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Poteau, OK


Japanese Chin
Japanese Chin Content
Life Span: 10-12 years, up to 15 years.
Litter Size: 1 to 3 pups.
Group: Toy
Color: Black and white, red and white, or black and white with tan points.
Hair Length: Medium
Size: Toy/Small
Shedding: Moderate Shed
Male Height: 7 inches-11 inches
Male Weight: 4 pounds-15 pounds
Female Height: 7 inches-11 inches
Female Weight: 4 pounds-15 pounds
Living Area: The Japanese Chin is very good for apartment living. Its quiet and well behaved manners make this one of the best choices for apartment dwellers. Owners should be aware that even though the breed is gentle and charming it is perhaps best suited to homes in which there are no small children. If there are small children in the home they should be instructed to be gentle with the dog. This breed is not a barker but they will bark when alerted to strangers. For this reason they can make good watchdogs. This is one breed that will do well without a back yard to play. They can live happily indoors and they can find enough activity to stay fit.

About this Breed

The Japanese Chin is a small, even dainty, little spaniel. It has a short, broad face, and a soft, feathered coat. In the healthy Chin a thick ruff covers the neck and chest. The forehead of the Japanese Chin is round, with a well-defined stop. The nose of the Chin is wide and the nostrils open. Owners should know that those animals that are black and white in coat color should have a black nose. For those animals that are other colors, the nose should match the color of the coat markings. One of the most endearing characteristics is the expressive, protruding eyes. The eyes should be dark and almond-shaped. The eyes of the animal should be clear and alert. The combination of all the head traits is what gives the breed its Oriental expression. A small amount of white in the inner corners of the eyes is a breed characteristic that gives the dog a look of astonishment. In the Japanese Chin the teeth form either a level or an undershot bite. For the healthy Chin, the ears are upside-down, V-shaped and are covered with hair. When alert, the ears are carried forward and downward. The ears are well feathered and fit into the rounded contour of the head. Generally, the body of the Chin is about the same length as it is high. The front legs are straight and fine-boned. The coat comes in white with colored patches, which are most often black. Sometimes these patches will be red, lemon, orange, sable or brindle. The tail of this remarkable breed is feathered or plumed and it will curl up over the back of the animal. The Japanese Chin has an elegant high-stepping gait that is unmistakable. The movements of this breed will be light and stylish to the point of being a show off.

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