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Sealyham Terriers

Aliases: Sealy

Sealyham Terrier For Sale

Sealyham Terrier: The Police Dog

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Tags: Sealyham Terrier, Working Dog, Guard Dog, Service Dogs, Watchdogs

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Not all dog breeds are capable of police work. This is because law enforcement agencies have stringent requirements when it comes to the form, build and temperament of a police dog. However, there are some people who would love to christen their own dogs as police dogs in their own rights because of their innate qualities of being aggressive in protecting the members of the family that they belong to. Even if law enforcement agencies will never consider these dogs as police dog material, for the proud owners, their dogs are police dogs in their homes and in their hearts.

The dog breeds that are primarily considered to become police dogs worldwide are the German Shepherds and the Labrador Retrievers. Other breeds like the Breston and the Belgian Malinois are also used sometimes, although this usually depends on the tasks that they are specifically needed for. The attributes of a dog that are considered important in becoming a police dog are aggression, intelligence, sense of smell and strength. Most police dogs are usually male and they are, most of the time, left unneutered. This is so that their natural aggression can be maintained. This aggression, though, is kept at bay through subjecting the dogs to rigorous and thorough training.

Before the German Shepherd was adopted to become the law enforcement's typical choice for police work as well as search and rescue, there was one dog that was widely used. This was the Airedale Terrier. Being the largest of all the terrier breeds, the Airedale was dubbed the "King of Terriers". Because it has the necessary traits needed for an effective police dog, this dog breed earned the reputation of being a police dog as well as a pet in the past. Those who had this dog had a perfect combination of house companion, hunter as well as watchdog in one package.

The reputation of the Airedale Terrier might have led those people who have Sealyham Terriers to believe that their dogs, too, are competent police dogs. Belonging to same family line as the Airedale, the Sealyham also possesses the necessary attributes that make a dog a successful police dog. It is aggressive, intelligent, strong and quite keen. Their great alertness makes Sealyham owners believe that their dogs are more than just determined watchdogs, but effective police dogs as well. Although, Sealyham Terriers are generally quiet, they have a deep bark that is quite alarming, which they will use to let you know of approaching animals or visitors. Being keen listeners, Sealyhams will immediately alert their masters when they sense the presence of strangers as well as noises that are unusual. These attributes of a Sealyham make it a good watchdog which can be effective for police work as well.

Sealyham Terriers might not be considered as official police dogs by any law enforcement agency. But, for those who firmly believe in their abilities to guard the lives of their owners and the rest of the family, they are police dogs in their own rights.

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Sealyham Terrier: The Police Dog
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