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Ibizan Hounds

Aliases: Ibzy

Ibizan Hound For Sale

The Needs of the Ibizan Hound

Filed under Dogs
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Tags: Ibizan Hound, Grooming, Exercise

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Every dog has its specific needs. While there are dogs that are content to be left alone most of the time, there are other dogs that crave attention and affection, as if they were children. The latter is especially true for an Ibizan Hound, which is affectionate in nature and loves to be touched and handled gently at all times. One of the greatest needs of the Ibizan is a caring owner who shows affection and patience readily.

Because an Ibizan Hound is a dog that is naturally clean, it requires very little grooming, even if it has the tendency to shed hair. From its puppy years, you should already subject your Ibizan to constant handling and touching, so that it will also see grooming as an activity that has to occur regularly. It is important that you make your Ibizan feel comfortable when you are grooming it. It is also advisable that the nails of your Ibizan be clipped every two weeks and its teeth scaled either once a month or brushed daily. If your dog has been subjected to all these since young, then it will get used to grooming and will adhere to it without any complaints.

With the Ibizan's propensity to leap onto tables and counter tops and refrigerators and what not, make sure that all sharp or fragile things that could harm it be kept out of the way. It is also imperative that the fencing of your property be high enough such that it cannot leap over it. This is to make sure that your dog stays within your yard. Probable accidents can also be prevented through this proper fencing, especially when your house is near a road.

Since it is an energetic dog, an Ibizan Hound also needs to exercise regularly. To make sure that your dog gets the right amount of physical activity, it would help if you have a doggie door, so that it can go out and roam the yard anytime it wants. Even if you do let your Ibizan get the absolute freedom when it comes to going out into the yard, you should still make sure that it has a well-padded bed or crate inside your home. During the cold season, it should also be provided with a blanket or coat. This is because an Ibizan stores only low body fat, which makes it quite affected by changing weather. When it comes to its nutrition, it is advisable that an Ibizan's total diet be composed of 10-18 percent of fat and 21-28 percent of protein.

One thing that you should also remember when it comes to your Ibizan Hound's needs is that you should spend some time playing with it, since it is a playful dog. Make sure that it gets the kind of affection that it needs from you and for sure, it will respond to your kindness with loyalty and obedience. Love your Ibizan, nurture its affectionate and playful nature, and it will love you in return.

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The Needs of the Ibizan Hound
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