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Of the millions of people across the country, approximately fifteen percent are allergic to animals, namely dogs and cats. Even so, many of these people with allergies chose to get a dog or cat, replace one after it died or keep the pet they already had although advised by their physician to give the animal up. Many people feel that allergies to their pets are a minor inconvenience compared to the joy and companionship of owning one. If you are considering getting a dog, but suffer from a pet allergy, become as knowledgeable about allergies as possible and learn about practical ways to manage your allergies so you can experience of pleasure of having a dog.…

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Akita Content
Life Span: 10 and 12 years
Litter Size: 3 to 12 puppies with the average litter being 7 or 8
Group: Working Group
Color: The Japanese Akita has only four different colors and they are brindle, white, sesame (i.e. hair that is red and has black tips), and red fawn.
Hair Length: Medium
Size: Large, Extra Large
Shedding: Moderate Shed, Heavy Shed
Male Height: 26-28 inches (66-71 cm)
Male Weight: 75-120 pounds (34-54 kg)
Female Height: 24-26 inches (61-66 cm)
Female Weight: 75-110 pounds (34-50 kg)
Living Area: Akitas are very adaptable dogs and can adjust to different living conditions provided they are given frequent, regular exercise. They do best in a house with a large, fenced yard and shelter from the sun and cold. In very hot climates they should be kept indoor during the heat of the day.

About this Breed

The Akita is truly a powerful and majestic looking dog with an overall calm and very even disposition. The Akita is a large breed, with males often weighing over one hundred pounds and standing up to twenty-eight inches at the shoulder. The Akita is best recognized by its almost bear shaped head as well as the tightly curled tail that is symbolic of the Spitz breeds. The head of the Akita is very alert and intelligent looking. The eyes are dark, rather deep set and triangular shaped, as are the wide set, pricked ears. There is a broad and wide shape to the forehead, with a slight groove running from the stop to the top of the head. The muzzle is strong looking and relatively short, ending in a well formed black nose on most Akitas, although mostly white colorations may have a brownish nose. The general shape of the head of the Akita is that of a blunt wedge, and in large males it is possible to place your hand on the wide forehead and not touch either ear. The body of the Akita is muscular and strong, with powerful, thick legs and a deep body. The toes of the Akita are actually webbed, making them excellent swimmers. The chest is wide and broad and is wider than the rest of the body, including the hindquarters. The solid appearance of the breed is enhanced by the medium length double coat that is off the body, adding a soft appearance to the shape. The tail is tightly curled over the back, often slightly to one side in either a full or double curl. Tails that do not curl or only curve slightly are considered disqualification in the show ring. The Japanese Akita has only four different colors and they are brindle, white, sesame (i.e. hair that is red and has black tips), and red fawn. When determining a Japanese Akita, it must have white hair on its chest, body, tail, cheeks and muzzle except the white Akita. Outside Japan, pinto is an acceptable Akita color, but not within it. More colors of the Akita are acceptable within the United States as dog breeders continue to interbreed the Japanese Akita with the United States Akita, which is typically a bigger and heavier build version.
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