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Weird Facts Did you know?

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Tags: Smooth Fox Terrier, Fox Terrier (Smooth), Weird Facts

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The smooth fox terrier is a dog that is very bold as well as energetic and playful. They are amazing dogs that are loyal as well as devoted to its owner if it is treated well and trained well. Breed as hunting dogs, the smooth fox terrier now makes an ideal family pet for families with older children. The smooth fox terrier originates and was bred in the 18th century for hunting in England where it was mainly used for fox hunting. The main job for the smooth fox terrier was to chase the fox from its hole by growling and lunging at the fox until it retreated and came out from the foxhole. Although no longer used for hunting, the smooth fox terrier, still displays some of the same hunting behaviors by standing its ground and defending its territory despite the size of the intruder. The smooth fox terrier proves to be a good companion as well as a guard dog as it will inform you if any intruders enter your property.

There are a few things about the smooth fox terrier that one may find interesting and informative. For example, the smooth fox terrier is believed to have originated from the cross bread of the Old English Terrier, smooth coated black and tan terriers of England, Bull terriers, Greyhounds and Beagles. Because they were intended to be used as hunting dogs the smooth fox terrier originated from a mixture of good hunting breeds. The breed of the smooth fox terrier can be traced back to the middle of the 19th century when the smooth fox terrier and the wire fox terrier were classed as one breed.

The smooth fox terrier was bred to go to ground and so it is in their nature to dig until they have achieved their target, such as a small rodent. So unless it is otherwise trained, the smooth fox terrier will instinctively dig holes in search of small rodents that it has spotted. The smooth fox terrier was trained to snap and growl and lunge at its prey until the creature bolted from its hiding spot, so today these same instincts are seen as the smooth fox terrier is a very protective dog.

Some people may not be aware of this, but did you know that Herbert Hoover had to fox terriers that were named Big Ben and Sonnie. Also the life expectancy of the smooth fox terrier is twelve to fifteen years. It is important to know that the smooth fox terrier was bred as a hunting dog and it is important that it receives the attention and the exercise needed for it to be a happy and healthy pet.

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Weird Facts Did you know?
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