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Standard Schnauzers

Aliases: Mittelschnauzer

Standard Schnauzer For Sale

Standard Schnauzer Weird Facts Did You Know?

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The Standard Schnauzer may have some of the richest history of any breed. The German word for Schnauzer literally means walrus mustache. This beloved dog can be found in many different paintings and artworks of the 15th and 16th centuries. The Standard Schnauzer has been found in paintings of Rembrandt and also in the paintings of Durer. He is immortalized in a stone statue found in the marketplace of Mecklenburg, Germany. The hunter and a Standard Schnauzer companion were chiselled out of stone in the 14th century.

The Standard Schnauzer is born premature and will continue to form after they are born. The Standard Schnauzer puppy has no sight or hearing abilities. They are limited in their sense of feeding. It is considered the ideal time to perform docking of the ears and tail as it is believed the puppies do not feel any pain as their nervous system is not yet fully developed. His average lifespan is considered to be between 12 and 14 years.

The Standard Schnauzer can be found in a salt and pepper coloring and pure black. Although sometimes they will have other colors in their coats, they are still considered to be a pure Standard Schnauzer.

The Standard Schnauzer is considered to be the prototype of the three different Schnauzers. They are considered to be a German-born breed of great antiquity. The Standard Schnauzer was originally developed by crossing a black German Poodle with a gray Wolf Spitz. This was done with a pinscher that was wirehaired in stock.

The Standard Schnauzer became popular in the United States only after Word War I. They were first introduced in the United States as a Terrier breed. They were quickly reestablished as the Standard Schnauzer.

The Standard Schnauzer was used by the German army during World War I and World War II. They served their country as dispatch carriers and also as aides in the Red Cross.

The Standard Schnauzer was raised primarily as a rat dog or catcher. This trait can be seen often when cats or other small animals come into its territory or domain. They will not only chase the animal, they will catch it.

The Standard Schnauzer has been used many times as a drug searching dog. They are considered to be excellent in search and rescue missions. The Standard Schnauzer is considered to have a great propensity to sniff and find. They are not only used to sniff out bombs, but they are even being used to sniff out cancer. While this may not be a fool proof way to detect cancer it is interesting that some of the Standard Schnauzers are able to sniff it out with amazing accuracy. They have a sense of smell 220 million times more sensitive than humans.

The Standard Schnauzer is considered to be an "alpha" dog. This attitude becomes apparent when he is around another dog of the same sex. He likes to be in control and in charge of whatever situation may arise. He is truly the boss and will let you and everyone know it.

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Standard Schnauzer Weird Facts Did You Know?
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