg-4+ACI- arrPosts(3,5)+AD0AIg-2:55:50 PM 1/20/2007+ACI- arrPosts(3,6)+AD0AIg- +ADw-a href+AD0AIgAi-http://www.petstorecruelty.org/how+ACU-20to+ACU-20find+ACU-20out+ACU-20more+ACU-20about+ACU-20breeders.htm+ACIAIg- target+AD0AIgAiAF8-blank+ACIAIg- rel+AD0AIgAi-nofollow+ACIAIgA+-http://www.petstorecruelty.org/how+ACU-20to+ACU-20find+ACU-20out+ACU-20more+ACU-20about+ACU-20breeders.htm+ADw-/a+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- read through there and click on the apprpritae links to find out more about the breeder. +ACI- arrPosts(3,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(3,8)+AD0AIg-13405+ACI- arrPosts(3,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(3,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(3,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(3,12)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(3,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(4,0)+AD0AIg-Dana Ro+ACI- arrPosts(4,1)+AD0AIg-Senior Member+ACI- arrPosts(4,2)+AD0AIg-435209+ACI- arrPosts(4,3)+AD0AIg-3/13/2005+ACI- arrPosts(4,4)+AD0AIg-5+ACI- arrPosts(4,5)+AD0AIg-5:34:36 PM 1/20/2007+ACI- arrPosts(4,6)+AD0AIg- I highly doubt that's a responsible breeder. +ACI- arrPosts(4,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(4,8)+AD0AIg-1716+ACI- arrPosts(4,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(4,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(4,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(4,12)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(4,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(5,0)+AD0AIg-suebgone+ACI- arrPosts(5,1)+AD0AIg-Full Member+ACI- arrPosts(5,2)+AD0AIg-435243+ACI- arrPosts(5,3)+AD0AIg-5/10/2006+ACI- arrPosts(5,4)+AD0AIg-6+ACI- arrPosts(5,5)+AD0AIg-7:29:21 PM 1/20/2007+ACI- arrPosts(5,6)+AD0AIg- If they are advertising on the internet, they are not a reputable breeder. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- Now they may have a web site for their show dogs +ACY- wins etc but not advertise litters. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- Perhaps this will help +ADw-a href+AD0AIgAi-http://www.pgaa.com/canine/general/kennelvisit.html+ACIAIg- target+AD0AIgAiAF8-blank+ACIAIg- rel+AD0AIgAi-nofollow+ACIAIgA+-http://www.pgaa.com/canine/general/kennelvisit.html+ADw-/a+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- +ACI- arrPosts(5,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(5,8)+AD0AIg-235+ACI- arrPosts(5,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(5,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(5,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(5,12)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(5,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(6,0)+AD0AIg-jlgrounds+ACI- arrPosts(6,1)+AD0AIg-New Member+ACI- arrPosts(6,2)+AD0AIg-435402+ACI- arrPosts(6,3)+AD0AIg-1/21/2007+ACI- arrPosts(6,4)+AD0AIg-7+ACI- arrPosts(6,5)+AD0AIg-9:13:20 AM 1/21/2007+ACI- arrPosts(6,6)+AD0AIg- I guess I just don't understand the 'need' for some sort of 'pure' bred or designer dog. STOP BUYING DOGS FROM PET STORES. If you must have a 'pure' bred at least visit the kennels - unannounced - see the entire operation, listen to your gut - buying a dog off the internet is never a good thing. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- I live in a very small community where the animal shelter puts about 40 dogs and 40 cats to sleep every 6 days. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- Visit your local shelter, adopt a +ADw-a href+AD0AIgAi-http://www.terrificpets.com/dog+AF8-breeds/greyhound.asp+ACIAIg- target+AD0AIgAiAF8-blank+ACIAIg- rel+AD0AIgAi-nofollow+ACIAIgA+-greyhound+ADw-/a+AD4-, go on line and look up your favorite breed's rescue operations - unfortunately almost every pure breed will be represented by people who gave them up or abandoned them..... +ACI- arrPosts(6,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(6,8)+AD0AIg-1+ACI- arrPosts(6,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(6,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(6,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(6,12)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(6,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(7,0)+AD0AIg-Houndz2000+ACI- arrPosts(7,1)+AD0AIg-Full Member+ACI- arrPosts(7,2)+AD0AIg-436192+ACI- arrPosts(7,3)+AD0AIg-10/4/2005+ACI- arrPosts(7,4)+AD0AIg-8+ACI- arrPosts(7,5)+AD0AIg-9:29:38 AM 1/23/2007+ACI- arrPosts(7,6)+AD0AIg- Two huge red flags - Missouri and a purposely bred mutt. +ACI- arrPosts(7,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(7,8)+AD0AIg-362+ACI- arrPosts(7,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(7,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(7,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(7,12)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(7,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(8,0)+AD0AIg-alicat1+ACI- arrPosts(8,1)+AD0AIg-Senior Member+ACI- arrPosts(8,2)+AD0AIg-436200+ACI- arrPosts(8,3)+AD0AIg-4/23/2005+ACI- arrPosts(8,4)+AD0AIg-9+ACI- arrPosts(8,5)+AD0AIg-9:56:36 AM 1/23/2007+ACI- arrPosts(8,6)+AD0AIg- Suebgone-- Just because some one chooses to advertise their dogs EFFECTIVELY does not necessarily mean that they are unreputable. Maybe they are just smart. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- In my area of the world we have had one of the worst economies in the country for years. Why would I not want my puppies to go live in different areas where dogs are treated and given more than the children around here? +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- That is just a pretty generalizing statement, especially on a site that's main job is to advertise puppies for breeders. JMO. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- OP-- I wouldn't even put a deposit on a puppy from MO unless I went down there and checked things out. I have driven all over the country when purchasing my own puppies over the years. Thousands and thousands of miles in total. You may want do that or go with a different breeder. +ACI- arrPosts(8,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(8,8)+AD0AIg-2468+ACI- arrPosts(8,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(8,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(8,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(8,12)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(8,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(9,0)+AD0AIg-Monkeyeatbutt+ACI- arrPosts(9,1)+AD0AIg-Senior Member+ACI- arrPosts(9,2)+AD0AIg-436211+ACI- arrPosts(9,3)+AD0AIg-8/8/2005+ACI- arrPosts(9,4)+AD0AIg-10+ACI- arrPosts(9,5)+AD0AIg-10:36:37 AM 1/23/2007+ACI- arrPosts(9,6)+AD0AIg- If you cant drive down there to look around then dont do it. I live close to springfield missouri and to be honest i wouldnt trust most people around me with a fish. +ADw-br+AD4- Puppy mills around here are bad, i have been trying to get one shut down for years now. +ADw-br+AD4- there are amish puppy mills, I may be wrong on this but I think its legal for amish to have a puppy mill i rember reading it in a mag or something. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- Then there are the hill billy puppy mills. here is a convo I had with a Hill billy who had a puppy mill. +ADw-br+AD4- Me- whats wrong with your dog +ADw-br+AD4- HB- she had a toumor got in a fight and riped it open +ADw-br+AD4- Me- yah shouldnt she see the vet +ADw-br+AD4- HB- I cant afford no vet i spend over +ACQ-100 on dog food a week +ADw-br+AD4- Me- What kind of dog food do you use (my eyes were very big I was trying to think of how much dog food that was for bealgles corgies and bassets) +ADw-br+AD4- HB- Old Roy +ADw-br+AD4- Right there i wanted to slap the guy +ADw-br+AD4- Me- Ok so your dog still needs to see a vet that does not look good (looked like road rash all down one side of her body) +ADw-br+AD4- HB- If shes not better tomarow Ill just knock her in the head. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- the convo went on with him telling me how alot of his dogs give birth outside and he usualy ends up with at least one that dies, how hes gonna shoot this +ADw-a href+AD0AIgAi-http://www.terrificpets.com/dog+AF8-breeds/beagle.asp+ACIAIg- target+AD0AIgAiAF8-blank+ACIAIg- rel+AD0AIgAi-nofollow+ACIAIgA+-beagle+ADw-/a+AD4- if he cant sell him and no he was not going to give him away things like that. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- If you want to buy a missouri dog go for it i got bullwinkle here. but please check the place out in person. If you cant make it see if you can find someone that lives close to have a look for you. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- Sorry if i offended anyone with the hillbilly thing. I know there are hicks, rednecks, and hillbillys. I still dont know the diffrence between the 3 but most of the people I know will say they are hicks and red necks but not hillbillys. +ACI- arrPosts(9,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(9,8)+AD0AIg-1646+ACI- arrPosts(9,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(9,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(9,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(9,12)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(9,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(10,0)+AD0AIg-scout1+ACI- arrPosts(10,1)+AD0AIg-Moderator+ACI- arrPosts(10,2)+AD0AIg-436260+ACI- arrPosts(10,3)+AD0AIg-1/30/2004+ACI- arrPosts(10,4)+AD0AIg-11+ACI- arrPosts(10,5)+AD0AIg-1:31:42 PM 1/23/2007+ACI- arrPosts(10,6)+AD0AIg- +ADw-b+AD4-I know there are hicks, rednecks, and hillbillys. I still dont know the diffrence between the 3+ADw-/b+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- i didnt know there was a difference between the three. i thought the words were interchangeable. whenever i think of any of those words, people like those that were in the movies deliverance and wrong turn come to mind. +ACI- arrPosts(10,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(10,8)+AD0AIg-13416+ACI- arrPosts(10,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(10,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(10,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(10,12)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(10,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(11,0)+AD0AIg-Monkeyeatbutt+ACI- arrPosts(11,1)+AD0AIg-Senior Member+ACI- arrPosts(11,2)+AD0AIg-436295+ACI- arrPosts(11,3)+AD0AIg-8/8/2005+ACI- arrPosts(11,4)+AD0AIg-12+ACI- arrPosts(11,5)+AD0AIg-3:23:55 PM 1/23/2007+ACI- arrPosts(11,6)+AD0AIg- yah there is a diffrence. if you call my brother in law a hillbilly he will correct you because hes a redneck. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- +ACI- arrPosts(11,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(11,8)+AD0AIg-1647+ACI- arrPosts(11,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(11,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(11,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(11,12)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(11,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(12,0)+AD0AIg-wind+AF8-dial+ACI- arrPosts(12,1)+AD0AIg-New Member+ACI- arrPosts(12,2)+AD0AIg-436353+ACI- arrPosts(12,3)+AD0AIg-1/23/2007+ACI- arrPosts(12,4)+AD0AIg-13+ACI- arrPosts(12,5)+AD0AIg-5:22:58 PM 1/23/2007+ACI- arrPosts(12,6)+AD0AIg- I know that there are a lot of puppy mills in Missouri but that doesnt mean that every puppy from Missouri is the product of a mill and I kind of feel attacked when people automatically assume that when its from Missouri that its from a mill when there really are good honest people in Missouri such as my self that have occasional puppies for sale. I am from Missouri and just happen to be a small hobby breeder that takes excellent care of 5 spoiled +ADw-a href+AD0AIgAi-http://www.terrificpets.com/dog+AF8-breeds/weimaraner.asp+ACIAIg- target+AD0AIgAiAF8-blank+ACIAIg- rel+AD0AIgAi-nofollow+ACIAIgA+-Weimaraners+ADw-/a+AD4-. Just to share my weimies with everyone here is my webshots, there are some really good ones of Scamp and Vyolet playing. Thanks for listening. +ACI- arrPosts(12,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(12,8)+AD0AIg-1+ACI- arrPosts(12,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(12,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(12,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(12,12)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(12,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(13,0)+AD0AIg-anchor+ACI- arrPosts(13,1)+AD0AIg-New Member+ACI- arrPosts(13,2)+AD0AIg-464056+ACI- arrPosts(13,3)+AD0AIg-5/9/2007+ACI- arrPosts(13,4)+AD0AIg-14+ACI- arrPosts(13,5)+AD0AIg-1:35:39 AM 5/25/2007+ACI- arrPosts(13,6)+AD0AIg-I have been reading a lot of negative feedback from what is termed +ACIAIg-puppy mills+ACIAIg-. Currently, I have purchased 2 puppies from +ACoAKgAqACoAKg- in Missouri, and I can tell they are a first class operation. I define a professional dog kennel as a business, with people trying to make a living in this world, just like me. There are bad people and good people in any business industry. This breeder had a full time, around the clock person with his dogs at all times. He has a veterinarian that has to provide a health certificate in order to ship the pups to me in Alaska. He won't send the puppies until they are over 8 weeks old. He offered to provide me with a vet that would perform a nueter for the male dog at a reasonable price. He is a caring breeder of great puppies. You who live in Missouri should check them out. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- The worst photos are shown by those puppy breeders that are not conscientious about the care of their dogs. Whether or not this type of person chose to breed human children, skunks, rabbits, chickens or even one dog or even 10, they would not take the proper care of their own children nor their animals. We get our chickens from Safeway already butchered and ready to broil. We don't call them chicken mills and tell everyone to boycot Safeway stores because they sell chickens from a mass producing facility. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- While living in Alaska, and having to ship my pups here, it was necessary to inquire with a lot of websites to find a reputable breeder. The way I screened them was asking to speak to their regular veterinarian, see shots and deworming records of their dogs, before proceeding with purchase. A reliable breeder gladly shares this information and provides you with all documents requested by facsimile. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- The individuals I dealt with were mostly private sellers, would not provide me with this information. They had advertised that the pups had all their shots and were dewormed, but were not able to provide the documentation to prove it. Perhaps their own personal pets are not living in the ideal conditions either. Perhaps they are contained in a kennel all day while the are at work, or left outside and chained to a tree. These people I talked with were not the owners of big puppy mill operations, but rather private individual families who occasionally had pups for sale. They charged a nominal fee but obviously couldn't afford to get their pups seen by a vet, nor their adult dogs. For the most part, they were breeders who were not willing to ship their dogs. I suspect it is because they would have to pay for a vet to provide a health certificate for the airlines. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- People who are neglectful, uncaring and cruel of their animals are probably the same way with their families, themselves and their friends.+ADw-br+AD4APA-br+AD4APA-span class+AD0-vsmbodytext +AD4AKgAqACo-Edited By: lpn169 on 5/15/2010 2:34:37 AM+ACoAKgAqADw-br+AD4-Reason: Removed name+ADw-/span+AD4AIg- arrPosts(13,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(13,8)+AD0AIg-1+ACI- arrPosts(13,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(13,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(13,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(13,12)+AD0AIg-/images/uploads/user+AF8-72705+AF8-1+AF8-sm.jpg+ACI- arrPosts(13,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(14,0)+AD0AIg-nicoolx2+ACI- arrPosts(14,1)+AD0AIg-Full Member+ACI- arrPosts(14,2)+AD0AIg-464058+ACI- arrPosts(14,3)+AD0AIg-3/19/2007+ACI- arrPosts(14,4)+AD0AIg-15+ACI- arrPosts(14,5)+AD0AIg-3:31:01 AM 5/25/2007+ACI- arrPosts(14,6)+AD0AIg-I can tell by reading the name its not reputable, and just because they advertise on the internet doesn't make them bad breeders :P For all the good breeders out there, but, I personally stay away from people that end in kennels or farm in their kennel name, it sickens me, and they normally have bad dogs as well.+ACI- arrPosts(14,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(14,8)+AD0AIg-259+ACI- arrPosts(14,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(14,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(14,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(14,12)+AD0AIg-/images/uploads/user+AF8-66897+AF8-1+AF8-sm.jpg+ACI- arrPosts(14,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(15,0)+AD0AIg-tatersmom+ACI- arrPosts(15,1)+AD0AIg-Junior Member+ACI- arrPosts(15,2)+AD0AIg-464094+ACI- arrPosts(15,3)+AD0AIg-1/31/2007+ACI- arrPosts(15,4)+AD0AIg-16+ACI- arrPosts(15,5)+AD0AIg-10:52:00 AM 5/25/2007+ACI- arrPosts(15,6)+AD0AIg-I end my place with +ACIAIg-Farm+ACIAIg- because I really do have a farm with horses that I carry over to everything, does that mean I am a bad breeder just because I call my place a farm. I have a whopping 5 +ADw-a href+AD0AIgAi-http://www.terrificpets.com/dog+AF8-breeds/weimaraner.asp+ACIAIg- target+AD0AIgAiAF8-blank+ACIAIg- rel+AD0AIgAi-nofollow+ACIAIgA+-weimaraners+ADw-/a+AD4- which are very nice dogs and are genetically tested for everyones knowledge. I advertise with my farm name because I am proud of it and raise some very nice animals dogs and horses alike. Dogs in the house and horses obviously in the barn. But I certainly dont think that anybody who advertises as a Farm is necesarrily a puppy mill, maybe they really do have a farm. Wind Dial Farm Paints, Quarter Horses, and +ADw-a href+AD0AIgAi-http://www.terrificpets.com/dog+AF8-breeds/weimaraner.asp+ACIAIg- target+AD0AIgAiAF8-blank+ACIAIg- rel+AD0AIgAi-nofollow+ACIAIgA+-Weimaraners+ADw-/a+AD4-. +ADw-a href+AD0AIgAi-http://community.webshots.com/user/wind+AF8-d+AF8-weims+ACIAIg- target+AD0AIgAiAF8-blank+ACIAIg- rel+AD0AIgAi-nofollow+ACIAIgA+-http://community.webshots.com/user/wind+AF8-d+AF8-weims+ADw-/a+AD4- do these animals look in distress to you? OH an d I also live in Missouri, puppmill capitol. Does that mean I am also a mill just because of where I live? +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- Oh I forgot I do have my nuetered I.G. dont want to forget him.+ACI- arrPosts(15,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(15,8)+AD0AIg-90+ACI- arrPosts(15,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(15,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(15,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(15,12)+AD0AIg-/images/uploads/user+AF8-60803+AF8-1+AF8-sm.jpg+ACI- arrPosts(15,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(16,0)+AD0AIg-lpn169+ACI- arrPosts(16,1)+AD0AIg-Moderator+ACI- arrPosts(16,2)+AD0AIg-464096+ACI- arrPosts(16,3)+AD0AIg-6/21/2005+ACI- arrPosts(16,4)+AD0AIg-17+ACI- arrPosts(16,5)+AD0AIg-10:59:25 AM 5/25/2007+ACI- arrPosts(16,6)+AD0AIg-I get what your saying tatersmom. The word 'farm' does though make you think puppymill type when you first see it. As with everything, not everything is created equal, I have seen places use the name 'farm' in their title and definitely were that 'puppymill' mantality. Have also seen ones, like yours, in which they had minimal dogs, good quality, well cared for, tested, etc. +ADw-br+AD4- Individuals should research each individual person to see what their practices are and not base it solely upon their kennel name. +ADw-br+AD4- Heck, in all of my advertisements, it asks for 'kennel name' In which I type +AF8AXwBfAF8AXwBfAF8- Kennel. Funny, since my dogs dont live in kennels either, lol. I picture 'kennels' as a place where dogs are kept crated, and they have many many dogs. So, it was hard for me to use that term since mine are all house dogs who hog the couch and the bed.+ACI- arrPosts(16,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(16,8)+AD0AIg-5868+ACI- arrPosts(16,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(16,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(16,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(16,12)+AD0AIg-/images/uploads/user+AF8-26216+AF8-1+AF8-sm.jpg+ACI- arrPosts(16,13)+AD0AIg-People are like slinky's, not really good for much. But its still fun to push them down the stairs.+ACI- arrPosts(17,0)+AD0AIg-Boxer247+ACI- arrPosts(17,1)+AD0AIg-New Member+ACI- arrPosts(17,2)+AD0AIg-556854+ACI- arrPosts(17,3)+AD0AIg-11/30/2009+ACI- arrPosts(17,4)+AD0AIg-18+ACI- arrPosts(17,5)+AD0AIg-4:56:23 PM 11/30/2009+ACI- arrPosts(17,6)+AD0AIg-I am a +ADw-a href+AD0AIgAi-http://www.terrificpets.com/dog+AF8-breeds/boxers.asp+ACIAIg- target+AD0AIgAiAF8-blank+ACIAIg- rel+AD0AIgAi-nofollow+ACIAIgA+-boxer+ADw-/a+AD4- breeder in Missouri and yes they are a lot of puppy mills,but just because I bred +ADw-a href+AD0AIgAi-http://www.terrificpets.com/dog+AF8-breeds/boxers.asp+ACIAIg- target+AD0AIgAiAF8-blank+ACIAIg- rel+AD0AIgAi-nofollow+ACIAIgA+-boxers+ADw-/a+AD4- and yes I do sell them on the internet through AKC,I am not a red neck ,Hillbilly or anything else but a good father and +ADw-a href+AD0AIgAi-http://www.terrificpets.com/dog+AF8-breeds/boxers.asp+ACIAIg- target+AD0AIgAiAF8-blank+ACIAIg- rel+AD0AIgAi-nofollow+ACIAIgA+-boxer+ADw-/a+AD4- breeder ,I have been showing +ADw-a href+AD0AIgAi-http://www.terrificpets.com/dog+AF8-breeds/boxers.asp+ACIAIg- target+AD0AIgAiAF8-blank+ACIAIg- rel+AD0AIgAi-nofollow+ACIAIgA+-boxers+ADw-/a+AD4- and breeding them for almost 40 years,so don't put me in a class of people.like your self's,I can say probably over half of the people on here has nothing better to do than talk about someone and Judge people,before you open your mouth and sit down at a pc and blast someone take a good look at your own life. If you would like to see our +ADw-a href+AD0AIgAi-http://www.terrificpets.com/dog+AF8-breeds/boxers.asp+ACIAIg- target+AD0AIgAiAF8-blank+ACIAIg- rel+AD0AIgAi-nofollow+ACIAIgA+-boxers+ADw-/a+AD4- you can at +ACoAKgAqACoAKgAqACo-,not everyone in Missouri is a puppy mill and you have them in every state not just this one ,use your pc to look up the states that are the largest puppy mill states and its not Missouri.I even dought half of you know anything about breeding are you have a dog for sale in another state on this site and all you are trying to do is sell your dog,if so be honest and do any of you know what a back yard breeder is?+ADw-br+AD4APA-br+AD4APA-span class+AD0-vsmbodytext +AD4AKgAqACo-Edited By: lpn169 on 5/15/2010 2:30:20 AM+ACoAKgAqADw-br+AD4-Reason: Removed link+ADw-/span+AD4AIg- arrPosts(17,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(17,8)+AD0AIg-2+ACI- arrPosts(17,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(17,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(17,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(17,12)+AD0AIg-/images/uploads/user+AF8-155951+AF8-1+AF8-sm.jpg+ACI- arrPosts(17,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(18,0)+AD0AIg-riley1+ACI- arrPosts(18,1)+AD0AIg-Full Member+ACI- arrPosts(18,2)+AD0AIg-556855+ACI- arrPosts(18,3)+AD0AIg-3/21/2009+ACI- arrPosts(18,4)+AD0AIg-19+ACI- arrPosts(18,5)+AD0AIg-5:28:07 PM 11/30/2009+ACI- arrPosts(18,6)+AD0AIgA8-img src+AD0AIgAi-/images/smilies/7.gif+ACIAIg-/+AD4APA-span style+AD0AIgAi-color:+ACM-0080FF+ACIAIgA+-Boxer247, This thread is 2 1/2 years old+ACEAPA-/span+AD4AIg- arrPosts(18,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(18,8)+AD0AIg-437+ACI- arrPosts(18,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(18,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(18,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(18,12)+AD0AIg-/images/uploads/user+AF8-137306+AF8-1+AF8-sm.jpg+ACI- arrPosts(18,13)+AD0AIg-Animals, what animals? My children just have alot of hair+ACEAIg- arrPosts(19,0)+AD0AIg-catlover+ACI- arrPosts(19,1)+AD0AIg-Senior Member+ACI- arrPosts(19,2)+AD0AIg-556866+ACI- arrPosts(19,3)+AD0AIg-8/24/2004+ACI- arrPosts(19,4)+AD0AIg-20+ACI- arrPosts(19,5)+AD0AIg-7:16:04 PM 11/30/2009+ACI- arrPosts(19,6)+AD0AIg-boxer247-I took a look at your website. I didn't notice anything about health testing+ADs- only that your dogs are +ACIAIg-vet checked+ACIAIg-. Also didn't see anything about showing or any kind of AKC activity you participate in with your dogs. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- Seeing as how +ADw-a href+AD0AIgAi-http://www.terrificpets.com/dog+AF8-breeds/boxers.asp+ACIAIg- target+AD0AIgAiAF8-blank+ACIAIg- rel+AD0AIgAi-nofollow+ACIAIgA+-boxers+ADw-/a+AD4- are prone to bloat, cancer, dental problems, colitis problems, eye problems, back degeneration and SAS...what kind of health testing do you do on your breeding stock? What makes you different from any other BYB?+ACI- arrPosts(19,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(19,8)+AD0AIg-3919+ACI- arrPosts(19,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(19,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(19,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(19,12)+AD0AIg-/images/uploads/user+AF8-60047+AF8-1+AF8-sm.jpg+ACI- arrPosts(19,13)+AD0AIgAm-gt+ADsAXg-..+AF4AJg-lt+ADsAIg- +ACUAPg- puppy mills missouri
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puppy mills missouri

how do I check out if a breeder is a puppy mill
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