+ADwAJQ- posts +AD0- 20 Dim arrPosts(19,13) arrPosts(0,0)+AD0AIg-lpn169+ACI- arrPosts(0,1)+AD0AIg-Moderator+ACI- arrPosts(0,2)+AD0AIg-448709+ACI- arrPosts(0,3)+AD0AIg-6/21/2005+ACI- arrPosts(0,4)+AD0AIg-1+ACI- arrPosts(0,5)+AD0AIg-2:00:17 AM 3/14/2007+ACI- arrPosts(0,6)+AD0AIg-Wanted to throw this out there for the rest of the breeders here who show and work their dogs. +ADw-br+AD4- Someone decided to hijack my thread showing pics of my Min Pin pups to start a fight about us terrible nasty folks who breed show dogs. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- Apparently, they know that even show breeders do not get 100+ACU- show quality pups in their litters, but we are not allowed to sell the pups that are not show quality apparently, becasue then we are bad breeders. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- Does lovemybabiedogs want us to euthanize them if they arent show quality rather than finding loving homes as a pet? Or perhaps try shoving them back in? +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- If we show, we are allowed to breed, but if we place any pet puppies as pets, we are suddenly getting rich and being horrible for placing a pet. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- Feel free to refer to my once nice thread of the puppies into a try to explain to the clueless: +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-a href+AD0AIgAi-http://www.terrificpets.com/forum/42927+AF8-2.asp+ACIAIg- target+AD0AIgAiAF8-blank+ACIAIg- rel+AD0AIgAi-nofollow+ACIAIgA+-http://www.terrificpets.com/forum/42927+AF8-2.asp+ADw-/a+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- So what do you other horrible show breeders do when you get a puppy that isnt show quality? +ADw-br+AD4AIg- arrPosts(0,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(0,8)+AD0AIg-5534+ACI- arrPosts(0,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(0,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(0,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(0,12)+AD0AIg-/images/uploads/user+AF8-26216+AF8-1+AF8-sm.jpg+ACI- arrPosts(0,13)+AD0AIg-People are like slinky's, not really good for much. But its still fun to push them down the stairs.+ACI- arrPosts(1,0)+AD0AIg-m13lucky+ACI- arrPosts(1,1)+AD0AIg-Full Member+ACI- arrPosts(1,2)+AD0AIg-448710+ACI- arrPosts(1,3)+AD0AIg-5/6/2006+ACI- arrPosts(1,4)+AD0AIg-2+ACI- arrPosts(1,5)+AD0AIg-2:37:35 AM 3/14/2007+ACI- arrPosts(1,6)+AD0AIg-That's the most retarded thing I ever heard. You can have the best show quality dogs out there, but you are never going to get all 100+ACU- perfect puppies...genetics are just too complicated. When show breeders breed their dogs, they are looking to carry on or improve certain qualities in their lines. Some of these puppies will have all those qualities the breeder wants to keep in their lines and some of them will have some tiny minor flaw. This basically means the puppy could probably still be shown and most likely do well in the ring but for some reason the breeder thinks it best not to show and breed that puppy. For example, a +ADw-a href+AD0AIgAi-http://www.terrificpets.com/dog+AF8-breeds/maltese.asp+ACIAIg- target+AD0AIgAiAF8-blank+ACIAIg- rel+AD0AIgAi-nofollow+ACIAIgA+-maltese+ADw-/a+AD4- breeder may have an almost 100+ACU- show quality puppy, but the nose pigment isn't quite as dark as the breeder would like to carry on in their lines so they decide to sell it as a pet. Whoever buys this puppy still gets a wonderfully bred puppy...just with some kind of minor flaw. It is always better to buy from a show breeder because you're going to get a well-bred dog that well represents their breed, almost perfectly meets the standard, and is usually always guaranteed to not have genetic illnesses.+ACI- arrPosts(1,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(1,8)+AD0AIg-234+ACI- arrPosts(1,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(1,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(1,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(1,12)+AD0AIg-/images/uploads/user+AF8-41866+AF8-1+AF8-sm.jpg+ACI- arrPosts(1,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(2,0)+AD0AIg-pwcorgilover+ACI- arrPosts(2,1)+AD0AIg-Senior Member+ACI- arrPosts(2,2)+AD0AIg-448747+ACI- arrPosts(2,3)+AD0AIg-7/25/2006+ACI- arrPosts(2,4)+AD0AIg-3+ACI- arrPosts(2,5)+AD0AIg-8:22:41 AM 3/14/2007+ACI- arrPosts(2,6)+AD0AIg-Not a breeder over here as all of you know BUT I am fairly certain that a pet quality puppy from a reputable show breeder is much healthier and closer to standard than the best puppy a byb or puppymill could produce. Thank goodness y'all sell the +ACIAIg-pet quality+ACIAIg- ones to folks like me otherwise what would I do?+ACI- arrPosts(2,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(2,8)+AD0AIg-1101+ACI- arrPosts(2,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(2,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(2,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(2,12)+AD0AIg-/images/uploads/user+AF8-59901+AF8-1+AF8-sm.jpg+ACI- arrPosts(2,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(3,0)+AD0AIg-Wandering+AF8-Spirit+ACI- arrPosts(3,1)+AD0AIg-Senior Member+ACI- arrPosts(3,2)+AD0AIg-448821+ACI- arrPosts(3,3)+AD0AIg-5/23/2006+ACI- arrPosts(3,4)+AD0AIg-4+ACI- arrPosts(3,5)+AD0AIg-2:25:25 PM 3/14/2007+ACI- arrPosts(3,6)+AD0AIg-LMBD has proven several times that the crap spewing out of her mouth (or fingers) isn't worth reading. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- My pet quality pups often go into performance homes, doing what they were bred for, drafting, herding, or just having fun with agility :)+ACI- arrPosts(3,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(3,8)+AD0AIg-1325+ACI- arrPosts(3,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(3,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(3,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(3,12)+AD0AIg-/images/uploads/user+AF8-24879+AF8-1+AF8-sm.jpg+ACI- arrPosts(3,13)+AD0AIg-A cat by any other name... is still a sneaky little furball who pukes on the sofa.+ACI- arrPosts(4,0)+AD0AIg-TruePits+ACI- arrPosts(4,1)+AD0AIg-New Member+ACI- arrPosts(4,2)+AD0AIg-448832+ACI- arrPosts(4,3)+AD0AIg-5/17/2005+ACI- arrPosts(4,4)+AD0AIg-5+ACI- arrPosts(4,5)+AD0AIg-3:27:13 PM 3/14/2007+ACI- arrPosts(4,6)+AD0AIg-Some people just like to start trouble+ACE- Its what they get a kick out of doing. Starting fights. A lot of people are ignorant and uneducated as well and some just have different opinions. Sorry about your hijacked thread. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- I will be the first to tell anyone that not ALL pups from my litters will turn out, thats the point of culling. I don't see anything wrong with placing Pet Quality pups in PET homes. I would see it wrong if they were sold to breeding homes or if used in your breeding program.+ACI- arrPosts(4,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(4,8)+AD0AIg-7+ACI- arrPosts(4,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(4,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(4,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(4,12)+AD0AIg-/images/uploads/user+AF8-24611+AF8-1+AF8-sm.jpg+ACI- arrPosts(4,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(5,0)+AD0AIg-Renorey+ACI- arrPosts(5,1)+AD0AIg-Senior Member+ACI- arrPosts(5,2)+AD0AIg-448856+ACI- arrPosts(5,3)+AD0AIg-2/8/2005+ACI- arrPosts(5,4)+AD0AIg-6+ACI- arrPosts(5,5)+AD0AIg-5:46:26 PM 3/14/2007+ACI- arrPosts(5,6)+AD0AIg-I'm for shoving them back in, I like that one. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- I have yet to breed my dogs but have spent a kings ransum to establish my foundation. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- Purchased a female I want for my foundatio +ACQ-3,000.00 +ADw-br+AD4- Purchased the puppy I want for stud +ACQ-3,000.00 +ADw-br+AD4- hired a handler, travel expenses, show entry +ADw-br+AD4- fees to get championships 20,000.00 +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- Food for two dogs +ACQ-500.00 per month +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- Vet Bills +ACQ-3,000.00 a year +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- Testing to make sure there are now breedable +ACQ-2,000.00 +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- Changed mind for 1st breeding found better stud dog +ADw-br+AD4- +ACQ-3,000.00 fee +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- And I am going to get rich by selling a few less tan show quality puppies for +ACQ-1,500.00 each to homes we plan on screening +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- I do not plan on breeding to sell I plan on breeding to get the next show dog I want for my bloodline and I think I will just shove the rest back in so I am not accused of getting rich on selling a few less than perfect puppies +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- I'm a badddddd boyyyyy +ADw-br+AD4AIg- arrPosts(5,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(5,8)+AD0AIg-583+ACI- arrPosts(5,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(5,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(5,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(5,12)+AD0AIg-/images/uploads/user+AF8-60050+AF8-1+AF8-sm.jpg+ACI- arrPosts(5,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(6,0)+AD0AIg-IcyHound+ACI- arrPosts(6,1)+AD0AIg-Senior Member+ACI- arrPosts(6,2)+AD0AIg-448875+ACI- arrPosts(6,3)+AD0AIg-12/18/2004+ACI- arrPosts(6,4)+AD0AIg-7+ACI- arrPosts(6,5)+AD0AIg-6:51:52 PM 3/14/2007+ACI- arrPosts(6,6)+AD0AIg-And here I go selling a show quality male as a pet. I must be trash.+ACI- arrPosts(6,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(6,8)+AD0AIg-3561+ACI- arrPosts(6,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(6,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(6,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(6,12)+AD0AIg-/images/uploads/user+AF8-22646+AF8-1+AF8-sm.jpg+ACI- arrPosts(6,13)+AD0AIg-On the best of days a dog is a dog, and on the worst of days a dog is a dog.+ACI- arrPosts(7,0)+AD0AIg-juno+ACI- arrPosts(7,1)+AD0AIg-Full Member+ACI- arrPosts(7,2)+AD0AIg-448886+ACI- arrPosts(7,3)+AD0AIg-5/24/2005+ACI- arrPosts(7,4)+AD0AIg-8+ACI- arrPosts(7,5)+AD0AIg-7:20:37 PM 3/14/2007+ACI- arrPosts(7,6)+AD0AIg-Renorey, +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- Don't you think you are exaggerating those fees just a tad? +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4AIg- arrPosts(7,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(7,8)+AD0AIg-441+ACI- arrPosts(7,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(7,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(7,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(7,12)+AD0AIg-/images/uploads/user+AF8-59887+AF8-1+AF8-sm.jpg+ACI- arrPosts(7,13)+AD0AIg-If I seem to have a superiority complex, it is because you make it so easy.+ACI- arrPosts(8,0)+AD0AIg-Windy Valley +ACI- arrPosts(8,1)+AD0AIg-Junior Member+ACI- arrPosts(8,2)+AD0AIg-448894+ACI- arrPosts(8,3)+AD0AIg-2/4/2007+ACI- arrPosts(8,4)+AD0AIg-9+ACI- arrPosts(8,5)+AD0AIg-7:40:27 PM 3/14/2007+ACI- arrPosts(8,6)+AD0AIg-As someone who breeds and shows dogs..........I do not think the fees are exagerated. +ADw-br+AD4- But I was waiting for the +ACIAIg-PRICELESS+ACIAIg- you know like on the Mastercard comercial. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- I entered that contest. Here was my ad even though it did not win. New show collar +ACQ-7.00, +ADw-br+AD4- Entry fee to the biggest dog show in America +ACQ-60.00, Airline ticket to NYC +ACQ-300. +ADw-br+AD4- Kisses from the worlds best dog........Priceless. +ADw-br+AD4- I think they should have picked mine+ACEAIQAi- arrPosts(8,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(8,8)+AD0AIg-84+ACI- arrPosts(8,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(8,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(8,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(8,12)+AD0AIg-/images/uploads/user+AF8-61349+AF8-1+AF8-sm.jpg+ACI- arrPosts(8,13)+AD0AIg-He's your friend,your partner,your defender your dog.You are his life,his love,his leader. He will be yours faithful and true to the last beat of his heart.You owe it to him to worthy of such devotion+ACI- arrPosts(9,0)+AD0AIg-lpn169+ACI- arrPosts(9,1)+AD0AIg-Moderator+ACI- arrPosts(9,2)+AD0AIg-448913+ACI- arrPosts(9,3)+AD0AIg-6/21/2005+ACI- arrPosts(9,4)+AD0AIg-10+ACI- arrPosts(9,5)+AD0AIg-8:21:20 PM 3/14/2007+ACI- arrPosts(9,6)+AD0AIg-juno...the fees will differ obviously depending on the breed, its size, its rarity (costs more for a pup that their are very scarce numbers of the breed to get for your foundation) +ADw-br+AD4- As for the Dobes....nope I dont find that exaggerated at all. All those costs look pretty on the mark. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4AIg- arrPosts(9,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(9,8)+AD0AIg-5538+ACI- arrPosts(9,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(9,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(9,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(9,12)+AD0AIg-/images/uploads/user+AF8-26216+AF8-1+AF8-sm.jpg+ACI- arrPosts(9,13)+AD0AIg-People are like slinky's, not really good for much. But its still fun to push them down the stairs.+ACI- arrPosts(10,0)+AD0AIg-Renorey+ACI- arrPosts(10,1)+AD0AIg-Senior Member+ACI- arrPosts(10,2)+AD0AIg-448923+ACI- arrPosts(10,3)+AD0AIg-2/8/2005+ACI- arrPosts(10,4)+AD0AIg-11+ACI- arrPosts(10,5)+AD0AIg-8:42:36 PM 3/14/2007+ACI- arrPosts(10,6)+AD0AIg-Juno, +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- If anything I am understating the cost. Ask Icy or any other show breeder on the forum if you don't believe me. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- I didn't even mention the +ACQ-200.00 dinners when we take our handler and her husband out at some of these shows, or the gas in the car or hotel bills when we go to seen them...... +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- Oh yea Don't forget the Monti Cristo's just because that is my style +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4APA-br+AD4APA-br+AD4APA-span class+AD0-vsmbodytext +AD4AKgAqACo-Edited By: Renorey on 3/14/2007 9:08:30 PM+ACoAKgAqADw-br+AD4-Reason: add+ADw-/span+AD4AIg- arrPosts(10,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(10,8)+AD0AIg-584+ACI- arrPosts(10,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(10,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(10,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(10,12)+AD0AIg-/images/uploads/user+AF8-60050+AF8-1+AF8-sm.jpg+ACI- arrPosts(10,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(11,0)+AD0AIg-juno+ACI- arrPosts(11,1)+AD0AIg-Full Member+ACI- arrPosts(11,2)+AD0AIg-448958+ACI- arrPosts(11,3)+AD0AIg-5/24/2005+ACI- arrPosts(11,4)+AD0AIg-12+ACI- arrPosts(11,5)+AD0AIg-11:38:53 PM 3/14/2007+ACI- arrPosts(11,6)+AD0AIgAk-500 for food. +ADw-br+AD4- A high quality dog food cost at most +ACQ-40 per bag. You can get a much cheaper food, but let+AJI-s say you feed the best of the best. That should last 2 large size dogs at least a week. I feed my dogs cheap stuff that cost +ACQ-14 per bag and one 50+ACM- bag last close to 2 weeks for two dogs. And they have it available for them 24/7, so they are not starving. I thought high quality dog food was supposed to last even longer since they supposedly eat less of it. Unless you feed them filet mignon every day, at most, the food should cost about +ACQ-150-+ACQ-200 per month, and that is being generous. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- +ACQ-3,000 for vet bills a year. +ADw-br+AD4- If your dogs have so many problems that you need to spend so much on medical care in a year, they probably should not be bred. If that the case, it seem to me you got ripped off by the breeders who sold you sickly defective dogs for +ACQ-3,000 each. Either that or it is time to look for another vet, unless you are including all the tests in that figure? +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- +ACQ-2,000 for tests +ADw-br+AD4- I don+AJI-t know what tests you do, but OFA for hips and elbows cost me +ACQ-200 last time I did it. That includes the X-rays and the OFA fees. CERF cost about +ACQ-70 for the test and certification. Thyroids cost about +ACQ-40. Brucellosis is another +ACQ-25. I suppose you can do every available test in the book, but are most of them really necessary for your breed? If your breed has so many problems, maybe it is time to just let it die off and move to a different healthier breed. Even if those figures are right, most of these tests are done one time. If you figure 3-4 litters in the life time of your female, +ACQ-2,000 is a small investment compare to the rewards. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- +ACQ-3,000 stud fee. +ADw-br+AD4- I you really paid that much for a stud, that is a good thing. It probably means that you too can charge the same to stud out your +ACQ-3,000 male, especially with all those tests. And if that +ACQ-20,200 in costs paid off and he got titled, you can recuperate your costs in no time, and then some. +ADw-br+AD4AIg- arrPosts(11,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(11,8)+AD0AIg-442+ACI- arrPosts(11,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(11,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(11,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(11,12)+AD0AIg-/images/uploads/user+AF8-59887+AF8-1+AF8-sm.jpg+ACI- arrPosts(11,13)+AD0AIg-If I seem to have a superiority complex, it is because you make it so easy.+ACI- arrPosts(12,0)+AD0AIg-ravennr+ACI- arrPosts(12,1)+AD0AIg-Full Member+ACI- arrPosts(12,2)+AD0AIg-448959+ACI- arrPosts(12,3)+AD0AIg-2/17/2007+ACI- arrPosts(12,4)+AD0AIg-13+ACI- arrPosts(12,5)+AD0AIg-11:49:31 PM 3/14/2007+ACI- arrPosts(12,6)+AD0AIg-I'm a little bit speechless at some of the posts on the earlier thread, LPN, to be honest. I cannot imagine why anyone would say something like that to you, who has given no reason for anyone to think you are not a dedicated, responsible breeder. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- I'm not a breeder, but I know enough to know that cheap is not the best, and that you don't just give away dogs to whatever home comes up. And if+AFs-/when+AF0- I get into the breeding world, I will be sure I do not give my dogs a cheap food just because it's convenient, or go a cheap rout with vets or any testing.+ACI- arrPosts(12,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(12,8)+AD0AIg-212+ACI- arrPosts(12,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(12,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(12,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(12,12)+AD0AIg-/images/uploads/user+AF8-63136+AF8-1+AF8-sm.jpg+ACI- arrPosts(12,13)+AD0AIg-Dogs cannot sin+ADs- that is a privilege exclusively for humans.+ACI- arrPosts(13,0)+AD0AIg-Windy Valley +ACI- arrPosts(13,1)+AD0AIg-Junior Member+ACI- arrPosts(13,2)+AD0AIg-449084+ACI- arrPosts(13,3)+AD0AIg-2/4/2007+ACI- arrPosts(13,4)+AD0AIg-14+ACI- arrPosts(13,5)+AD0AIg-12:49:08 PM 3/15/2007+ACI- arrPosts(13,6)+AD0AIg-Juno, just curious why you feed the cheap stuff when you know there are better foods? I have always been told if you put 100 pounds of the cheap stuff, you end up scooping 80 pounds of it out of the yard. I don't feed the most expensive food, but lets just say I don't get it at Wal-Mart or the Supermarket either. I fed Canidae for awhile, and my dogs looked terriable on it.+ACI- arrPosts(13,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(13,8)+AD0AIg-99+ACI- arrPosts(13,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(13,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(13,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(13,12)+AD0AIg-/images/uploads/user+AF8-61349+AF8-1+AF8-sm.jpg+ACI- arrPosts(13,13)+AD0AIg-He's your friend,your partner,your defender your dog.You are his life,his love,his leader. He will be yours faithful and true to the last beat of his heart.You owe it to him to worthy of such devotion+ACI- arrPosts(14,0)+AD0AIg-juno+ACI- arrPosts(14,1)+AD0AIg-Full Member+ACI- arrPosts(14,2)+AD0AIg-449097+ACI- arrPosts(14,3)+AD0AIg-5/24/2005+ACI- arrPosts(14,4)+AD0AIg-15+ACI- arrPosts(14,5)+AD0AIg-1:37:33 PM 3/15/2007+ACI- arrPosts(14,6)+AD0AIgA8-i+AD4AlA-I have always been told if you put 100 pounds of the cheap stuff, you end up scooping 80 pounds of it out of the yard. +AJMAPA-/i+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- That+AJI-s the problem, +AJM-you have been told+AJQ-. It may be true with some foods, but just because a food is cheap, it doesn+AJI-t necessarily mean it is bad. You can+AJI-t always believe the propaganda that premium food companies keep perpetuating. I have tried many brands of dog food before settling on a brand I am sure no one here ever heard of from a local feed store. It is meat based. What meat, who knows. But their stool is small and firm, their coat is thick and shiny and they have nice healthy layer of blabber on them. That is what I care about when I judge their food. I go by the results I can see, not by what I was told. +ADw-br+AD4AIg- arrPosts(14,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(14,8)+AD0AIg-443+ACI- arrPosts(14,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(14,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(14,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(14,12)+AD0AIg-/images/uploads/user+AF8-59887+AF8-1+AF8-sm.jpg+ACI- arrPosts(14,13)+AD0AIg-If I seem to have a superiority complex, it is because you make it so easy.+ACI- arrPosts(15,0)+AD0AIg-ravennr+ACI- arrPosts(15,1)+AD0AIg-Full Member+ACI- arrPosts(15,2)+AD0AIg-449102+ACI- arrPosts(15,3)+AD0AIg-2/17/2007+ACI- arrPosts(15,4)+AD0AIg-16+ACI- arrPosts(15,5)+AD0AIg-2:20:28 PM 3/15/2007+ACI- arrPosts(15,6)+AD0AIg-You can+AJI-t always believe the propaganda that premium food companies keep perpetuating. +ADw-br+AD4- +AF8AXwBfAF8AXwBfAF8AXwBfAF8- +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- Is that so? Because, I have yet to see any high quality food being advertised on television or billboards. They don't put more the majority of their money into advertising+ADs- the ingredients are better and word of mouth has more than taken care of their company income.+ACI- arrPosts(15,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(15,8)+AD0AIg-214+ACI- arrPosts(15,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(15,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(15,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(15,12)+AD0AIg-/images/uploads/user+AF8-63136+AF8-1+AF8-sm.jpg+ACI- arrPosts(15,13)+AD0AIg-Dogs cannot sin+ADs- that is a privilege exclusively for humans.+ACI- arrPosts(16,0)+AD0AIg-Windy Valley +ACI- arrPosts(16,1)+AD0AIg-Full Member+ACI- arrPosts(16,2)+AD0AIg-449103+ACI- arrPosts(16,3)+AD0AIg-2/4/2007+ACI- arrPosts(16,4)+AD0AIg-17+ACI- arrPosts(16,5)+AD0AIg-2:23:50 PM 3/15/2007+ACI- arrPosts(16,6)+AD0AIg-Well, it's just that the person who told me had a degree in animal husbantry and nutrition. So it's not like I just heard it in the isle of the pet food store. +ADw-br+AD4- If the food you feed works for you, I am a strong believer, in IF IT AIN'T BROKEN DON'T FIX IT. +ADw-br+AD4- I didn't mean it as an attack, so don't take it as that. I was just curious why you choose a food that you yourself referred to as the Cheap stuff. +ADw-br+AD4- Heck if it is that good at that price, I might want to switch mine over. I am not opposed to saving money by no means.+ACI- arrPosts(16,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(16,8)+AD0AIg-100+ACI- arrPosts(16,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(16,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(16,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(16,12)+AD0AIg-/images/uploads/user+AF8-61349+AF8-1+AF8-sm.jpg+ACI- arrPosts(16,13)+AD0AIg-He's your friend,your partner,your defender your dog.You are his life,his love,his leader. He will be yours faithful and true to the last beat of his heart.You owe it to him to worthy of such devotion+ACI- arrPosts(17,0)+AD0AIg-pwcorgilover+ACI- arrPosts(17,1)+AD0AIg-Senior Member+ACI- arrPosts(17,2)+AD0AIg-449104+ACI- arrPosts(17,3)+AD0AIg-7/25/2006+ACI- arrPosts(17,4)+AD0AIg-18+ACI- arrPosts(17,5)+AD0AIg-2:24:55 PM 3/15/2007+ACI- arrPosts(17,6)+AD0AIg-I used Science Diet for years. My corgi lived almost 17 years on the stuff. Six months ago I switch my Setter and Lab mix to Innova. Boy has the shedding decreased and their coats are beautiful. The cats went from Science Diet to California Natural. Same thing happened with their coats. That's not +ACIAIg-propaganda+ACIAIg-...it's reality. However, I don't really place much stock in what a byb says anyway....moving on..... +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- Sorry LPN for the hijack.....+ACI- arrPosts(17,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(17,8)+AD0AIg-1110+ACI- arrPosts(17,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(17,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(17,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(17,12)+AD0AIg-/images/uploads/user+AF8-59901+AF8-1+AF8-sm.jpg+ACI- arrPosts(17,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(18,0)+AD0AIg-lpn169+ACI- arrPosts(18,1)+AD0AIg-Moderator+ACI- arrPosts(18,2)+AD0AIg-449114+ACI- arrPosts(18,3)+AD0AIg-6/21/2005+ACI- arrPosts(18,4)+AD0AIg-19+ACI- arrPosts(18,5)+AD0AIg-3:51:25 PM 3/15/2007+ACI- arrPosts(18,6)+AD0AIgAiACI-Sorry LPN for the hijack.....+ACIAIg- +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- lol...np +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4AIg- arrPosts(18,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(18,8)+AD0AIg-5544+ACI- arrPosts(18,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(18,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(18,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(18,12)+AD0AIg-/images/uploads/user+AF8-26216+AF8-1+AF8-sm.jpg+ACI- arrPosts(18,13)+AD0AIg-People are like slinky's, not really good for much. But its still fun to push them down the stairs.+ACI- arrPosts(19,0)+AD0AIg-juno+ACI- arrPosts(19,1)+AD0AIg-Full Member+ACI- arrPosts(19,2)+AD0AIg-449125+ACI- arrPosts(19,3)+AD0AIg-5/24/2005+ACI- arrPosts(19,4)+AD0AIg-20+ACI- arrPosts(19,5)+AD0AIg-5:13:21 PM 3/15/2007+ACI- arrPosts(19,6)+AD0AIg-Well, if you want to be a mindless sheep and follow the herd, be my guest. What do I care. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- Not all foods are created equal, that is obvious. But not all dogs are created equal either. What works for some may not work for others. I know what works for my dogs and it happened to be the cheap stuff. And by +AJM-cheap stuff+AJQ-, Windy Valley, I meant price, which is not to be confused with quality in this case. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- If you happened to be one of those people that are happy when they pay more for the same thing, be it for food, vets, dogs or whatever, and automatically believe it must be better if it cost more, then by all means, don+AJI-t let me dissuade you. It is your money to do with as you please. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- And to obfuscate the appearance of thread+AJI-s hijacking, here is my two cents on the OP. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- I believe that breeders should be able to sell for what ever people are willing to pay. Show quality or not, breeders still have expanses, pups still have monetary value and people are still looking to buy them regardless. Culling healthy pups makes no sense. Neither does giving them away for free. It is not up to any one other then the breeder to say who should sell what to whom and for how much. That goes for any breeder regardless of type. What is good for the geese should be good for the gander as well. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- If someone has a problem with that, well then, that is their problem, not yours. +ADw-br+AD4AIg- arrPosts(19,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(19,8)+AD0AIg-444+ACI- arrPosts(19,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(19,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(19,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(19,12)+AD0AIg-/images/uploads/user+AF8-59887+AF8-1+AF8-sm.jpg+ACI- arrPosts(19,13)+AD0AIg-If I seem to have a superiority complex, it is because you make it so easy.+ACI- +ACUAPg- Show breeders....question
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