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Chinese Crested
Chinese Crested Content
Life Span: 10-12 years, not a long lived breed
Litter Size: 2-4 puppies per litter
Group: AKC Toy
Color: All colors and patterns acceptable.
Hair Length: Long
Size: Toy/Small
Shedding: Does Not Shed, Lite Shed
Male Height: 12 inches (30cm)
Male Weight: 10 pounds or less (4.5kg)
Female Height: 12 inches (30cm)
Female Weight: 10 pounds or less (4.5kg)
Living Area: The Chinese Crested Dog is an inside dog under almost any circumstance. The Powder Puff can tolerate being outside more easily than the Hairless. They will self exercise in the house or apartment and make ideal indoor pets.

About this Breed

There are two very distinct coat types to the Chinese Crested Dog. The first one is the one that most people are familiar with which is the hairless variety. These small dogs have hair on the head, ears, tail and feet and the rest of the body appears to be skin, although a very fine downy hair actually exists. The second and less commonly recognized variety of the Chinese Crested in the Powder Puff. These dogs have a full, thick and long coat of fine, silky hair that is uniformly long all over the body. It is interesting to note that both the Powder Puff and the Hairless varieties of the Chinese Crested Dog will be found in the same litter and there is really no way to predict what variety will occur between a particular mating. The head of the Chinese Crested Dog is very fox like in shape and overall appearance. It is a wedge shape when viewed either from straight above or to the side, with a noticeable stop and a finely tapering muzzle. The skull is slightly dome shaped or rounded between the ears. The eyes are almond shaped, very dark, alert and rather intense or focused looking. The ears are left natural and are not cropped and are spaced well to the sides of the head. In a soft triangular shape, they stick out to the sides of the head, not towards the top of the head as in most breeds. Often in the hairless variety there is rather poor tooth alignment and even some missing teeth, although in the Powder Puff all teeth should be present in the show dogs. The neck of the Chinese Crested Dog is long and graceful and positioned high on the shoulders. It is usually somewhat arched, giving the dog a very refined and aloof appearance. The shoulders are very sloping and the body tends to be narrow. The ribcage and chest are proportional and there is a noticeable tuck up at the abdomen, especially obvious in the hairless Chinese Crested Dog. The tail is long and tapered, carried parallel to the ground when the dog is in motion and curving gently upwards when the dog is stopped. In the Powder Puff variety the tail is completely covered in hair and in the Hairless the tail should be covered at least 2/3rds in long, silky hair. The legs are well developed and straight with heavy hair covering on the feet in both varieties. The Chinese Crested Dog should move gracefully and actively without excessive leg action. In the ring they should have a natural jauntiness or proud carriage and should be well behaved, neither aggressive or timid in temperament.

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