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Tags: Vomiting, Health Problems, Health, Hairballs

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Vomiting in cats is a fairly common occurrence and can be caused from numerous reasons from the most benign to more serious medical conditions. Most cats will occasionally vomit and that should not cause reason for concern but if the cat continuously vomits it is always wise to consult a veterinarian. We all know that old adage, it is better to be safe than to be sorry. If your cat's eating patterns have changed and you notice lethargy or any type of behavioral change then it is better to have that checked out at once.


One of the most common reasons for vomiting is the expulsion of hairballs, which accumulate in the cat's gut. Cats clean themselves by licking their fur, some of this fur will shed and they ingest it. If this fur does not go through the proper digestive process down the digestive track and out through their stools, they will cough it up. It entangles with other food to form a trichobezoar, the medical term for hairball. If your cat has a hack and brings up a hairball quite frequently it could be a symptom for asthma and your cat should be seen by the veterinarian.

However for the occasional hairball, make sure you brush your cat preferably with a flea comb to lift the excess hair; and treat your cat's food. Add fiber and oil to the diet. Most cat experts recommend using petroleum jelly products added to your kitty's food. You can also use fish oil, mineral oil, olive oil or flaxseed though they may not be as effective. There are many hairball prepared concoctions to buy as well. Nux Vomica is a good product to choose.


A cat may have digestion problems similar to humans and may not be able to eat certain food, eating grass and plants, contaminated food or vermin and other spurious foods may upset the cat's stomach. Changing a cat's normal diet or the cat simply eats too much or too quickly can suddenly produce vomiting.


If you cat ingests any kind of poison such as anti freeze, certain plants, chemical cleaners, paint, pest control products, feline medication overdose or even medications for humans it may vomit. Coffee can also cause a cat to vomit.


Urinary tract infections, infections of the uterus known as pymetra, salmonella poisoning, abscesses in the ears and elsewhere, viral infections, bacterial infections and more can bring on vomiting.

Intestinal Issues

Vomiting can occur due to blockage of the intestinal tract because of constipation, hairballs, string, cancer, tumors, cysts and ulcers.

Gastritis is a condition where the mucous membrane in the stomach lining becomes irritated or inflamed or the stomach itself is inflamed. Left untreated this irritation can cause vomiting in a cat.

Diseases of the colon such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (a condition that may be caused by a poorly functioning muscle in the bowel causing pain and diarrhea and or constipation), colitis (inflammation of the bowel) enteritis (the inflammation of the intestinal tract, especially common in the small intestine)

Various types of fungal (fungus) diseases such as Cryptococcus


Cats can have several types of worms in their body such as tapeworms, hookworms which attach to the small intestine, roundworms, ringworms and heartworm.

Other diseases

Other diseases that can cause vomiting in your cat include organ diseases such as liver and Kidney diseases


Acidosis - build up of acid in the cat's system

Feline Hyperthyroidism, - an endocrine disorder where there is higher than normal levels of thyroid hormones present in the blood stream

Other Hormone Imbalances

Pancreatitis - inflammation of the pancreas, found in back of the stomach and near to the duodenum and small intestine

Sepsis - blood poisoning

Other Possible causes for Vomiting include car sickness, and heat stroke.

Remember if your cat shows signs of prolonged vomiting lasting over 23 hours at one time , or chronic vomiting which are bouts of vomiting which continue over time period of time, this is not normal and you should consult your veterinarian immediately, to exam your cat, take its history and do further testing if necessary.

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