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Miniature Poodles

Aliases: Caniche, Pudle

Miniature Poodle For Sale

Miniature Poodle Advanced Tricks

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Miniature poodles are extremely intelligent, cheerful, highly trainable dogs that are wonderful at learning tricks and advanced tricks. Because of their trainability, they have used this clever, amusing breed of dog in many circus acts over the centuries. Poodles love to learn and please you and although teaching your dog tricks and advanced tricks is a form of obedience exercise, it keeps the dog energetic, alert, keeps its mind active, and strengthens the bond between you and your pet. It is a great way to have fun and play with your poodle. Dogs that learn advanced tricks are also learning good behavior and obedience. When you start training your miniature poodle tricks, never use scolding or punishment if he makes a mistake. Positive reinforcement using treats and praise is the best method and makes it enjoyable for you and your little performer. Miniature poodles love to please their owners, so make a big fuss of the dog when it performs correctly, acting happy and excited. By doing this you will be amazed at how excited your poodle is to learn more advanced tricks.

When training your miniature poodle tricks make sure you choose a quiet area with few distractions and enough room to perform or practice tricks that require space. Always be patient and be sure to keep the training session short enough to keep your poodle from losing interest and becoming bored but long enough to learn the trick properly. Three or four fifteen minute sessions daily is usually adequate for most poodles but remember that each dog is individual, so lengthen or shorten the trick training sessions if necessary. Once your pet has mastered a trick or advanced trick, keep repeating it so your dog does not forget it.

Before jumping into training your miniature poodle advanced or difficult tricks, spend time working with your dog on easier tricks such as shake hands, speak, fetch, bed, shake a paw, quiet, play dead, and roll over. Training your poodle to shake a paw is easy because you give your dog the command, then lift, and shake his paw. Make a big fuss of him, reward him with a treat and then repeat the lesson. It will not take very many days before your dog will shake a paw without you reaching for it first. Repeat this trick until your poodle does it on command but be sure to reward your pet.

A four-time Guinness World Record holder for the most dog tricks is a champagne colored poodle from Ontario, Canada named Chanda-Leah. This little poodle knows four hundred and sixty-nine tricks including riding a skateboard, playing the piano, and spelling. It is possible to teach your poodle many advanced tricks such as jump rope, limp, jumping through a hoop, or answering the telephone. Teach your miniature poodle to jump through a hoop by using a toy hoola-hoop and dog treats. With your pet sitting, hold the hoop on the floor in front of him. Hold a treat on the other side, making your pet walk through the hoop to get it and saying 'jump hoop' as he goes through. Repeat this but slowly start raising the hoop off the floor an inch or so at a time. With practice, praise, patience, and treats, your miniature poodle will be jumping through a hoop in no time.

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Miniature Poodle Advanced Tricks
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