+ADwAJQ- posts +AD0- 3 Dim arrPosts(2,13) arrPosts(0,0)+AD0AIg-dukesmom+ACI- arrPosts(0,1)+AD0AIg-New Member+ACI- arrPosts(0,2)+AD0AIg-546442+ACI- arrPosts(0,3)+AD0AIg-5/12/2009+ACI- arrPosts(0,4)+AD0AIg-1+ACI- arrPosts(0,5)+AD0AIg-11:18:43 AM 5/12/2009+ACI- arrPosts(0,6)+AD0AIg-I have a 5 1/2 month old white +ADw-a href+AD0AIgAi-http://www.terrificpets.com/dog+AF8-breeds/german+AF8-shepherd+AF8-dog.asp+ACIAIg- target+AD0AIgAiAF8-blank+ACIAIg- rel+AD0AIgAi-nofollow+ACIAIgA+-german shepherd+ADw-/a+AD4-, when he wants to be good he is truly an awesome dog, but he gets into these moods where he gets very aggressive, particularly to me (he is nice as pie to my husbad). I enrolled dule in puppy school and he is into the third week. Last night during a class duke started flipping out and actually bit the instructor when they put him down. I am at my wits end with this dog and don't know what to do. I have tried everything, i have tried being forceful and being the +ACIAIg-pack leader+ACIAIg- but it doesn't seem like anything is helping. I would love some advice. I just want a well behaved dog, he is still pretty small but he looks like he is going ot get pretty big and I don't want a 100 pound +ADw-a href+AD0AIgAi-http://www.terrificpets.com/dog+AF8-breeds/german+AF8-shepherd+AF8-dog.asp+ACIAIg- target+AD0AIgAiAF8-blank+ACIAIg- rel+AD0AIgAi-nofollow+ACIAIgA+-German Shepherd+ADw-/a+AD4- that is biting and growling at me...+ACI- arrPosts(0,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(0,8)+AD0AIg-1+ACI- arrPosts(0,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(0,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(0,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(0,12)+AD0AIg-/images/uploads/user+AF8-141540+AF8-1+AF8-sm.jpg+ACI- arrPosts(0,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(1,0)+AD0AIg-poodlerus+ACI- arrPosts(1,1)+AD0AIg-Junior Member+ACI- arrPosts(1,2)+AD0AIg-546456+ACI- arrPosts(1,3)+AD0AIg-12/31/2008+ACI- arrPosts(1,4)+AD0AIg-2+ACI- arrPosts(1,5)+AD0AIg-5:06:11 PM 5/12/2009+ACI- arrPosts(1,6)+AD0AIg-Not sure I understood what you meant by +ACIAIg-when the instructor put him down+ACIAIg-. Do you mean the instructor was trying to teach him the Down command? You will find that I have a strong opinion toward aggressive dogs. In my opinion they are a huge liablity, one that I do not want for myself. I think it is great that there are people who are willing to give aggressive dogs the benefit of the doubt and even retraining and second chances, but having been the one bitten before, I am not comfortable with that for myself or my family. What did the training instructor say about the situation? Was the attack provoked? Did the dog feel threatened or was someone in his face? Need more details.+ACI- arrPosts(1,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(1,8)+AD0AIg-21+ACI- arrPosts(1,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(1,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(1,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(1,12)+AD0AIg-/images/uploads/user+AF8-130538+AF8-1+AF8-sm.jpg+ACI- arrPosts(1,13)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(2,0)+AD0AIg-Illusionminis+ACI- arrPosts(2,1)+AD0AIg-Senior Member+ACI- arrPosts(2,2)+AD0AIg-546462+ACI- arrPosts(2,3)+AD0AIg-10/30/2007+ACI- arrPosts(2,4)+AD0AIg-3+ACI- arrPosts(2,5)+AD0AIg-6:10:06 PM 5/12/2009+ACI- arrPosts(2,6)+AD0AIgA8-span style+AD0AIgAi-color:+ACM-BF40FF+ACIAIgA+-I have no tolerance for agressive dogs, esp. to the hand that feeds them. White shepherds personally have always been a bit iffy in my book. They are a product of a genetic oops, and then those were breed together over a period of time to get what we have now. They tend to have more aggression issues, as well as health issues. You see it in alot of breeds, white +ADw-a href+AD0AIgAi-http://www.terrificpets.com/dog+AF8-breeds/boxers.asp+ACIAIg- target+AD0AIgAiAF8-blank+ACIAIg- rel+AD0AIgAi-nofollow+ACIAIgA+-boxers+ADw-/a+AD4-, white aussies, etc. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- The reality is +ADw-a href+AD0AIgAi-http://www.terrificpets.com/dog+AF8-breeds/german+AF8-shepherd+AF8-dog.asp+ACIAIg- target+AD0AIgAiAF8-blank+ACIAIg- rel+AD0AIgAi-nofollow+ACIAIgA+-German Shepherds+ADw-/a+AD4- as a whole used to have the same reputation as pit bulls some 30 years ago. Did you get the dog from a reputable breeder? Have you contacted that breeder and let them know what the problem is? Did you meet the dog parents? +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- I also agree with the above poster, as far as alot of questions. What exactly started the attack? What did the trainer say, and what advice did they give you for the long run? This needs to be addressed now. +ADw-br+AD4- +ADw-br+AD4- Who feeds, walks, and takes care of the dog. If the primary care giver is your husband, you may want to start being the primary care giver. You may also want to check with your vet to make sure there isn't something medically going on. Good luck+ADw-/span+AD4AIg- arrPosts(2,7)+AD0AIg- arrPosts(2,8)+AD0AIg-1109+ACI- arrPosts(2,9)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(2,10)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(2,11)+AD0AIgAi- arrPosts(2,12)+AD0AIg-/images/uploads/user+AF8-92851+AF8-1+AF8-sm.jpg+ACI- arrPosts(2,13)+AD0AIg-BIG HEARTS IN A SMALL PACKAGE+ACI- +ACUAPg- My Dog is out of hand
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My Dog is out of hand

Mean white german shepherd puppy
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