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American Foxhound Weird Facts Did You Know?

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Tags: American Foxhound, Weird Facts, Origin

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There are some amazingly interesting facts and information that is available on the American Foxhound. The following are just a few interesting facts to get you started in your understanding of the breed.

Did you know that the state animal of Virginia is the American foxhound?

Did you know that mixed breed and crossbreed dogs are not the same? Mixed breed dogs usually have an unknown lineage while crossbreed dogs are two different breeds of dog combined.

Did you know that they once used the American foxhound, commonly bred and used for field trial competition today, to hunt small game such as foxes in packs of fifteen or twenty dogs?

Developed for the rich, most powerful members of society in Virginia and Maryland, the wealthy were extremely protective of their exceptional, uniform American foxhound hunting packs.

Did you know that all dogs including the American foxhound have unique nose prints? Just like human fingerprints, no two dog nose prints are the same so they can use this to identify a dog accurately.

Did you know that fox hunting, even in America was considered a sport of royalty and nobility and a sign of status?

Did you know that in the seventeenth century they used American foxhounds to hunt or seek out Indians?

Did you know that in American foxhound's ears, there are twice as many muscles as humans?

Did you know that a female dog and her mate, if never neutered or spayed, could have over sixty thousand puppies in six years?

Did you know that the founder of the American foxhound we see today was George Washington's French foxhounds and English hounds? Washington imported a number of English hounds in 1780 and received a gift in 1785, from the Marquis de Lafayette, of some French foxhounds. Washington carefully maintained and bred these hounds.

Did you know that in the world, the country with the highest dog population is the United States?

Did you know that the American Foxhound is primarily found in the south and western states in the United States and that many purebreds are not registered but rather used as all purpose hunting and companion dogs?

Did you know that unlike many other breeds of dogs, the American foxhound is one of the few "true" American dog breeds? Its origin dates back to the early seventeen hundreds in Maryland and Virginia.

Did you know that behind the retina of a dog's eye, they have a special light reflecting layer? This makes their low-light vision far better than a human's vision at dusk.

Did you know that following the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center attacks, they had approximately three hundred and fifty search and rescue dogs searching for the remains of victims and seeking survivors? Because of the dogs' agility in small, tight spaces and their heightened sense of smell, rescuers relied heavily on these dogs.

Did you know that one-year-old American foxhounds are as physically mature as fifteen-year-old teenagers are?

Did you know that people in the United States love their dogs so much that approximately one million people have left wills making their dog the primary beneficiaries?

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American Foxhound Weird Facts Did You Know?
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