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Chinese Foos

Aliases: Happiness Dog, Celestial Dog, Sacred Dog of Sinkiang

Chinese Foo For Sale

Chinese Foos, A Working Dog Breed

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Tags: Chinese Foo, Working Dog


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Chinese Foos are considered to be a member of the Working class of dog breeds. When we think of Working dogs, the first image that comes to mind is of a dog that must perform a set of tasks for its master, whether it is hunting or protection. While Chinese Foos are mostly considered to be household pets today, fanciers of the breed claim that they are descendants of the working dogs of China. In this article, we'll take a look at the working history of the Chinese Foo.

Most Kennel Clubs in the world today separate dogs into distinct groups according to size or their history. The Working group generally consists of breeds that have traditionally been bred to perform a specific task or number of tasks for their master. Dogs that were brought up to work on farms or other tasks were often gauged for their intelligence and aptitude in learning what needed to be done. Consequently, dogs that did not live up to expectations were often destroyed, as a dog that could not perform the tasks was considered just another mouth to feed and expendable. This means that only the smartest and strongest survived, and their descendants, today's pets in the Working category, are often the most intelligent of dogs in the world today.

Certainly, Chinese Foos are no exception to the rule. These dogs are highly prized for their high intelligence, adaptability, ease in training and friendliness with people. This is undoubtedly because of their supposed history in China, working any number of tasks from herding, hunting to pulling sleds. Even with these tasks on the resume, they are probably best known for their work as guard dogs.

Fanciers of the breed claim that today's Chinese Foos are descendants of the sacred guard dogs of ancient China. Revered for their resemblance to lions, a sacred animal in the Buddhist religion, Chinese Foos were often seen guarding Buddhist temples, family tombs and family homes, in addition to being connected to royalty. Because they were considered to be sacred guardians, their mere presence was often enough to keep away those with ill intentions as well as evil spirits.

Today, Chinese Foos have retained their guarding instincts and are said to be natural guardians. Devoted to their family and possessions, a Standard sized Chinese Foo can be an intimidating presence, even if he merely wants to let his family know that there is someone approaching that he doesn’t know. The best guard dogs can even read the body language of approaching strangers and know if they are friendly or not. It is because of this that the Chinese Foo makes a perfect addition to the Working dog class.

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Chinese Foos, A Working Dog Breed
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