AvoDerm Natural Original with Beef Meal Oven-Baked Adult Dog Food, 24 lbs.

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AvoDerm Natural Original with Beef Meal Oven-Baked Adult Dog Food, 24 lbs.
AvoDerm Natural Original with Beef Meal Oven-Baked Adult Dog Food
Natural and Nutritious with Wholesome Goodness Baked In As dog lovers and experienced dog owners ourselves, we know how important it is to you to make the best choices when it comes to feeding your dog. You want good nutrition and natural ingredients, that's why we came up with Oven-Baked formulas for your dog...they're slow-cooked, nutritionally dense, easy to digest, and made with vitamin rich avocados for healthy skin and coat. Why oven-baking? The oven-baking process takes a little longer than regularly prepared dog food, but it's worth every extra minute because this slow-cooking process keeps the integrity of all our fine ingredients fully intact. Oven-Baked products are a great nutritional alternative for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Why Avocados? Nutrient rich avocados contain vitamins A, E and C in abundance. They're also an excellent source of balanced nutritional essentials for your dog's skin and coat health-and good health in general. Avocados are high in folate, potassium, niacin, essential fatty acids, and many other nutrients. They have no cholesterol, very little sodium, and are high in monosaturated fats. Ounce for ounce, the avocado is simply one of the most nutritious fruits there is. We created AvoDerm Oven-Baked formulas with California avocados so your dog could have a healthy skin and coat on the outside-and to keep them healthy on the inside. Our AvoDerm Oven-Baked formulas put your dog on the right nutritional track, and keep them there. Since 1947, we've invested our best resources developing the finest in wholesome and natural pet foods. Put our quality, innovation, and dedication to work for you and your loyal companion-put your trust in AvoDerm Oven-Baked! Proven Formulas with Quality Ingredients Our AvoDerm Oven-Baked formulas provide quality protein sources that's ideal for puppies and adult dogs with sensitivity to other protein sources. We use only quality ingredients in all our formulas to provide healthy, balanced levels of protein, fat, and nutrients for active puppies and adult dogs-we never use by-products. High quality ingredients eliminate the need for unnecessary preservatives and additives-things your dog's diet definitely doesn't need. We use only vitamins E & C to ensure freshness and palatability in our foods. Feed AvoDerm Oven-Baked regularly to sustain the highest level of nutrition for your dog from the inside out. The Importance of Skin and Coat Conditioners Your dog's skin and coat perform many tasks vital to your dog's survival-like providing warmth, maintaining body temperature, and protecting against parasites. Your dog's skin and coat are subject to constant attack and have some exceptional nutritional needs in order to protect and maintain your dog's health. You want your dog to feel good and look good, so we use the finest coat conditioners-like avocado oil, flax seed, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and essential fatty acids-to ensure your dog's skin and coat are healthy, glowing, and beautiful. In fact, most dogs that are fed a healthy diet of AvoDerm Oven-Baked show improvement in just 4-6 weeks...we guarantee it! Lower Stool Volume Benefits Everyone Let's face it; cleaning up your dog's waste doesn't exactly qualify as quality time. We know you'd rather spend time having more fun with your dog. AvoDerm Oven-Baked provides your dog with high digestibility. The results are lower stool volume and better nutrition for your dog-and less clean up for you!
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AvoDerm Natural Original with Beef Meal Oven-Baked Adult Dog Food, 24 lbs.
Size: 24 lbs.
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Shipping Weight: 24.00lbs. (Usually Leaves Warehouse the Next Business Day)
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AvoDerm Natural Original with Beef Meal Oven-Baked Adult Dog Food, 24 lbs.