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Field Spaniels

Aliases: Field, Bramast Glenmorhan

Field Spaniel For Sale

The Field Spaniel in Action

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Tags: Field Spaniel, Working Dog, Hunting Dog, Service Dogs

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While there are dogs that appear ungainly in their actions, there are also dogs that seem to exude poetry in motion. The unhurried gait of the Field Spaniel, combined with its long stride, make it one of those dogs that many people would love to see in action. Considering their love for any kind of sporting activity, there are many dog lovers now, especially those with active lifestyles, who prefer owning Field Spaniels. The sporting instincts that this breed of dog possesses, which outweigh those of other dogs under the spaniel line, make the Field Spaniel a perfect companion for sporty people.

Field Spaniels are quite active and they always seem to be full of vigor. Because they are in need of constant exercise, they are most happy when given work to do. They love it best when you provide them with as much running and field work as possible. If you are quite the sporty type, then you would love the fact that Field Spaniels enjoy running alongside their owners during physical activities. Because they are bred for endurance as well as for activity, Field Spaniels should be provided with more opportunities to exercise and release their boundless energy.

Although primarily known as working dogs, Field Spaniels are also known for their hunting abilities. They have an exceptional sense of smell and like to explore and run while following their noses. If they are trained, they can go into a dense area to sniff out birds and easily retrieve them and bring them back to their owners. Because Field Spaniels are quite independent by nature and have keen noses, they are perfect hunting companions for those who love the sport.

As sporting dogs, particularly gundogs in England, Field Spaniels also fall under three classifications, namely, pointers, retrievers and setters. They are bred basically to work alongside humans in hunting for game birds. Some of them are more suited to work in the water while others are more ideal for land work. Many of them, though, are capable of working in both environments. Generally, however, Field Spaniels are more suited to wood and field activities.

Under the three main classifications of sporting dogs, Field Spaniels as retrievers will look for and return birds or other quarries that are shot to the hunters. Pointer dogs, on the other hand, would only stand in front of their quarries. They will hold their noses and bodies rigid and still, giving directions to the hunters as to the game's location. As setter dogs, Field Spaniels are trained to crouch in front of the quarries to prevent their escape. This allows the hunters to capture the quarries with nets.

Field Spaniels are absolutely dogs that would suit people who love action and adventure. Their great endurance will be more than enough to keep any owner with an active lifestyle content and happy.

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The Field Spaniel in Action
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