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Aliases: Little Lion Dog, Petit chien lion, Lion Dog

Lowchen For Sale

The Lowchen as a Watchdog

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Tags: Lowchen, Guard Dog, Service Dogs, Watchdogs

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When the average individual hears or thinks of a watchdog, a large breed of dog such as the German shepherd usually comes to mind. Many other dogs also fill that role quite sufficiently, and the Lowchen is one of those dogs. The Lowchen may only be up to 18 pounds in weight, but they are a very dedicated watchdog.

Many people don't take small dogs like the Lowchen seriously as a watchdog. They tend to think of them more as lap dogs, ankle biters or just small little pets. With the laws and insurance companies as strict as they are regarding dogs biting people, regardless of the reason, most people don't want a dog that will bite people. They want a dog that will alert them of danger and attempt to ward off strangers. The Lowchen is the perfect dog for this task.

The Lowchen dog, although small, is not a toy breed. They are very intelligent as well as alert and will not allow strangers to enter the home without properly alerting their owner. They are not afraid of much and not afraid of a challenge; in fact they welcome most challenges. The Lowchen will not back down from a stranger that he feels is posing a threat to his family. They are a friendly lively dog, however, that will not intimidate the guests you welcome into your home. Once they get to know them, they may even climb on their laps as well!

They are outgoing and friendly and have a very inquisitive nature to them, always watching for what is going on around them. When they are away from home with their owners, their watchdog skills and ability are as efficient as when they are in the home. Being as alert and intelligent as they are, they seem to know whom they can and cannot trust.

Many dog owners will have a small dog for a lap dog or companion dog and a large dog for watchdog purposes, especially considering small dogs tend to be favored by women. With the Lowchen, there is no need to have two dogs as they fulfill the needs of a companion dog as well as a watchdog. They learn very well and most owners claim their Lowchen seems to enjoy obedience training. In fact, it has been said that they are not only intelligent, but they have a very high intelligence level. Not only do they catch on well to things they are taught, but also they seem to have a very high problem solving ability. They don't get confused easily and as friendly as they are, the needs and safety of their family comes first, making them a great watchdog.

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The Lowchen as a Watchdog
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