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Cesky Terrier Shows and Competitions

By: TerrificPets Editors

For people that love Cesky terriers, enjoy being around other Cesky terriers and owners of this wonderful breed, Cesky terrier dog shows and competitions are fun events to watch and an enjoyable, rewarding experience if you choose to compete. Cesky terrier dog events, trials, shows, and competitions are a great way to spend time and be active with your pet. They are rewarding, fun and offered both in the United States and internationally.…

Young Adult Full English Creme Import…

We have 1 available show quality imported female and 1 male we will be re-homing due to medical reasons of our own and will not be breeding any longer…

$7500.00 F

Western Piedmont, NC

Golden Retriever

Cocker Spaniel
Cocker Spaniel Content
Life Span: 12-15 years
Litter Size: 2-7 puppies with an average of 5 per litter
Group: Gun Dog, AKC Sporting
Color: Black and tan, black, any solid color other than black (ASCOB), parti-colored (white and any other solid color), tan points with the tan less than 10% of the total body.
Hair Length: Long, Medium
Size: Medium
Shedding: Moderate Shed
Male Height: 14-16 inches (36-38 cm)
Male Weight: 15-30 pounds (7-14 kg)
Female Height: 14-16 inches (36-38 cm)
Female Weight: 15-30 pounds (7-14 kg)
Living Area: The Cocker Spaniel is a very adaptable dog that can do well in a smaller space such as an apartment but can also do well in the country. A fenced yard is important for this breed, as they do tend to roam.

About this Breed

The Cocker Spaniel is a smaller sized spaniel that has wonderful temperament and boundless energy. They are great dogs for families as well as single people and really love being with humans, although they can tolerate moderate lengths of time alone if they are properly exercised and attended to when the family is home. The Cocker Spaniel has a beautiful, silky medium long coat that is relatively easy to care for and maintain, even if the dog is outside. The head of the Cocker Spaniel is dome shaped between the long, pendulous and well feathered ears. The eyes are very round and positioned towards the center of the muzzle, dark and very soft looking while still giving a twinkle of merriment and interest in their surroundings. The muzzle has a defined stop at the eyes then is rather square and broad in appearance down to the nose. The nose is large and noticeable with black coloration on dark coated dogs and a more brown color on the lighter coat colors. The upper lips are relatively long and hang down beyond the level of the lower jaw but are tight to the mouth. The neck is short and very erect from the shoulders, which are muscular and well developed. The legs tend to be rather short and well feathered, making them appear slightly heavier than they really are. The body of the Cocker Spaniel has a topline that slopes slightly down from the shoulders to the hips, giving a "ready" appearance when the dog is standing up. The hind legs are strong and relatively straight and the tail is traditionally docked to about 2/5 of its natural length. In many areas tail docking is no longer allowed so the tail may be left natural. The Cocker Spaniel has traditionally been used as a gun dog as well as a household pet, and will quickly adjust to whatever is asked of it. They are surprisingly athletic for their smaller size and are natural retrievers.

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