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Miniature Poodles

Aliases: Caniche, Pudle

Miniature Poodle For Sale

What Makes a Poodle a Miniature

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Poodles are and extremely intelligent, loving, wonderful breed of dog that come in an array of colors such as silver, black, and apricot. They are available in three sizes, which are toy, miniature, and standard size. A poodle's appearance, regardless of whether it is a toy, miniature, or standard size, is always the same. They have a deep chest, long muzzle and head with wide hanging, flat, long ears, and a high set tail that they usually dock. Their fine woolly textured coat is dense, curly, and non-shedding.

Both the toy and miniature poodles originate from the standard poodle and, in all respects, are the same except for their size. In the late eighteen hundreds, breeders began a process to reduce the standard poodle's size due to people wanting a poodle but desiring a smaller size. In 1910 the British Kennel Club officially recognized the miniature poodle. A miniature poodle is the mid sized poodle, in between the toy, which is the smallest, and the standard sized.

The adult poodles shoulder height distinguishes a miniature poodle from a toy poodle or standard poodle. That is the only thing that makes a miniature poodle any different from a toy or standard poodle. The smallest of the three is the toy poodle which, at the highest shoulder point, is ten inches or under. They disqualify toy poodles higher than ten inches in toy poodle competitions. Standard poodles must over fifteen inches at their highest shoulder point but have no upper height restriction. Most standard poodles are usually between sixteen and twenty six inches at the shoulder. Miniature poodles, which are between the toy and standard poodle in size, must be over ten inches high at the shoulder but fifteen inches or less at the shoulders highest point. Toy poodles generally weight anywhere from four to around seven pounds while standard poodles often weigh in from forty-five to seventy pounds. Miniature poodles have a general weight range of from twelve to eighteen pounds.

Miniature poodles are the most popular of the poodle sizes for many reasons. The standard poodle is a large dog that requires a lot of exercise and a large amount of room both indoors and outside. Because of their size, standard poodles also cost more to feed and maintain. On the other hand, toy poodles are a very small, active dog that make wonderful pets but are best with older children that are not too rough. The miniature poodle is perfect for small homes, apartments and condominiums. When it comes to exercise, a tiny yard or a brisk walk is ideal. They are not as delicate as toy poodles so make a great family pet, even for younger children, as long they are not too rough. Miniature poodles not only require less space than standard poodles but also eat less so are not as expensive to feed. Traveling is far easier with a miniature and if necessary, easy to pick up and carry. Size is the only difference between a miniature, toy, and standard poodle.

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What Makes a Poodle a Miniature
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