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Cesky Terrier Shows and Competitions

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For people that love Cesky terriers, enjoy being around other Cesky terriers and owners of this wonderful breed, Cesky terrier dog shows and competitions are fun events to watch and an enjoyable, rewarding experience if you choose to compete. Cesky terrier dog events, trials, shows, and competitions are a great way to spend time and be active with your pet. They are rewarding, fun and offered both in the United States and internationally.…

Golden Retreive Fall Litter - Vermont

Beautiful, smart and loving - our pups are not only beautiful, they are healthy and sound in temperment as well. our fall pups are due september 15…


waterbury, VT

Golden Retriever

Kooikerhondje Content
Life Span: 12-14 years
Litter Size: 5 to 7 puppies
Group: Sporting, Working
Recognized By: FCI, UKC, APRI, ACR
Color: Showable Kooikers come in only one acceptable color combination--a white coat with patches of chestnut red or orange--but black and white Kooikers sometimes appear.
Hair Length: Long
Size: Medium
Shedding: Moderate Shed
Male Height: 14-16 inches (35-40 cm)
Male Weight: 20-40 lbs. (9-18 kg)
Female Height: 14-16 inches (35-40 cm)
Female Weight: 20-40 lbs. (9-18 kg)
Living Area: The Kooikerhondje will do better when he or she has a great deal of opportunity for exercise. Outdoor or rural areas are ideal, but suburban or even urban environments can work if nearby parks are large enough to fulfill the Kooiker's need for energetic activity. A fenced area is helpful to keep the Kooiker from chasing small animals and possibly getting lost.

About this Breed

The Kooikerhondje is a medium-sized dog, similar in size and appearance to a spaniel. The Kooikerhondje's coat is somewhat thick, is of medium length, and is for the most part bi-colored with white and chestnut red being the most common color type. The Kooikerhondje's most distinctive physical features are the black tips of its long, feathered ears, known as the earrings. The longer the earrings, the more desirable the dog for breeding and showing purposes. In addition, the Kooikerhondje's legs are often moderately feathered, while its tail is ideally heavily feathered with white fur. Its muzzle is fairly thin, like a spaniel's, and ideally forms a perfect "scissor jaw" with the upper teeth only slightly overlapping the lower teeth. The Kooikerhondje's eyes are dark and tend to have an alert expression. The Kooikerhondje was bred as an all-purpose dog: members of the breed can be invaluable as hunters or decoy dogs for duck hunting, and the breed was initially developed with these purposes in mind. But the Kooikerhondje's friendly yet watchful temperament also makes it ideal as a watchdog or simply as a family companion. Kooikerhondje can be easily trained without much harshness on the part of the trainer, allowing dedicated Kooikerhondje owners to train their dogs for virtually any purpose they have in mind--on the condition, of course, that you keep your dog happy by providing plenty of exercise, a healthy portion of food, and lots and lots of the personal attention these friendly dogs so crave.
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