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Aliases: Wiener Dog/Hotdog, Doxie

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Maintaining a Healthy Weight Despite Your Dachshund's Fondest Wishes

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Tags: Dachshund, Exercise, Health, Feeding

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There is nothing, I repeat: nothing, your dachshund likes more than eating. Though sleeping and chasing after balls might come close, they'll drop the others for food anytime. While there is the occasional dachshund that isn't quite too ravenous (especially among some of the more exotic coat types), as a breed, they are insatiable. That said, it will be an uphill battle throughout your dachshund's life to keep their weight under control.

This is best done with very regular exercise. Though close to the ground, they are able to keep up with much bigger dogs for the most part. They certainly can tackle rough terrain and enjoy leading larger dogs on charges in dog parks. If you're a walker, half a mile to a mile per day is usually adequate for good health.

Of course, this doesn't mean you should allow them to eat whatever they want. Especially if you reward good behaviour with treats, they may quickly take to faking good behaviour for the reward. Remember, these dogs are capable of great deviousness where food is concerned, even going so far as to create diversions so they can get a chance at food that would normally guarded by people, such as food prepared for the grill. Be careful.

You may, in fact, have a problem with your dog treating the pavement as a smorgasbord. While, this usually isn't a problem (since the breed seems to be very good at discerning what is and isn't edible in very short order), it can become a very immediate problem with the object on the pavement is a chicken bone.

If you are to wrest such a find from your normally mild mannered dachshund, you'll have to established a protocol for giving up such object when the dog was very young, or you'll have to lure them away with something better. If you don't happen to carry bacon with you, this could be a problem.

Another behaviour you should have no tolerance for is begging. While a little scrap of human food here and there is no terrible thing, do not ever get in the habit of feeding your dog from the plate, as any dog so focused on food as a dachshund will certainly make a career of it. Even dogs that are used to staring at diners are offensive to many, and your dog certainly doesn't need any more snacks.

Let's face it, weiner dogs are cute, and everyone loves to feed them, as they love to feed any animal that so clearly will do just about anything for a treat. A handful of meat scraps is the best way to get on the good side of any dachshund that is poorly socialized or otherwise fearful of you, but this practice, when taken to the extreme, can very easily result in an obese dachshund. So, be careful about what you feed your dog, and you'll be able to help keep her or his back and cardiovascular system in good shape for many years.

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Maintaining a Healthy Weight Despite Your Dachshund's Fondest Wishes
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