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The Pekingese and Their Experiences With the Heat

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Tags: Pekingese, Health Problems, Health

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Dogs have coats of hair on their body that act as insulation for the summer months as well as the winter months. This is the purpose of them shedding and growing new hair. Sometimes, however, even with their heavy coats they have difficulty dealing with certain temperatures. This is definitely the case with the Pekingese. The Pekingese is very heat sensitive and may have many difficulties dealing with the hot months of summer.

Although the long beautiful hair is what makes the Pekingese what he is, the hair also makes it difficult for the Pekingese to deal with the heat. The Pekingese is not a dog for someone that intends to keep their dog outside most of the time if they're gone. They love the outdoors, but will suffer immensely if left in the heat and are not a dog you want to shave just for the summer months. Without their body full of hair, they would not have the royal and elegant appearance they are so known for.

Because the Pekingese love to eat, they are very prone to overeating and becoming overweight, which is not healthy for this little dog. The Pekingese needs to be given regular exercise to make sure overweight or obesity does not become a problem. Considering what a joy this dog is to take for a walk, this is usually quite easy to accomplish regularly.

If you live in an area that has extremely hot summers, you may want to reschedule the exercise period to the early part of the day before it gets too hot. If you are having a summer where there is not much relief from the heat when you're available, you may need to give them extra exercise indoors so the dog isn't in the heat. On many summer days, the temperature may not seem really high, but it may be very humid, which is just as hard on the Pekingese. It's not just a situation where the Peke doesn't like the heat or humidity. Their bodies cannot tolerate the heat and they can die from heat exhaustion.

Some signs of heat exhaustion (aka heat stroke) are excessive panting, weakness, dizziness or excess drooling. If your dog is showing any of these symptoms in the heat, they need immediate medical attention. For immediate care, try to slowly give the Peke some fresh cool water and wipe his face gently with a cool wet rag. Continue this until the dog seems to be a little more relaxed. Get them out of the heat immediately.

Many Pekingese owners keep their dog in air-conditioned homes during the summer months. This is something that many Peke breeders recommend to their prospective buyers.

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The Pekingese and Their Experiences With the Heat
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