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Does a Foxhound Make A Good Family Pet?

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Tags: American Foxhound, Family Breeds, Grooming, Exercise

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When thinking about getting a puppy or dog, there are several things to consider. You should select a breed that fits into your family's lifestyle. For example, a tiny Chihuahua is the wrong choice for a family with very young children and an American foxhound is not the right dog for an inactive family, lives in an apartment, or one that is not home very much. The American foxhound, which is one of the few breeds of dog originating in the United States, has a kind, loving, sweet, loyal temperament. These handsome dogs have the best traits of both the French and English foxhounds. Although they are intense, brave hunters, they are also gentle, affectionate, and very good with children.

American foxhounds are a medium sized dog that weigh between sixty-five and seventy-five pounds and stand from twenty-one to twenty-five inches high. Most American foxhounds are normally very friendly, social dogs that are usually good with strangers. They get along extremely well with all kinds of dogs as they were originally pack animals but people may have problems with their foxhound around other animals and pets. American foxhounds are very easy going and mild tempered, love their human families and get along with children wonderfully but can be very protective over their family members. Show lines or puppies bred and born in a home often make better pets than field types or those brought up outside, although with a lot of training, can also make wonderful pets.

Grooming the American foxhound is easy and requires very little time so is ideal for busy families. Foxhounds have a very short, smooth coat and are average shedders. They require occasional brushing and combing using a firm bristle brush and a bath only when necessary.

American foxhounds do not make a good apartment dog, as they originally bred these dogs to track and run, so they are highly energetic, require frequent exercise, a great deal of space, and plenty of attention. They also possess a very loud, distinctive baying and barking voice. If a foxhound becomes bored or left alone a lot, he is likely to bay, bark, or even become destructive. A country home with a great deal of space and lots of acreage or a home with a large fenced yard where the foxhound can get exercise is far more suitable. These high-energy dogs require two or three brisk, long daily walks but cannot be trusted off leash, as most will take off after a fresh scent or even a small animal and forget all their training. A large, secure fenced yard where the dog can run and play helps burn off excess energy.

Most American foxhounds are very independent and sometimes stubborn, so training them can be difficult and requires a lot of patience. Being consistent and giving the dog positive reinforcement works although it does take time. American foxhounds do make wonderful loving pets if you are prepared to be patient and give them a lot of love, space, exercise, care, and attention.

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Does a Foxhound Make A Good Family Pet?
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